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[#] Wed May 12 2021 01:00:51 EDT from ASCII Express

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The Citadel certificates go in /usr/local/citadel/keys
citadel.key contains the private key.
citadel.cer contains the full certificate chain.

[#] Wed May 12 2021 02:14:44 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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Citadel just kind of reads the buffer of messages, either .read Old (reverse on this version) or .read new... then it just keeps going. 

I think what you need to do is at the room prompt, enter .R(ead) C(onfiguration)

Then it will probably say "Prompt after each message: No" 

You then need to .E(nter) C(onfiguration) 

And change "Prompt after each message" from NO to Yes. 

Then you'll get more options... 

Oh wait... here it is... in .Enter Configuration one of the options is <N>ext and <S>top work at paginator prompt. 

You want that set to YES so that you can <N>ext a message when it pauses. 

30 years of Citadel - and I still remember these text client commands pretty well. 

Wed May 12 2021 00:41:43 EDT from Barry Brown
Sorry, I think I've mislead you. <Space> will let me continue reading the current message. I wish to do the opposite: Stop reading the current message.

For example, on a Linux system I can use the "more" command to view a file. After a screenful of text appears, it pauses and waits for me to hit a key. I can press <space> to continue reading, or press <q> to quit back to the prompt.
Can I do something like that here? In the middle of a long message, what key can I press to quit out of that message and let me start reading the next one?


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