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[#] Sat Mar 02 2019 19:20:09 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I looked at a few Tacos today and took one for a test drive. They're all the same total body length so you have a choice of a full size back seat (double cab) or a longer bed (crew cab). I knew the crew cab was small, but it's REALLY small. Deal-breaker small. I liked the size, power, and handling of the double cab with V6/4WD.

It feels like this is my size truck, but I haven't tried the full size ones yet. If I have time tomorrow I'll check out a Ford or a Dodge.

[#] Sun Mar 03 2019 11:04:05 EST from arabella

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I, too, am considering a pick up truck, for my next vehicle, although a decision will not be made for at least 2 years

[#] Mon Mar 04 2019 10:54:44 EST from Ragnar Danneskjold

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The Colorado is a nicer truck than the Tacoma, IMHO.

[#] Tue Mar 19 2019 11:01:40 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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The purchase of a truck has been put off for another couple of months due to some other bills that need to be paid first. I'm still going to drive a couple of full-size trucks before I make a decision. But I do want to have at least somewhat decent fuel economy, because it will be my daily driver.

I wouldn't buy a V4 or 2WD though. That's just stupid.

[#] Tue Mar 26 2019 20:07:08 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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What a serendipitous development.  I had to rent a car for a business trip, and the rental place offered me a free upgrade.   So this F-150 is my ride for the next three days.


I'm enjoying it, but I can already tell it's a little too massive for me to use as a daily driver.  It was better than I thought it would be on fuel, though.  This one has the 8 cylinder engine, and in 2WD mode I was getting about 22 MPG on the highway.  I was surprised that I could see pretty much 360 degrees around the entire truck.  They've put big mirrors on it and the view through the windows is very good.  The ride is a bit on the stiff side.  It is, after all, a truck, and also I'm the very first renter to drive it.  Handling was more responsive than I expected.  I am having fun driving it (over curbs and obstacles and pedestrians etc etc etc).

The infotainment system is freaking brain damaged.  I wish it would just mirror my phone's screen and get out of the way.  Instead it switched to FM radio whenever I started the ignition, then when the phone is on it assumes that I want to listen to Pandora.  (No, not our Pandora ... the music streaming service.)  I wanted Waze navigation on the screen and my favorite podcast on the speakers.  That's it, nothing else.  Even once I got that going, whenever Waze had something to say, it lowered the volume from 20 down to 5 and then left it there.  So every time a navigation cue played, I had to crank the volume back up to hear my podcast again.

Still, a free upgrade from a standard car to an F-150 for three days is one hell of a test drive.  Now I don't have to visit a Ford dealership.  I still want to try out a Ram but I still think I'm leaning towards a mid size.

[#] Wed Mar 27 2019 16:05:55 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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If you're going to buy a truck, buy a mans truck.

[#] Wed Mar 27 2019 21:25:00 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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So, like, a Kia Sportage or a Honda CR-V?

[#] Thu Mar 28 2019 12:24:24 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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2019-03-27 21:25 from IGnatius T Foobar
So, like, a Kia Sportage or a Honda CR-V?

I guess that's okay if you're idea of being a man is to have a vagina.

[#] Thu Mar 28 2019 16:11:18 EDT from zooer

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Yes, I keep it tied up in the back of my CRV.

[#] Mon Apr 01 2019 09:50:31 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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The "V" in CR-V stands for Vagina. It's the Honda CR-Vagina. Because it's a "chick truck".

Many years ago I drove a Kia Sportage, definitely another estrogen-powered vehicle. It had four wheel drive but that didn't matter because it didn't have enough power to make it up a hill.

Another one I don't care for is the Honda Ridgeline. It is, literally, an Odyssey with the top rear quarter of the body ripped off. If I wanted an Odyssey I would have fixed up the one I already owned. It's an underpowered, undersized, and quite frankly, an ugly vehicle.

I expect to have the $$$ together for a down payment sometime in May, and at that point we'll see what's available with the right mileage/cost/etc in the local market. It's still down to either a Tacoma, an F-150, or a Ram 1500.

After driving the Ford for a couple of days I did start getting used to its size. There is some irony to the fact that I had more trouble seeing the end of the nose than the end of the tail when I was moving it around in a parking lot. Backup cameras sure are nice. I'd love to find a truck that's just old enough to have a backup camera but doesn't have the onboard infotainment system.

[#] Mon Apr 01 2019 10:23:06 EDT from zooer

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I like my CR-V and it works perfectly for what I need it for.    

Here is an article for you, Review: Fiat Chrysler’s 2019 Ram 1500 is the best pickup you can buy today.


[#] Tue Apr 09 2019 11:43:02 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I like my CR-V and it works perfectly for what I need it for.    

What do you do with it, that makes it a good fit? I'm looking for a pickup truck to carry yard waste and the occasional collection of large objects.

[#] Fri Apr 12 2019 20:19:34 EDT from zooer

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I like an SUV, when I travel I usually travel with three, there is plenty of room for three, our luggage and the occasional dog. 

I don't have to worry about yard waste, all of the green yard waste I take to the undeveloped land behind the property.  If I need to lug "stuff" around I fold up the seats. I take household waste that doesn't go into the regular trash down to the county waste/recycling center.  I can fit about 25 bags of that god awful mulch crap in the back of it.  I can carry 2x4x8s in it if need be.  

I like it because it can carry five people if need be, and it has a lot of room for cargo.  

[#] Wed Apr 24 2019 10:00:25 EDT from pandora

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What kind of SUV do you drive?

[#] Sun May 05 2019 19:21:38 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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So after trying out a Toyota Tacoma, a Ford F-150, and a Dodge Ram 1500, I settled on the Taco. I found a 2015 model with only about 24,000 miles on it out in Long Island, checked it out over the weekend, and will be picking it up this week.

All three are excellent trucks. I think I'd be very satisfied with any of them.

Photos will be posted when I have them. It has four wheel drive (switchable 2WD/4WD with both high and low gear ratios) and a 6 cylinder, 4.0 liter engine.
That's a bit smaller engine than the other trucks I looked at but it's closer to what I was driving before. I got the double cab because it will have people in it from time to time.

This will be helpful when I'm ready to bury the bodies ... er, I mean finish my yard work.

[#] Mon May 06 2019 14:09:58 EDT from pandora

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Sounds like a great choice!

[#] Thu May 09 2019 14:00:12 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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And here it is.

Yes I'm very excited.  The trip back to LI to pick it up was annoying, and the dealer was way more annoying this time around.  Apparently he doesn't read his text messages so he didn't know I told him I'd be later than expected at the train station and he got on my case for making him wait.  Then for some reason he decided to tell me his Car Salesman Sob Story (tm) *after* we had already negotiated a price for the truck.  And of course he tried to make me feel like a moron for not buying one of their extended warranties.

Teh IGlet (tm) was with me on this trip (he's as excited as I am).  We were sitting in the truck fiddling with the accessories and setting everything up.  As soon as they put the plates on, he said "let's drive out of here first".  Good call on his part.

I've already noticed that people behave differently in traffic.  When you're big they get out of your way.  :)

[#] Thu May 09 2019 17:59:03 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Fun. I drive the LIE two or three days a week. People definitely get out of your way. A plus if there ever was one.

[#] Thu May 16 2019 19:37:05 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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🔴 Fantech0104 just started a Premiere: 2015 Toyota Tacoma Pick Up Truck

Fantech0104 is premiering 2015 Toyota Tacoma Pick Up Truck Tour.
2015 Toyota Tacoma Pick Up Truck Tour

For anyone who cares ... the IGlet did this video tour of the new truck.
Go ahead and watch it, the ad revenue is paying his college bills.

[#] Fri May 17 2019 09:18:15 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Watch. Buy a Dee Zee Tailgate Assist. Cheap and a great addition.

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