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[#] Mon Sep 18 2023 07:31:48 EDT from Nurb432

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  • "i need a scheduled report, that sort of does xyz" 
  • Same day: "Ok here is a best guess sample. You will need to give me some more details, such as run time/window, data elements you want to see. This is just a couple of items for x range". 
  • FF 3 weeks " i really need to start getting that report "  um, here is another sample formatted like last time with current data, i still need the same info i asked for last time.
  • FF another week.. Crickets. . "ok, i ran it again for you for last weeks data, still need details...."


Really folks?


Or the classic "why is my request not processed yet, what is wrong with your system its broke and i need this now and its been weeks since i submitted"

99% Its either:

  • Well, its waiting on you to approve the EULA before it moves on, you get daily reminders.
  • Well, its waiting on your manager to approve, might want to ask him why he hasn't. Oh, and they also get daily reminder emails.


  • Well, its stuck with team xyz, we can ask them what the delay is, but you are able to go into the portal and see where its at too, even email the team from there asking for an update, remember? 


Not really looking forward to what is coming next year. Trying to look at it as a learning opportunity, where if the ship goes down, i can just for retirement and find somewhere else to be for 6 years. ( age ) . But its hard. 

[#] Tue Sep 26 2023 14:35:15 EDT from Nurb432

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So a year or so i moved to a new desk ( during our 'return to work every so often' thing ) I opted to come in enough to have an actual desk of my own. 

1 - i have odd hardware so using hotel spaces woudl be a pain. i would spend 10 mins a day hooking up and disconnecting. And more stuff to carry around.

2 - i like having my own drawers to shove stuff in. ( plenty of jokes there, i know ) 

3 - Eventually ( i predict 2024 ) we will be back in office 3 days a week, figured might as well find a spot i like ( ok, hate the least ), and beat the madness.


But the story :   At this desk was a docking station for the windows laptops, and a USBC thunderbolt hub. Neither had power supplies.  Fast forward a year, "might be nice to have a backup plan in case the usb hub i bought dies"  Talk to the manager over that stuff " just put in a ticket and they can grab one out of stock "..   So i do. About a week later " the price quote is 170 dollars, who is going to sign off on this"  wtf. no.

"if its going to cost to repair what as here before i got here, then never mind, ill toss it in the garbage" "no, you cant do that, you have to bring it to.. "  "if they want this worthless item, they can come get it".. lol 


Looked on eBay and i can get the set, both hub and PS, for 50 or 60 bucks.   Yay for government pricing.   One reason government fees are so high, we get gouged, and have to pass the costs down.

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