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[#] Wed Jul 13 2016 15:24:19 EDT from fleeb

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Resumes... looking over resumes... at least we're now getting some with systems engineering in it. Found a couple of guys with 20+ years behind them.

[#] Wed Jul 13 2016 15:25:13 EDT from fleeb

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Now that I think of it, the word 'resume' kinda sounds like something you might do in the kitchen to your food.

[#] Wed Jul 13 2016 16:28:39 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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In practice, you're safest not saying anything bad, and allowing the

caller to figure things out on their own (possibly through ommission).

Well, that's kind of how I envision the call going, if I get it.

Me: "He was very punctual, and he had a good rapport with the rest of the staff."

Them: "Ok, how was the quality of his work?"

<< pregnant pause >>

Me: "He was very punctual, and he had a good rapport with the rest of the staff."

[#] Wed Jul 13 2016 18:24:31 EDT from fleeb

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"His work inspired others to do better."

*evil grin*

[#] Fri Jul 15 2016 09:27:36 EDT from fleeb

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Yep... now having to provide builds on Debian Lenny (5).

Most people learn about linux by working with it over time.

I'm learning linux by having to deal with its history.

[#] Thu Aug 18 2016 03:04:33 EDT from anonymous

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If I hear "microservices" one more time, I'm going to have a conniption fit.

[#] Thu Aug 18 2016 14:59:23 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Three state killing spree. That may solve the problem.

[#] Thu Aug 18 2016 17:39:37 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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There are very few problems which cannot be effectively solved with a three state killing spree.

[#] Sun Aug 21 2016 19:40:59 EDT from triLcat

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My friend asked me about a daycare that I'd used. I said "It's really nearby." 


[#] Tue Aug 30 2016 08:55:44 EDT from fleeb

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I wrote an e-mail about how I need some way to push what a new build generates to a certain location.

I explained we needed this so we could test the new builds.

I got a response asking why we couldn't just copy the old builds to the location.

"Unfortunately, when we conduct a fix, they only appear in new builds."

[#] Tue Aug 30 2016 09:23:55 EDT from fleeb

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"Ok, I don't think I understand your build process enough... [...] Can you please provide a SIMPLE breakdown of your process..."


People literally make a living out of doing build systems and setting up this kind of environment. But this guy wants it 'simple'.

I know he doesn't know what he's getting into here, but I'm honestly trying to spare him. Just... fucking... give me full control and I'll take care of everything. That way, you don't have to listen to me anymore, and I'll get what I need.

[#] Wed Aug 31 2016 10:02:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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He probably just doesn't want to give up control. Some people feel uneasy about that. Justifying one's existence can be an awkward thing.

[#] Wed Aug 31 2016 14:30:59 EDT from fleeb

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He doesn't need to worry about justifying his existence. He isn't going away anytime soon.

This was a case of not reading the original e-mail with greater care.

I don't try to write e-mails that are tricky to read, but I do write with a fair amount of precision on technical concerns. If you don't read with the same care that I write (and I have to write with precision about these things), you're gonna ask me questions that make me wonder what the hell you're doing.

But, seriously, I'm not just gonna wind up going away if you ignore me, or don't fix what I need, or deal with me in some way. If you don't give me what I need, I'm just going to climb in your shit until you do. Especially as my deadlines loom... when I start involving managers, you're gonna feel really uncomfortable that you didn't help me earlier.

And this guy knows all that... and he's friendly and such. So I doubt it's intentional. Just... really frustrating.

[#] Thu Sep 01 2016 07:58:18 EDT from LoanShark

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Might be a problem with your processes if you still need a full-time Build Monkey. That shit should be automated.

[#] Thu Sep 01 2016 14:11:57 EDT from fleeb

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Our builds *are* automated. But with automation comes complexity, at least in something like our environment.

We have to put several .deb files that we generate into another .deb file that gets installed when we are ready to distribute the virtual machine that we sell to customers.

This necessarily creates complexity... setups in setups. I always find myself in such a position, heh.

However, in this case, we're trying to move our build environment to a different ESXi host, since our current host lacks the resources we need. And we've come to require more resources because we keep adding more build machines to the environment... because we have committed ourselves to supporting 10 years worth of linux machines (and we haven't even gotten around to building clients for Redhat flavors yet).

[#] Thu Sep 01 2016 14:22:54 EDT from LoanShark

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ourselves to supporting 10 years worth of linux machines (and we

Yeah, that IS a problem...

From what I'm hearing, your software is so vertical-market/turnkey/niche that you should be able to focus on a more specific target. Especially when virtualization is involved - doesn't run on the right OS? Just package it in a VM with the required OS.

Are all these targets really profitable?

[#] Thu Sep 01 2016 14:39:56 EDT from fleeb

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It really isn't my place to dictate policy, of course, but since the guy who made this edict no longer works for us (he quit), I can maybe cause us to revisit the idea.

This said, given the nature of what our instructors teach (and what at least one of our large customers teach), we have to at least support a (or two) 10-year-old distributions. I just don't think we have to support all the ones in between. That's... costly.

[#] Thu Sep 15 2016 20:10:58 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Interesting. I just shuffled through our company directory. About 9% of us work from home now. I suppose that's enough to make it something that isn't unusual.

I actually went to the office today and had to deal with some of the drama queens. So glad I don't have to deal with this normally.

At least I didn't have to move. Aahz had to relocate to another state to move into the house where his home office is.

[#] Fri Sep 16 2016 20:53:18 EDT from wizard of aahz

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It's a nice office though.

[#] Sun Sep 18 2016 22:05:16 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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I worked from home recently.... Can't really say it was enjoyable. I was productive, as I didn't suffer from the normal stream of interruptions, but knowing myself, I couldn't do it regularly. I'd get distracted by the goings around the house.

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