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[#] Sat Jan 16 2021 07:30:53 EST from Nurb432

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I dont see it changing anything.  You still hit the 'services' and login, buy stuff, etc. They need to gather information on you to be functional.   Unless you get every company to agree to purge data on logout, and they wont, its doing zero for you.

If you dont want to leave a 'useful' trail, you can do that today.


[#] Sat Jan 16 2021 07:32:13 EST from darknetuser

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2021-01-15 15:04 from ParanoidDelusions



Have you guys heard anything about this? 


I have heard, but I don't know if it is a workable model.

If anything, the Internet has been gravitating out of federated services instead of the other way around.

[#] Sat Jan 16 2021 07:33:11 EST from darknetuser

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2021-01-15 15:49 from nonservator
Solid looks to me like the end of anonymity for anyone engaging, and

the ability of others to pull your plug at any time.

I agree over the anonimity concerns.

Pull-the-plug is harder if you are hosting your own pod, but that is troublesome in other ways.

[#] Sat Jan 16 2021 07:42:10 EST from darknetuser

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2021-01-15 18:39 from ParanoidDelusions
Elaborate. How does having your own wallet and deciding who to let

plug into it, on a one time basis, erode your anonymity - as compared

to now... where Facebook and Twitter and Google have it all stored on

their servers and have cookies tracking you where ever you go? 

What are your privacy concerns about this idea? I haven't thought

that deeply about it yet. Just a general, "sounds good... imma ask

the guys who really care about this stuff what they think..." 

For one, in order to use a service, you need to tell it where your Pod is so they can connect to it. That alone makes it hard to use Solid-powered services in an anonymous way - for example, from perfect-opsec Tor navigation.

Also, your activities would be associated with an unique ID that you would be giving to them. Twitter and Google and Facebook can generate an advertisement profile from you crossreferencing cookies and whatever, but it is still hard for them to properly track what you do if you follow some simple practices. If you are forced to use the single unified ID they can still use cookies ADN the unique ID.

I think the idea has merit but it falls short. Also, people would not jump into this model unless a bunch of services people really wants to be in started using it.

I think it is more likely for a parallel Internet to pop up in which you get derouted if you don't follow proper privacy practices, which is to say, I don't think it is likely.

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