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[#] Fri Sep 14 2018 10:34:03 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: I got my pallets

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Cool project.  How are you going to keep the pallets from rotting?

[#] Fri Sep 14 2018 15:00:11 EDT from Decomposed <>

Subject: Re: I got my pallets

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I'm going to have them on cinder blocks, not on the ground.  If I have a decent roof on the shed, they should stay dry.

If I'm wrong... well, it's only a woodshed.  Maybe I can swap 'em out and put in new pallets.

[#] Fri Sep 21 2018 13:43:55 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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GAAAAH. For some reason my wife is doing "extra" cleaning today. She pulled the china cabinet away from the wall and found dead mice and other cat toys behind it. So we decided to pull the refrigerator too, and PSSSSHHHHT there goes the water supply line. Some dipshit snaked a quarter-inch copper tube through all of the cabinets and made a 90 degree turn that got more damaged every time the refrigerator was moved.

There's a bathroom sink right on the other side of the wall, back-to-back with the refrigerator. Why didn't they just connect there?

Now I've got a weekend plumbing project.

[#] Mon Sep 24 2018 17:33:39 EDT from Decomposed <>

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Gravel has been delivered.  Watch the video.  Does that look like ten tons to you?


In fact, it wasn't ten tons.  When I asked the driver to bounce the bed a few times to shake loose what was stuck, a LOT more came out.  Surprised us both.  I'm glad I asked.



Uploaded Image

[#] Wed Sep 26 2018 10:04:08 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Even with "the rest of it" unloaded, it still doesn't look like ten tons of anything.  That must be some dense stuff.

[#] Wed Sep 26 2018 16:00:07 EDT from Decomposed <>

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It's called "Sure Pack" and it contains a whole lot of particulate.  It's driveway gravel.  Had I known, I'd have probably ordered something else.  I want conventional gravel - what we usually think of - since it's mostly to be used beneath a shed I'm building.

The shed is going to be a lot smaller than I'd planned.  I checked with the town and learned that anything bigger than 10'x12' requires a permit AND affects my annual property taxes.  No thank you.  I'll make it 10' x 12'.  I'll build two if I need to.

[#] Wed Sep 26 2018 18:11:27 EDT from wizard of aahz

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The number of people I know who have built a 99.5 foot square shed is more than fingers and toes. And it's all for that exact reason.

[#] Thu Sep 27 2018 15:39:09 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Mine is 12x8 for the same reason.

[#] Thu Sep 27 2018 17:22:25 EDT from wizard of aahz

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I think I was including you. Probably middle finger of right hand. <GRIN>

[#] Fri Sep 28 2018 09:37:38 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Love you too Aahz.

[#] Fri Sep 28 2018 12:16:41 EDT from wizard of aahz

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I note that you're not saying that I'm incorrect.

[#] Fri Sep 28 2018 12:41:14 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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You know, you're number one with me.

[#] Sat Sep 29 2018 19:59:47 EDT from Decomposed <>

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My wife won tickets to a giant yard sale (I'd guess there were a hundred sellers) held annually near Concord's state fair grounds and convinced me to go. I didn't really mind in the least. The scenery is beautiful this time of the year, so it's an excellent time to go for a drive. I do prefer individual garage and yard sales over the really big group affairs with hundreds or thousands of customers. It's easier to dicker and the merchandise usually isn't as picked over. But today's giant sale was what it was.

She suggested we bring extra cash - just in case we stumble across a quality snow blower. That's the key thing we've been looking for of late. "Fat chance of that," I said. "Besides, where would be we put it? They're big and all we're taking is the minivan."

As it turned out, we stopped at two yard sales before reaching the fair grounds, and the second one had a snow blower that looked to be in okay condition.

"How much?" I asked.

"One hundred," the seller replied.

"What kind of condition is it in?" I asked.

"A-One," he said. He started it up and showed me that everything is operating as it should. "We just moved here two months ago, and I bought a new one since the driveway here is larger."

Honestly, his driveway wasn't that big. 40 feet, I'd guess. A typical suburban driveway. But he was a bit older than me and his explanation that he needed a bigger one was believable.

I thought about it and declined to buy it. I told him that I'd just moved here as well. "We're shopping for a snow blower, but my driveway is bigger than yours and uphill. Like you, I probably need a bigger snowblower."

"I'll let you have it for eighty dollars," he said.

And like that, I bought it.

As you can see, it's rusty. It's older and doesn't have an electric starter. Its 24" scoop is the minimum size I consider acceptable. 24" snow blowers start at $600 at Home Depot and run up to $900. The seller says he paid $700 for it when it was new.

This is a 5HP, 6-speed, 24" NOMA snowblower with 12" diameter tires. I think it was carried by Sears. At Lowes, today's 24" snow blowers range from $600 to $1,000. My guess is that the one I purchased is a lower-end 24" model.

Who cares? It works and was 80 bucks. I'll still be shopping for a bigger and better used snow blower. But having two snow blowers isn't a bad thing up here, and today's purchase totally lifts the pressure off of me to buy a big snow blower soon. (Also, I have a snow plow blade for the tractor. It's going to do the heavy work ... assuming I can figure out how to attach it.)

Photos follow.


Uploaded Image

[#] Wed Oct 03 2018 10:50:06 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Now you're in trouble.  Aahz's ninja cats will show up and sabotage your snowblower the night before any big storm.

[#] Fri Oct 19 2018 10:24:01 EDT from rodney <>

Subject: hooking up a portable generator to run needed, ect

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[#] Mon Oct 22 2018 12:07:05 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: hooking up a portable generator to run needed, ect

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That's half a thought. But I'm assuming you have watched our staggeringly popular generator video on YouTube and have come here looking for more information.

To attach a portable generator to your home's electrical system, you will need:

* A generator (duh)
* A male-to-female supply cord rated for your generator's output, with the appropriate connectors (for a typical hardware store generator that is 7200 watts or less, that's going to be an L14-30R to L14-30P)
* An inlet receptacle of the same type and rating, purchased from any vendor whose name does *not* start with an R
* Enough cable to go from the inlet receptacle to your panel (for 30 amp hardware that's 10 gauge cable)

Then you need to decide between an interlocked subpanel or an interlocked main panel. If you interlock your main panel, you will need an aftermarket interlock and a double-pole circuit breaker for the generator. If you want to go the sub route, you need a subpanel, breakers for that, and all of the above.

Finally, if you are not capable of doing this work yourself, or if you require a permit to do this kind of work where you live, this information is strictly for your entertainment and you shouldn't do the project yourself.

If you're still here and have more questions, we'll keep going.

[#] Mon Oct 22 2018 13:55:33 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Why are you assuming the gender of your connections.

[#] Mon Oct 22 2018 14:10:05 EDT from fleeb <>

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Heh... imagine if RS-232 connectors could have a conflict between their physical gender and what they feel their physical gender should have been. Or, for that matter, if it were possible to have an RS-232 connector that had ambiguous physical genders, where you couldn't quite work out if it was really male or female, so you had to make a decision.

[#] Mon Oct 22 2018 15:33:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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To double-check that a male L14-30 really is an inlet and not an energized outlet, stick your tongue into the prongs. They like when you do that.

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