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[#] Sun Oct 04 2015 18:59:34 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Of course there's *some* heat generated, but the point is, this guy saw a couple of loops in my cable that hadn't been straightened out and boldly declared that it was a safety hazard.  It's not as if I had a thousand foot roll of cable energized.  The whole cable assembly was 25 feet, and I had most of it uncoiled.

That having been said, building my own induction cooker sounds like a fun little project...  <<grin>>

[#] Thu Oct 08 2015 14:45:37 EDT from vince-q

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If you were in the middle of a forest just about anywhere in California right now, that "some heat" to which you refer could easily end up burning down half a county.

[#] Fri Oct 09 2015 10:57:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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That would be a problem. The parts of California that need to be burned down are not the forests.

[#] Fri Oct 09 2015 14:50:21 EDT from fleeb

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The Lorax never spoke for the fault lines.

[#] Tue Oct 13 2015 11:32:56 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yeah, well, the Lorax had three phase power and a staff of licensed electricians.
The rest of us use what we have available.

[#] Fri Oct 09 2015 21:43:34 EDT from vince-q <>

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We have this country club out here, called Butte Creek Country Club.
I am, in spite of my love of golf, not joining (was invited, attended a lunch as a prospective member, etc.).

I let them know the other day. They asked why. I told them that I thought their attitude was "escessively snooty."

The guy to whom I was speaking was very puzzled. So he said everyone in the club was reasonably wealthy, bla bla bla.

I said:
You folks have absolutely nothing justifying your snooty attitude. You are nothing more than a bunch of hick rice farmers that only learned golf because it reminded you of taking a broom to swat the dogshit out of the way so you could walk into your houses...

Don't think I'll be hearing from them again....... <evil grin>


[#] Fri Oct 23 2015 11:32:16 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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You should have joined anyway and acted like a gavone there until they either toned down their attitude or kicked you out.

[#] Fri Oct 23 2015 19:50:42 EDT from vince-q <>

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2015-10-23 08:32 from IGnatius T Foobar @uncnsrd (Uncensored)
You should have joined anyway and acted like a gavone there until they

either toned down their attitude or kicked you out.

As much fun as that would have been, it would have been *expensive* fun. Most private/country clubs out here have this Initiation Fee and in most cases it is at least $10K. That's a lot of money just to act like the Italian equivalent of an asshole, fun though it would be.

[#] Sun Oct 25 2015 11:19:31 EDT from dothebart

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] fancy - living in a boxed truck - to save the money for the rent ;-)

[#] Mon Oct 26 2015 07:46:04 EDT from dothebart

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hm, didn't someone post a link to John Deere R&D + agile methods?

the perception "on the field" of that ;-)

[#] Wed Nov 04 2015 07:06:26 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] fancy - living in a boxed truck - to
save the money for the rent ;-)

There are all sorts of places where people are talking about living in converted shipping containers, trucks, etc.

The thing is, if you're just trying to save money on rent, the actual construction of the "building" is not quite as relevant as the fact that you've got it dropped into some low-cost location. In effect, you're living in a trailer park. You could probably live even cheaper by simply buying a trailer and dropping it into a trailer park in the most conventional way.

( [4~ suppose there's the whole "look at my recycled house" angle, but considering that a house isn't really a disposable item, that's not really something most people are concerned with either.

[#] Wed Nov 04 2015 10:47:22 EST from zooer

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Yes but a trailer is for stupid rednecks, a shipping container is for hipsters and the cool.  HUGE difference.

[#] Thu Nov 05 2015 11:19:40 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yeah I suppose so. It's like those silly "tiny house" things that are all the rage on TV these days. Great, you've built yourself a mobile home, but without all of the integration and safety features normally associated with mobile homes. I'd love to see how many of these stick-built mobile homes get damaged or completely collapse while being transported around in ways that they're not designed to handle.

And sure you're more energy efficient, but you could do the same by just buying a conventional but small house.

Shipping containers are best used for [redacted before I get on even more FBI watch lists].

[#] Thu Dec 03 2015 06:28:06 EST from zooer

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I read a story last night about how Christmas LED lights can interfere with your wifi.  I tried doing a little more research and from the results I saw it seemed like a sensational story news departments tend to do this time of the year.  I wanted to research this more.  I did notice that I have one "dead spot" in a room, and could never figure out why.  No mater how I moved the phone in that area it had problems connecting, staying connected, and I seemed to think that the problems were more at night.  There is a LED table lamp in that room plugged into the same circuit (not socket) as the charger.  I tested this, lamp off wifi good, lamp on wifi problems. This was a cheaper LED unknown name brand bulb I purchased at Walmart a few years ago when LED bulbs were still way up there in price.  Maybe it had poor shielding.

I have a very busy week/weekend ahead of me.  I was wondering if the uncensored crew knew anything about this LED/wifi problem.

[#] Thu Dec 03 2015 09:06:32 EST from John Goerzen

Subject: LED wifi

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Well, first thing would be to test with and without the charger plugged in to the phone.  It is entirely possible that something is causing noise in your AC lines that is following the cable to the phone, even if it isn't directly damaging the 2.4GHz band.

I have LED lighting all over my house.  Almost every single bulb is LED, my Christmas tree is LED.  I have never had a problem with Wifi.

The problem I have had is that my treadmill knocks my DSL modem offline (or causes severe packet loss).  Nothing wireless about either of those devices, but some judicious use of AC line filters has helped that issue.

It is possible that severe noise in AC could disrupt 2.4GHz, but I would be highly skeptical of this, particularly given the lengths of wire we're talking about for Christmas lights, and the amount of power they draw.  Your kitchen microwave or a table saw or something is much more likely to cause issues.

[#] Thu Dec 03 2015 17:25:14 EST from dothebart

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LEDs work with phase cutting techniques - it cuts the AC into slices - you start with a sine wave, which then gets cut off, maybe later in the wave back on, and all that with very steep curves.

If you know fourier analysis - that explains that you stack many sines in different frequencies to get these angular waves. Some of these are then in the 2.4GHz range and disturb reception

If you add some capacitators and some tiny coil you can grind these rough edges and shield emitted frequencies using ferrites.

The engine control of the thread mill does similar. The coils in the engine has even more power, if its a motor with phase rotating brushes it may produce even more radio noise.

[#] Tue Dec 08 2015 15:00:50 EST from zooer

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While the phone was plugged in I tested it again last night, lamp on problems with wifi, lamp off wifi works.  I will test it without having the phone plugged in.


[#] Thu Dec 10 2015 18:03:19 EST from zooer

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The wifi only seems to fail when the phone is plugged into the circuit and the lamp is on.

[#] Sun Dec 27 2015 21:53:33 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Well then, all you have to do is spend thousands of dollars on a good power conditioner and you're all set :)

I'd be interested in hearing what brands of LED do this and what brands do not. I plan on only buying LED bulbs from now on, but not until my existing supply of CFL's runs out (when I moved into this house, the power company gave me some $$ and a box of CFL's for trading in an old refrigerator). [4[4

[#] Mon Dec 28 2015 10:09:26 EST from dothebart

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a little less what?

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