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[#] Wed Apr 09 2014 21:18:14 EDT from LoanShark

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Oh, and in my playthrough, the cliff-jumping death of that particular character was in no way inadvertent. I was presented with a pretty clear choice: this race, or that race. Choose who becomes extinct. Tough one.

[#] Sat May 17 2014 23:41:32 EDT from Sig

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I introduced my son to interactive fiction today.

[#] Sun May 25 2014 00:41:54 EDT from ax25

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Lost pig sounds interesting.  Might keep his interest.  Let me know how it works.  Mine son is too old for that and is too in to Minecraft to care about text based adventures - although I am trying to teach him to program some simple ones....  Fun all around.

[#] Mon May 26 2014 22:50:05 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Still playing LOTRO

You're wasting your money; lotteries are a tax on people who are bad at math.

[#] Tue May 27 2014 08:43:06 EDT from fleeb

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[#] Thu May 29 2014 14:43:42 EDT from wizard of aahz

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hehehe. Nice.

[#] Sat May 31 2014 02:16:26 EDT from vince-q

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If your locale offers a 3-digit lottery, as in the old mob-run "numbers game" and if the payoff is at 250:1 or better, then here's the trick:

1. pick 120 of your favorite 3-digit numbers or pick 120 3 digit numbers at random.
2. bet each of those 120 numbers every day without fail.

According to probability theory, you will win on 3 out of 5 days. It is a profitable venture.

[#] Sat May 31 2014 11:37:27 EDT from zooer

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But will you win your investment back?

[#] Sat May 31 2014 20:57:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yes, but only until Mondo and da boys come over for a visit.

[#] Mon Jun 16 2014 14:39:46 EDT from fleeb

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A creeper is a monster in your neighborhood...

[#] Sun Jul 06 2014 05:03:39 EDT from dothebart

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Chromium required:


[#] Sun Jul 06 2014 05:14:46 EDT from dothebart

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the kid loves it. Playing the pre recorded tunes at higher speeds is also funny...

[#] Thu Oct 09 2014 19:04:47 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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What in the name of all things digital is this stupid #GamerGate clusterfuck?

Everyone involved is an asshole.

On one side you've got a bunch of mindless jerks running a trolling campaign.

On the other side you've got a bunch of social justice jerks being as loudly butthurt as they possibly can.

It's like the Iran-Iraq War as described by Henry Kissinger: "It's a pity they can't *both* lose."

[#] Fri Oct 17 2014 20:05:44 EDT from Sig

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The new Dragon Age comes out in November. My almost-7-year-old Core2Duo is not going to cut it. This makes me unbearably sad, particularly in conjunction with the $800ish bill for automotive repairs.

[#] Fri Dec 26 2014 11:47:09 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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My kids received a Wii U as a Christmas gift from their grandparents this year.

And you know what? I think as a game console it's pretty damn good! I don't care what the gamer snobs think. The graphics are fabulous, the first-party titles (that I've seen) are slick, and even the controller has a nice solid feel to it.

I am officially reaching the undeniable conclusion that rumors of the Wii U's market failure are mere astroturf.

[#] Fri Dec 26 2014 14:36:46 EST from zooer

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I got an Atari Playback 5 for Christmas. It is okay, but I think they purposely made the graphics worse for
that retro feel. I am using a standard definition TV, everything has the extra sprites around it and the colors
next to other colors are off.
My biggest complaint, is I wanted the Atari 2600 Space Invaders game. It was listed on the box but instead I
was treated to a Tatio version of the game. While close to the arcade version I don't think it follows the x
number of shots before the mother ship appears.
What I wanted the Atari Space Invaders for his all the alternative games Atari had. Invisible Invaders, moving
Shields invaders, etc. They packed several games into it. I was sad I got an close to the arcade version.

My other complaints, they have a lot of paddle games but don't include paddles. The joysticks are inferred, if
they are not pointing directly at the base they don't work. They have a lot of bogus games, like "Math".

[#] Fri Dec 26 2014 16:04:16 EST from Ladyhawke

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Even the old regular Wii is quite good, actually

[#] Mon Dec 29 2014 12:15:12 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's still a great system. Hardcore gamers have always hated Nintendo because it lacks the excessively violent games found on other platforms. A lot of Wii consoles were sold into households where video games might not have been played at all before.

[#] Mon Dec 29 2014 14:24:24 EST from dothebart

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meanwhile its quiet hard to get new games for the wii

one has better luck searching ebay and bying old ones which one didn´t try yet.

I guess this is due to the hacked state...

[#] Tue Dec 30 2014 09:33:25 EST from the_mgt

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Well, there are some games with adult themes, but the majority of the of the games that go to Xbox/PS are not available, I agree.

There is "Manhunt 2", but it is not much fun. The funniest gore game on the Wii is imho

House of the Dead is quiet funny, too:

dothebart: If you do not care about the language of the box, try ordering via They are shipping from the channel islands, so avoid orders over 27,50€ or you'll need to pay Einfuhrumsatzsteuer and the Zoll guys might have a look at the game, which is bad if it is on the Index (Manhunt and MadWorld are!). You will get the gory version for the UK market, as an added benefit.

I ordered lots of games there, even used once. I never had a problem or bad discs or something like that. And they are all PAL, only the northamerican, japanese and australian ones are NTSC.

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