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[#] Fri Apr 16 2021 08:45:42 EDT from Exner

Subject: Konfig SMTP to send internal Mails to public SMTP Server

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i want to configure a Mailserver . :-)  i want to send Internal mails to Citadel and forward to external Public Mail server.

My Question ist where i config the External Mail server ?

for Example


my PW      CitadelMail

smtp        smtp.web.dePort 587

Crypt TLS


Can i all internal Mails Forward to this SMTp to send to the Recepiens


Thanks alot

Best regards


[#] Fri Apr 16 2021 11:55:36 EDT from s3cr3to to FyWolf <>, Citadel_Support <>

Subject: Re: File size limit

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Go to

Administration - Site Configuration - Tuning: Maximum message length ____

The size is in bytes, just take note that you should increase the maximum size you expect by 20%, as the file size increases when encoding to text.

On 4/15/21 6:10 AM, FyWolf wrote:

Hi ! I was using citadel and someone wanted to send me a PDF file of 8Mo, but I didn't recieve the mail and my friend got a mail back who said that I wasn't able to recieve file larger than 10Mo.
Is there a way for me to increase the limit ? 20Mo or something like that ?

Cordially, FyWolf

[#] Sat Apr 17 2021 19:12:52 EDT from labancabrera

Subject: Re: Konfig SMTP to send internal Mails to public SMTP Server

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It sounds like you are looking to use that server as a mail relay.  Take a look at this page:

[#] Sat Apr 17 2021 19:20:58 EDT from labancabrera

Subject: Re: Outgoing E-mails Not Received

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So I've signed up with Mailjet with appears to offer free SMTP relays for low volume (<200 per day) users.  I've entered the following as a smart host:




While I'm seeing e-mails go out out of the send queue they are not being received.  I've created the SPF and DKIM records as directed by mailjet (which they automatically retrieve and verify) but still my mails are not being received.  

spf = 

v=spf1 ?all


Do I need to do any spf configuration on the Citadel server?  Are there any logs I can look at to see what's happening?  Or does anyone have any other thoughts?


Thank you all for your help!



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