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[#] Mon Mar 18 2024 07:26:34 EDT from Nurb432

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This is 3 levels deep since it 'defaults' to radio. There is an off button so it should have turned off..  but it clearly does not care when i ask. It also has "auto", which was off.. 

Computers should not be in cars. bring back carburetors.


Sun Mar 17 2024 21:15:36 EDT from LadySerenaKitty

All my HVAC controls are literally one tap away.  Yes, I can turn the whole HVAC system off, too.


[#] Sun May 12 2024 12:35:15 EDT from Nurb432

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Related to the trip with the dog..  the zipper broke on my back window.. arrgh....

going to rain Monday..   

[#] Sun May 12 2024 15:19:46 EDT from Nurb432

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Bleh, now the zipper on the roof broke trying to get this POS window on...   cant get a new top here until Thursday.

And no, i have not fixed the little car yet so its safe to drive and not die. I was being lazy.  now im paying the price.   Could have just stuck a tarp on the jeep and drove the little car instead.  But nope.  grumble. 

[#] Fri May 17 2024 18:39:37 EDT from Nurb432

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new top arrived today.   fight with it for 3 hours. thing just isn't 'right' and nothing fit like it should have. close but not right.   but i made it work.  Then putting in the back window as the last item.... and the freaking zipper broke..    on the roof..    now im back where i started, well actually even worse as to return this i have to take it off ... 



Frustrated beyond words at this point.

[#] Mon May 27 2024 09:28:52 EDT from Nurb432

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And the ebay seller has ghosted me.

Guess i dont get a refund. Will go buy a 'better' one from Quadratec. ( for 2x the cost ) Who will stand behind the stuff they sell.

[#] Fri Jul 12 2024 16:10:42 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Adventures with the Taco

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After running over a bolt of some sort with my Tacoma, I had to change a tire ... and boy was I thankful that I was doing it in my driveway and not on the road!

The spare is underneath the vehicle. I had to look in the manual to figure out how to lower it. And it was so unclear that I had to look on the Internet too. You have to assemble a bunch of rods together and stick the end in a small opening just over the license plate, and get it connected to a crank way inside of the vehicle. Every single site I visited, with no exceptions, was making jokes about "finding the hole in the dark" like clumsy teenagers having their first time in bed.

Once I got the spare out, I found that I couldn't break the lugs. But fear not! I recently came into possession of an air compressor, so of course I went right out and bought an impact wrench. And let me tell you, I felt like such an automotive guy when I hear the "ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-yyyyowwwww!" sound of the impact wrench unscrewing the lugs.

And then ... the whole wheel was seized on to the hub. Couldn't break it loose no matter how hard I kicked it. After even more research, I found the method that worked *immediately* was to place a block under one edge of the wheel and then let the jack down. It popped right off.

Now I'm back on the road, the tire is repaired, and I even got the stuck tail gate fixed. I love my truck. You can't buy a truck like this anymore, y'know, because Toyota has discontinued the 4.0L V6 engine in the Tacoma -- you can only get the new ones with a 2.4L I4 Turbo, either direct drive or hybrid. They claim it has an even higher horsepower than the V6 but I'll bet the torque is rubbish.

[#] Fri Jul 12 2024 16:49:17 EDT from Nurb432

Subject: Re: Adventures with the Taco

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Ya, that is about as dumb as putting the battery in the wheel well. i had a truck like that once, i took it out and tossed it in the back right away.

I stopped carrying a spare long ago.  In the Fiero, its too low to the ground to be doing that safely on the road ( and its extra weight.. which matters ).   On the jeep, its to high up.    I carry a repair kit and air pump in the tool box, if that dont do it, its a tow truck.   I'm not 25 anymore, why do it the hard way out on some road somewhere? Besides we have cell phones now, old days you were on your own or you walked miles.. and miles.. to a pay phone.

Sure, what you had was in the driveway, but save the trouble of fishing out the spare. 

Fri Jul 12 2024 16:10:42 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar Subject: Adventures with the Taco

The spare is underneath the vehicle. 

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