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[#] Wed Sep 25 2013 07:15:17 EDT from zooer

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This is the sleep room?

I had a strange dream last night. I have a lot of strange dreams, I prefer not to remember them.

I dreamed I was working with or for IGnat, we along with some woman were at a technical conference. This woman seems
familiar to me but I can't place who she is. I keep think it was at a mall but it wasn't really a shopping mall. I
worked for a company that was a strip mall at one time, maybe that is where that idea comes from. After the
conference was an eighties or nineties band that had one or two major hits came out to play. Ignat and I stood
around and listened to the music, they finished and people got ready to go. For some reason IGnat had set up this
device for a demonstration, to record the conference or something. I have no idea what this device is for or what it
did but Ignat was proud of its expense, proud of its quality and proud of what it
did. I began to gather my stuff
and IGnat asked me to help gather the cords and put his device away. By help he meant do it all. It had a canvas
carrying bag but everything fit into the bag with no room for error. There was no specific spot of each item or the
yards of cords but if you didn't get it right it wouldn't fit. I kept thinking IGnat is going to complain about how
I didn't put it away correctly and I turn to ask him to put his equipment away the way he likes it and I noticed
Ignat walking to the door with the female co-worker. I had no idea how I was going to carry all my stuff and his.
His bags had no extra room, and I had several small items with no where to put them if I was carrying all the other
stuff. Somehow how I managed to get all the stuff out the door, down the hall and out the main door. My fear was
confirmed, IGnat had driven off on this cold night.
Pissed off I tried looking for my cell phone to call him unsure
if I had his number, but then I woke up.

And that is that. Ignat I left your equipment in dream land. It is somewhere near where you dropped me off but
didn't remember to pick me or your equipment up.

[#] Wed Sep 25 2013 23:19:03 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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No worries, just grab the stuff during your next dream and I'll send the truck.

[#] Thu Sep 26 2013 11:13:42 EDT from zooer

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I hope if I do dream about it again I get paid overtime for all the waiting I do. Of course if I was salary that
would suck.

[#] Sat Sep 28 2013 13:49:29 EDT from triLcat

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And here I go dreaming about a short-necked giraffe that escaped from the zoo and was kinda cute and cuddly.

[#] Thu Nov 21 2013 23:20:09 EST from Shazam

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IG, you can't kill yourself, g-d forbid. Who would run UCG? hmm? Didn't think of that, did you? Frist of all, think of all of us as kids who need you.
Second of all, don't be silly, just because kids get bigger and grow into adults doesn't mean they stop needing you. They will need different things, sure. But they will always need you.

[#] Thu Nov 28 2013 19:09:44 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Last night I dreamed that I posted something to the effect of "Android is awesome and it's better than Apple" to Twitter, and someone somewhere in the world complained to my employer about it.

[#] Sun Dec 01 2013 08:24:42 EST from zooer

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That wasn't a dream, I hope your boss says something to you on Monday.

[#] Tue Dec 03 2013 07:02:07 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I've gotten dragged into the HR office for innocuous comments before.

[#] Tue Dec 03 2013 13:23:58 EST from fleeb

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I'm amazed I haven't been dragged into the HR's office for some of the stuff I've said.

[#] Thu Dec 05 2013 12:51:01 EST from Shazam

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I dreamt that my grandmother, who passed away about 6 years ago, was out in a bathing suit in the snow, and she was just diving in and swimming around like it was water, and her daughter, my aunt, was like "sure, I can do that too" ( my aunt is still alive) and my aunt dove in and started swimming, and I just stood there trying to push myself into the snow so I could swim too, but it was too solid, I could only get in up to my knees.

[#] Mon Dec 09 2013 12:18:34 EST from Shazam

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I had a dream where I was running a Hamaspik house, which is a home for mentally challanged, I guess, and I decided to throw a party, but for some reason decided to throw it in my ex-boss's house and I was showing people how to get there, when I suddenly decided to take a short cut, right through someone's house, in their side door, down to their basement, and out their back door. When I exited their house, the mother of the household stood looking at me, waiting for an explanation, so I told her I'm her friend and I'd come over for Shabbat once, and asked if she remembered me. She didn't, so I asked her name and she told me the name of a friend of mine, so I suddenly worried that I didn't recognize her and I should. Then I turned to leave, but found the the Hamaspik kids who'd been following me weren't there any more and they'd gotten lost, and I went into a panic and woke up.

So then I called the friend whose name was spoken in the dream and asked her if we could come over for Shabbat.

[#] Fri Dec 13 2013 12:17:46 EST from Ladyhawke

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Shazam, did she say yes?

[#] Sun Dec 15 2013 13:14:45 EST from Shazam

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Yes, she did. :) We had a lovely lunch together yesterday, although I really wish I'd checked the weather forecoast first because it meant my family and I had to trek through a lot of snow to get there and back.

[#] Mon Dec 16 2013 14:38:08 EST from Ladyhawke

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Dreams are good for something, then!  :-)

Snowed here, too.  Right now, it is 12 degrees F....brrr!

[#] Sun Dec 29 2013 02:32:15 EST from triLcat

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My dreams over the past week have included:

1 in which I killed 8 people, took their bodies to a self-serve cemetery, and then had to explain to the cops why I was burying 8 people in the span of a week. I'm pretty sure they were doing gardening, then they tried to rape me, so I hit them over the head with a shovel.

Another dream in which I wasn't sure who the father of my baby is (I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and I haven't so much as hugged any other man in the 7+ years I've been married to Yaakov, so I've got a pretty good guess as to who the father is.)

A third dream in which this guy who teased/bugged me throughout high school gave me a hug and then started making out with me and admitted that he'd always loved me.

conclusion: I'm having crazy dreams. 

[#] Sun Dec 29 2013 05:40:08 EST from triLcat

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Today's dream:

Found out that I'd been randomly dropping K off at two different schools, and nobody bothered to tell me... turned out she was happier at the 'other' school. (there's a school half a block away from us which is non-religious, and she goes to a school a block away from our new house - 4 blocks away from our current house which is religious). But for some reason she either hadn't noticed or decided not to tell me that I was sending her to the two schools intermittently. At any rate, I realized that I'd been sending her to the non-religious school more often which meant that she was going to miss out on two milestone parties (receiving her prayer book and her book of Genesis), and I was all upset and couldn't figure out how to fix it.... 

Also noteworthy - in Israel, instead of uniforms, most of the schools require that you wear a plain t-shirt with just the school symbol on it (and pants or skirt are at the student's discretion). She was walking around with the wrong symbol and no one noticed. 


[#] Sun Dec 29 2013 14:51:09 EST from Ladyhawke

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Wow, TriL, some women get apparently get dreams!

An early Mazel Tov, btw (merit's hashem)

[#] Mon Dec 30 2013 11:22:22 EST from Shazam

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Being pregnant causes weird dreams. It really does.
I have a question, cause I don't remember how schools work in Israel, having never sent anyone to school there. Which school are you paying tuition to, and HOW could they not notice a girl coming consistently who isn't on their lists? Isn't the second school going to start demanding tuition?

[#] Mon Dec 30 2013 19:30:56 EST from zooer

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I had another dream with Ignat in it last night. I don't usually remember dreams, when he is in them they are
all tech related. The first part of the dream was really geeky but I don't remember what it was, I remember I
wanted to talk about it.
In the second half we were driving near my old neighborhood and we were testing out these miniture GPS devices
we had gotten at whatever tech event we were at. Ignat and his wife were in the front seat and I started to
fall asleep in the back seat, I was trying to wake myself up but I couldn't. I usually can't fall asleep
sitting up but I was starting to lean over in the dream while IGnat was testing and reviewing his miniture GPS
device as he drove.

[#] Sun Jan 05 2014 07:44:11 EST from triLcat

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both schools are public schools.

no tuition. I want to know how they didn't notice she had the wrong shirt and books.

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