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[#] Wed Dec 24 2014 03:14:17 EST from zooer

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You can have anything you want at alias's restaurant.

[#] Fri Dec 26 2014 02:06:34 EST from ax25

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Wed Dec 24 2014 03:14:17 AM EST from zooer
You can have anything you want at alias's restaurant.

Except for the real thing.

[#] Fri Dec 26 2014 15:44:20 EST from Ladyhawke

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Speaking of moose...

Has anyone heard from our favorite Moosephone, recently?

[#] Sun Dec 28 2014 10:29:34 EST from zooer

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Hooby Looby

[#] Sun Dec 28 2014 11:06:08 EST from LoanShark

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hoopy froodmas. I just flew in from ireland, and boy are my arms tired.

[#] Mon Dec 29 2014 01:18:54 EST from ax25

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С Днем Рождения, товарищ

[#] Tue Dec 30 2014 10:44:52 EST from Ladyhawke

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Огpомное спасибо!

[#] Thu Jan 01 2015 17:27:44 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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[#] Fri Jan 02 2015 07:15:25 EST from fleeb

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And a Partridge Family in a Bear Tree!

[#] Fri Jan 02 2015 08:01:43 EST from zooer

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Sum putty gates this room.

[#] Fri Jan 02 2015 10:46:12 EST from admin

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Hi folks, just a reminder this site will be going down on Jan 1st 2014 at 00:30 UTC for maintenance. It should be back
up and running about a half hour later.

[#] Fri Jan 02 2015 22:52:05 EST from fleeb

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Thankfully, that was over a year ago, when it was 2014. Although it seems the message warning us about this maintenance finally arrived.

[#] Thu Jan 08 2015 23:59:15 EST from ax25

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What, another year gone?  What have I done with it?  Ugh... (grabs chalk and marks another 1 on the wall).

[#] Tue Jan 13 2015 07:34:19 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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The real administrator of this site just haphazardly knocks it down for maintenance whenever he wants to.  Uptime is for people who have nothing better to do :)

[#] Mon Mar 30 2015 23:20:34 EDT from zooer

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You know Scorpion5005, 300 members in the early 1990s wasn't too bad,

[#] Sun Apr 19 2015 20:36:42 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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300 members on a dialup system would have been pretty darned good, actually.

[#] Mon Apr 20 2015 12:19:13 EDT from vince-q

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"Back in the day" (1993-2000) we had almost exclusively dialup customers. This was pre-DSL in southern NJ. That actually didn't happen until after we moved out here to CA in '01.

Our "home" area code (609) was divided into three LATAs, which meant the "toll call" situation was complex for people using out-dial. We obviously had to figure that one out.

First Solution:
Find a willing person in each LATA willing to host a modem bank in their house. We paid for all the hardware and phone-comany connections (8 lines on a "hunt group", a terminal server, and a dedicated connection to our machine room). Dedicated (leased) lines fell into a different tariff than voice lines, so the LATA thing, at least for south Jersey, was a non-issue. This worked fine, but as you can imagine, got "clunky" with increased usage. As we would say today, it did not scale upward.

Second Solution: Our Digital Lines contractor actually came up with this one - and it was a stroke of genius. Eventually it became the "ISP Model" - at least for New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. We ordered four Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines, one each for (a) Atlantic City to Cape May, (b) Brigantine/Seaside to Toms River, (c) Hammonton South, and (d) Trenton. The rest of the state was right where we were physically located, so we just kept our original 23-line hunt-group running in the machine room. THIS was THE way to do this since each of the PRI lines could handle 23 dialup lines with "digital presentation" required for the old-style 56K dialup modem protocol, and true digital connection in the machine room on our end. Worked like a raped ape (a Good Thing). And was a LOT cheaper than doing it the "First Solution" way.

At our peak we serviced roughly 800 dilaup customers. Almost never a busy signal. We strictly employed the "8 customers per dialin line" rule and except on that rare instance when "everybody on earth just *had* to be on teh net" it worked flawlessly.

Here was our fee structure:
$25/month. $70/quarter, $250/year (pay for 10 mo. and get 12).

And here is where we **really** made money:

Commercial Rate: $1,250/mo NOT including the telco local loop.
We had roughly 10 of those customers.
Yup. $12,500 per month just for plugging a 10meg ethernet cable from the router serving the customer to the Big Router hosting our bandwidth to the net.

$1,250/mo. for a T-1 (1,544 meg). Today you'd go to JAIL for that!
I have a friend paying his cable company $89.99/mo for 110 MB.
And he complains.
And I tell him "that is just a hair under THREE DS-3 CONNECTIONS!
"Back in the day" that would have cost you about 50 GRAND a month!
Shut up and pay the bill!!

How times have changed....

Founder, NetK2NE

[#] Mon Apr 20 2015 13:25:05 EDT from zooer

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Yes pay the bill because getting screwed and ripped off was so much worse before.

[#] Wed Apr 22 2015 00:21:44 EDT from vince-q

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I'm sorry, but I just don't see how $89.99/month for 110 MB/sec is "getting screwed and ripped off."

[#] Wed Apr 22 2015 17:21:25 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's all about "what the market will bear." And that's the way it should be. Thankfully, in most markets we have phone and cable companies keeping each other in check, which is why both are hesitant to break the $100 barrier for "triple play."

Some say that the new Title II rules will allow the government to decide the pricing of Internet, but I'm skeptical about that.

I remember in the early 1990's, dreaming that maybe someday I could afford the $300/month for a 56 Kbps connection to the Internet, so I could connect this BBS to the rest of the world.

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