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[#] Tue Apr 26 2016 07:56:17 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Bloom County has been "back" since last year, and I keep forgetting to read it.

Thankfully, I just found an RSS feed!  And I created a hidden room called "Bloom County" to receive it.

[#] Tue Apr 26 2016 09:37:17 EDT from zooer

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I realized it was back a while ago after I posted that. It seemed to get a lot of activity in G+ because of the election.  The date in the link of that article is from last year.   Thank you for including it. At one time I had things like that in my newsreader, but I don't bother with RSS anymore.  I am glad it will be appearing here. 

[#] Tue Apr 26 2016 09:40:33 EDT from zooer

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Hey I just looked inRSS - feeds and weblogs" and it isn't there!  I want my money back!

[#] Tue Apr 26 2016 10:27:17 EDT from the_mgt

Subject: Commitstrip (The comic formerly known as We are coders)

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What is CommitStrip? One day, a bunch of developers met an illustrator. The result? CommitStrip – a daily strip recounting funny anecdotes of life as a coder mixed up with a dash of topical tech news. It’s the kind of thing we think developers will like to read between two cups of coffee.


I like that comic, although they are working mostly in web dev environments, the customer relations and the team communication are similar to other computer jobs.

[#] Wed Apr 27 2016 13:44:27 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's a hidden room. You have to enter its name explicitly. From then on it will be in your list.

[#] Fri Mar 19 2021 10:36:26 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Years ago I used to read "Sinfest" ... it was funny, but I think I stopped reading it because of all the devil stuff. I don't quite remember now.

I'm reading it again now. He's going in HARD against corporate fascism.
It's pretty awesome.

[#] Sun Mar 21 2021 06:23:09 EDT from darknetuser

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Ok, I have a question for ya.

How many of you used to be fans of Marvel comics?

And then, how many of you stopped following their comics due to their inclusion of propaganda in their comics?

[#] Wed Apr 07 2021 14:27:48 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Never was, and I guess I won't start now.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 08:59:29 EDT from darknetuser

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2021-04-07 14:27 from IGnatius T Foobar
Never was, and I guess I won't start now.

My father used to be a hardcore fan back in the day. Supply of comics was very tight in this country and it was hard to find and read a whole story arc. He built his collection since he was a kid and has very fond memories of his comic-related childhood.

He left comics a few years ago because they were so political. I think he feels like they have soiled part of his identity.

He still reads the old ones.

[#] Fri Apr 09 2021 10:57:55 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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I was a pretty avid collector - been to a few ComicCons. Had subscriptions. My collection goes back all the way to titles that have a cover price of $.10/$.15... and is probably worth a decent chunk of change. 

I was pretty heavily involved in the ComicsGate community on Twitter for a while. 

The whole industry is pretty toxic at this point - and the people on the right side get so busy fighting among themselves they forget who is the real enemy who has destroyed their industry. I have zero interest in modern comics - and most of my younger friends who had started to really get into comics have abandoned the hobby because of the propaganda and political bias rampant in the industry. They just wanted to read about super heroes doing super hero things... not about SuperJustice Heroes constantly fighting for diversity, inclusion, tolerance and rejection of the cultural values of the patriarchy. 


Here is my collection: