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[#] Fri Dec 27 2013 12:29:21 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I'm sure you'll eventually (or perhaps can now) find someone on eBay who bought it, had their jollies, and is ready to unload it for a less-than-retail price.

[#] Fri Dec 27 2013 16:44:18 EST from zooer

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ewww, it will be covered in ebay2600 goo!

[#] Thu Jan 23 2014 11:06:38 EST from zooer

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[#] Thu Jan 23 2014 18:44:30 EST from zooer

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Download the current days entire edition of newspaper in just TWO HOURS!

1981 perdects that everyone will get their newspaper from a computer someday.

[#] Fri Jan 24 2014 05:02:15 EST from vince-q

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Jan 23 2014 11:06am from zooer @uncnsrd
Modems, wArEz, and ANSI art: Remembering BBS life at 2400bps

A very interesting piece of nostalgia.
Thanks for that link!

[#] Fri Jan 24 2014 07:34:23 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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1981 perdects that everyone will get their newspaper from a computer someday.

It's funny about that. Lots of 20th century pundits predicted that all news and information would eventually flow through a computer, but they failed to envision the "anyone can be a content producer" nature of the Internet.
They thought that newspapers would be *produced* the exact same way, and only the means of *delivery* would change.

This is similar to the early-1990's mania about how we needed to build an "information superhighway" (which is what Al Gore was really whining about, when a decade later he claimed to have created the Internet). The assumption was that it was going to be a high bandwidth delivery system for top-down produced content -- essentially, 500 channels of the same old crap.

Really it was Netscape who made the Internet burst forth into its current form. Suddenly anyone could be published, could be heard, eventually could even produce video for consumption by millions. Oh to have had that kind of capability when we were teenagers making videos for the fun of it!

And of course, Big Media has been working as hard as they can to destroy the end-to-end nature of the Internet. Sometimes they succeed, other times they fail. With apologies to Sowell, the price of end-to-end Internet is eternal vigilance.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2014 22:41:53 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Oh yeah, look at all the 1980's computer nerds (yeah, I was one, but at least I had a better computer)

What a shame to have been going through those years during the one decade when being interested in computers was a stigma.

[#] Sat May 03 2014 12:40:12 EDT from mo

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What fun can anyone have using a (whatchatmacallit?) Comm-pew-terr?  <shakeshead>



[#] Sat May 03 2014 14:15:28 EDT from zooer

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I went to high school with a girl who wanted to be a (spit) lawyer. She thought computers were stupid and
couldn't understand what use people would have for them. She once laughed and said, "What would I use one for,
to put my clients info on it?"

[#] Sun May 04 2014 22:50:34 EDT from ax25

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heh, that or recipies.

[#] Mon May 05 2014 05:08:49 EDT from mo

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 yeahyeahyea!!!  \o/ 

what about a list of: books?   --with ratings!!  yeahyeahyeah!!! \o/

[#] Mon May 05 2014 10:01:31 EDT from fleeb

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Or you could use one to bludgeon girls who wish to be lawyers.

[#] Mon May 05 2014 11:25:09 EDT from mo

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Yeah you could go all ninja with a pocket full of smartphones or something??

My eeepc 701 would be deadly --  if it was dipped in molten lead and put in a swingable bag, or say- cellotape a housebrick to it.


They don't make em like they used too.


[#] Mon May 05 2014 14:03:07 EDT from fleeb

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Yeah, nobody makes them like that cell phone Perry Mason would use in his car.

[#] Thu May 15 2014 16:33:14 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I would totally dig a bluetooth "car phone" accessory.

[#] Tue Sep 02 2014 13:58:12 EDT from the_mgt

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] Images related to the ZX Spectrum, contains heavy doses of british humor and traces of purple dicks.

[#] Thu Sep 04 2014 22:56:32 EDT from ax25

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Ugh, guess you can't unsee the goatsee.

[#] Fri Sep 05 2014 07:23:45 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Funny how the ZX Spectrum ended up being the quintessential historical representation of 8-bit computing.

[#] Sun Sep 07 2014 23:36:08 EDT from ax25

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I still like the predecessor (and even play some more recently written games on my phone emulator) - the ZX81 (actually the TS-1000 'Merican version).

Not quite flappy bird, but this is fun:

Not quite to the level of the crazy folks that release new Atari 2600 games complete with packaging and rom cartridges, but fun to see what can be done none the less.  It does become less of a task when your coding computer does not suffer the same limitations as the original (membrane keyboard), and about 1000x processor and 1000x the memory.

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