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[#] Thu Sep 13 2018 00:03:17 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Where has all the Science Fiction gone??

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I don't know how Fantasy became the conjoined twin of Science
Fiction, but I really wish it hadn't.  Science Fiction is NOT
supposed to come across as magic.  Unfortunately, I think it is

I suppose they have elements in common ... anachronism, the same suspension of the real world, but in different directions...

One depicts the world as it might have been, the other depicts the world as it might be...

I have to admit I was dressed in the style of the late 1500's when I met Leonard Nimoy at a convention.

[#] Thu Sep 13 2018 07:45:09 EDT from nonservator @ Uncensored

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It was absolutely a mistake for literary awards to merge fantasy and scifi. Detrimental to both genres, and to fiction as a whole.

[#] Fri Sep 14 2018 08:49:04 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Right... how much science fiction is really just fantasy posing as a kind of pastice of science fiction?

*Real* science fiction makes you think, right? It isn't science soap-opera.

Which isn't to take away any joy from the science soap-operas out there... they can be a fun watch. But they don't make you really think. They don't get you to contemplate things like the influence of language on human thought processes, or how string theory might be used for space travel.

So, yeah, much of that list didn't really have good, hard-hitting sci-fi.
And, truthfully, it's *hard* to make decent sci-fi... because you have to THINK.

(And I'm not given to believe a lot of thought happens these days).