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[#] Mon May 21 2018 11:07:43 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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You need to live closer to a substation and a network POP.

[#] Mon May 21 2018 11:25:09 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Anything worth doing is worth doing bombastically.

- An entertaining client

[#] Mon May 21 2018 11:50:32 EDT from fleeb

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Oh, I rather like that!

[#] Mon May 28 2018 19:35:00 EDT from interrupt

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this potty tr is a fucking bitch. he pees gre but that #2 is funky shit...

[#] Mon May 28 2018 19:42:55 EDT from interrupt

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this telnet cli sucks on a tab let...

[#] Tue May 29 2018 08:29:34 EDT from fleeb

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It isn't exactly ncurses, but a tad more supported on a variety of awful TTYs if you happen to be stuck on one of those.

But there's history, I suppose. Citadel doesn't hail from the WWIVnet days, predating that.

[#] Tue May 29 2018 12:51:33 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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this potty tr is a fucking bitch. he pees gre but that #2 is funky

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

[#] Thu May 31 2018 12:42:01 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Updated privacy policy for UNCENSORED!

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For some reason, every site in the universe seems to be spewing endless privacy policies at everyone lately. So here's the privacy policy for UNCENSORED!

Part 1: Privacy

You have no privacy. Get over it.

Part 2: more privacy

No really, that's all. Get over it. At least our privacy policy tells you the unvarnished truth.

[#] Thu May 31 2018 13:16:13 EDT from fleeb

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It's the EU. They have new requirements, and it's making everyone pump out emails about it.

[#] Thu May 31 2018 18:46:50 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Dear EU:

Screw you, and screw your policy. If you're reading this in Europe, ha ha, I set a cookie on your browser and am reading your private email. Come and get me.

[#] Thu May 31 2018 21:18:33 EDT from zooer

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The EU law protects citizens from the likes of Facebook, Google and others.

[#] Fri Jun 01 2018 17:31:33 EDT from kc5ja

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Feature request: when being asked for a password on the command-line client, can CTRL-C please be used to abort the operation? I mistyped my username (kc5tja), it asked me to create the account, I tried to abort via ~. but that didn't work. Out of habit, I was typing another command, which included 'y' in it, and, well, here we are.


[#] Mon Jun 04 2018 16:32:46 EDT from interrupt

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wwiv haha man was that an ugly interface. i remem dr dissector modif ied the code signifi cantly. darn this emulation.

[#] Wed Jun 06 2018 05:53:40 EDT from fleeb

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I've always preferred Citadel's spartan terminal interface to the others out there at the time.

It helped you focus entirely on conversation, and not stoopid 'signatures' with ANSI codes, animations, and other rot.

Consequently, I found conversations on Citadel systems to have a higher quality than on FidoNet or WWIVnet.

Although, unfortunately, the latter two BBS networks had far more people participating.

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