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[#] Mon Nov 30 2015 07:36:39 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Global warming causes GIANT FLYING BOULDERS.

[ ]

(I shit you not. It's almost comical.)

[#] Mon Dec 28 2015 09:48:45 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Since this is an El Niño year, it's appropriate to once again post Jeremy Lavine's definitive work on the subject.

[ If you can't see the image, go to ]

[#] Mon Dec 28 2015 11:21:16 EST from LoanShark

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I approve this message.

[#] Tue Dec 29 2015 14:16:28 EST from fleeb

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Ah, and oldie, but still relevant!

[#] Tue Dec 29 2015 18:46:39 EST from zooer

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We are coming up on the ten year anniversary where Algore said we only have ten years left.

[#] Tue Dec 29 2015 18:47:39 EST from zooer

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(^speaking of drama queens)

[#] Sat Jan 02 2016 21:08:45 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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That's at the end of January, isn't it.

[#] Sun Jan 03 2016 09:12:44 EST from zooer

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Al Gore's "We only have ten years left" is January 27th.  Others have said we only have x amount of years left and their times have come and gone as well.  But don't worry, Al made hundreds of millions of dollars from it and will surely find a way to make more.  Greedy and wealthy old white men are like that.

I do know someone who is part of the climate change movement, but he at least hates Al Gore because of the damage he has done to the movement.

And let's revisit Tiny Tim singing about the melting ice caps in 1967.  (Because of sin, not because of man's influence on nature) 

[#] Sun Jan 03 2016 15:53:50 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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 Greedy and wealthy old white men are like that.

Why bring race and gender into it?  Al Sharpton has made millions from scam hustling as well.  Hitlery Cunton has profited massively from her sham "foundation."

[#] Sun Jan 03 2016 18:24:26 EST from zooer

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Because liberals HATE wealthy old white men.... except when it is one of theirs.

[#] Sat Jan 23 2016 15:16:24 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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OMG!  I can't even see my car right now!

It might have something to do with the super-mega-ultra-blizzard.

It might also be because there are no windows on that side of the house.

[#] Sat Jan 23 2016 19:30:39 EST from zooer

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I boycotted the storm because it is too white.

[#] Sun Jan 24 2016 12:07:38 EST from zooer

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Sat Jan 23 2016 03:16:24 PM EST from IGnatius T Foobar

It might have something to do with the super-mega-ultra-blizzard.


I hope you survived with no problems.

My niece who lives outside of DC had a baby Thursday night.  She was suppose to be discharged Saturday, she, her baby, and fiancé are still at the hospital.  They couldn't get home if they wanted, the hospital isn't going to discharge them and considering the 2.5 feet of snow in the area it is probably the best.  




[#] Mon Jan 25 2016 13:47:08 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Probably safer there.

I survived the blizzard just fine because there was too much snow for Aahz's ninja cats to get to my house to sabotage the snowblower again.

[#] Mon Jan 25 2016 15:04:42 EST from vince-q

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Snow storm?
You call *that thing** a *snow* storm?
35 inches??

I have only two words for you NJ/NY/PA weather wusses:

It is NOTHING to get 3 to 5 FEET up there OVERNIGHT.

And the road (I-80) is almost never closed.

That "thing" you folks got over the weekend is, by comparison, ObamaWussieStorm.

[#] Tue Mar 08 2016 15:42:53 EST from zooer

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Sun Jan 03 2016 09:12:44 AM EST from zooer

Al Gore's "We only have ten years left" is January 27th.  

I knew we passed it, but I was so concerned about other things like who put the bomp in the bomp shebomp shebomp I didn't mention it.

[#] Tue Jun 14 2016 09:23:33 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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So far, June has been very "spring like" ... it's actually quite refreshing!
Usually we get a heat wave for one week in June before things settle down a bit. I opened my pool early this year hoping to take advantage of the usual June heat wave, but it didn't happen. SMFGW.

[#] Mon Jun 20 2016 11:16:16 EDT from zooer

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If you say that climate change is not man made but natural you are labeled a climate change denier, people want you silenced and if they could would want you sent to prison.  If you deny that the Orlando massacre was by an Islamic extremist you are labeled "Attorney General"

[#] Wed Sep 21 2016 15:06:21 EDT from zooer

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Relax, the sky isn't falling, it is just a used Chinese space station.

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