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[#] Mon Dec 11 2017 16:51:21 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Whose buns you are eating is none of our business. Really, don't share.

[#] Tue Dec 12 2017 11:42:51 EST from fleeb

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Not even the hot, cross ones?

[#] Wed Dec 13 2017 14:23:33 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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[#] Wed Dec 20 2017 16:51:24 EST from Ladyhawke

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What about the Princess Leia buns?

Sorry to hear about the diabetes, Fleeb.  An interesting tip from my nutritionist is to lose all the artificial sweeteners except Stevia.  Apparently, in the most recent studies it was the only one that did not negatively impact A1C.

In other news, my dad passed last week in Nashville.  :-(  As Aahz may remember, my siblings are not exactly on the drama-free side, so everything's been exacerbated by the unnecessary drama.  Or maybe that should read exasperating......

[#] Wed Dec 20 2017 21:21:46 EST from wizard of aahz

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Sorry to hear about your dad..

May God comfort you among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

[#] Thu Dec 21 2017 13:09:37 EST from Ladyhawke

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Thank you, Aahz, much appreciated.

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 13:43:14 EST from fleeb

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My condolences concerning your father, and dramatic siblings. I know I will have to endure my own father's passing eventually, but I don't mind procrastinating that as much as possible.

I've already been avoiding artificial sweeteners. None of them taste especially good to me anyway.

The bigger problem, though, are starches. They're at least as bad as sugars, but far more subtle. I can't enjoy those anymore, either. No pasta anymore, which takes out a *lot* of foods I enjoy. I figure I have to be careful with potatoes and rice as well.

Adhering to a diet isn't as bad for me, having done it before, but it concerns me to meet so many others who are diabetic and couldn't avoid these foods I'm avoiding.

I mean, sure, I'm avoiding them now, and it doesn't seem so bad, but will I be able to maintain this resolve for the rest of my life? Looking at the examples around me, it seems harder than I'd think.

For me, the trick involves finding alternatives that I can enjoy without the health risks. There's tons of great food out there that won't (eventually) kill me. So, I should enjoy those, in moderation.

Exercising is another challange, though. I'm not exactly an active person.
But, I've been exercizing with a trainer for the last week now, and in about another three sessions, I'll start working out on my own without a trainer.
It's a tad harder for me, as I'm so badly out of shape my arms and legs remain in sore pain for full days from the effort, but again, looking at a longer term.

[#] Tue Dec 26 2017 09:37:47 EST from Ladyhawke

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Thanks, Fleeb.

The main thing about the starches is really to avoid the refined and most easily digestible stuff; you actually want the starches that have a high fiber content.  So for example, I switched to either zucchini noodles, chickpea pasta (surprisingly good!) or Barilla Plus (tons of fiber), if I just have to have the real thing.

The chickpea pasta is *not* completely starch free (it still has some brown rice and tapioca in it), but it's mostly made out of beans which are considered glycemic friendly.

[#] Sat Dec 30 2017 17:45:25 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Having experimented with gluten-free for about two weeks when the IGlet was very little (at the behest of some quack to whom we quickly gave the boot) I can attest that wheat flour is a vital component to a happy life.  If it's truly a problem for you, you might find that insulin shots are a more acceptable tradeoff.   :)

[#] Thu Jan 04 2018 10:24:58 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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In about an hour I'm going into the hospital to get some of my screws taken out. Wish me luck. This should be fun.

[#] Thu Jan 04 2018 12:31:18 EST from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Don't slip and re-break your leg.

[#] Thu Jan 04 2018 12:38:16 EST from wizard of aahz

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That would be disfortunate.

[#] Fri Jan 05 2018 08:58:07 EST from fleeb <>

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G'luck with the leg. Unless the screws you meant were in your head, in which case, maybe you won't know what I'm talking about once they're done.

Not that I make any sense anyway.

Uh, right.

Oh, starches... I plan to return to eating them *after* I've lost the weight I need to lose, but in a more controlled fashion.

I view them as 'costly'... you eat a little of them, and they provide a lot of calories for relatively little nutrition. I can get fibre, etc. from other foods.

This said, I don't think of things like zucchini noodles as a starch so much as a vegetable masquarading as a starch, so maybe I'm sorta-kinda cheating.

I guess the general idea is to get as much nutrition as possible in as few calories as I can manage. And, somehow, I think I've done that. Although, in the couple of days, I've been making a mistake, and have lost weight a bit too rapidly, I think.

That is, it's kind of a difficult call ... when you're technically obese, you can lose weight more rapidly than when you're just a bit chunky, because your body expends a fair amount of effort just maintaining the fat, and is rather inclined to burn that fat to get rid of it. When you're merely chunky, though, the body tends to want to keep the fat just in case those times come when you don't have ready access to food (evolutionarily speaking, more people die from starvation than anything else, so we have these tendencies to help compensate for this).

I am at a point in my weight loss now, I think, where I'm at the cusp of no longer being obese, but being merely chunky. I'm 5'8.5", at 208 lbs, body fat at 28.8% (as of this morning, before having breakfast, etc). I've lost over 1.5 lbs in two days, which feels far too fast, but I'm not sure.

Mind you, I'm not freaked out... just trying to figure out the right rate for my current situation before I do something dumb and hurt myself (e.g. lose muscle instead of fat).

Last session with the trainer today, then I'll work on my own. I'm not as sore now as when I started, but I know I will not push myself as hard after today's session, so I'm interested to see what happens.

[#] Sat Jan 06 2018 01:00:53 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Would you believe, I was nervous about the surgery and forgot to tell the doctor that I wanted to save the screws.  Oh well...

As for carbs ... yes, they are high calorie food, but it's worth being reasonable about it.  Rather than simply reducing all carb intake, make selections that are high in fiber and not highly processed/refined.  Anything whole grain (that is, actually whole grain and not merely "made with whole grain" which could indicate a blend) is usually a good choice.  And remember: fiber makes you feel full.

And always remember: the Atkins Diet killed Dr. Atkins.

[#] Sat Jan 06 2018 21:16:25 EST from LoanShark <>

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That would be disfortunate.

penguinism noted

[#] Mon Jan 08 2018 13:54:55 EST from fleeb <>

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Not avoiding carbs exactly, just in the form of breads.

So, beans are good (in various forms), fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. Rice... no, sadly. I'm avoiding rice for the time being, even if it's brown and more healthy than the enriched white stuff.

But, it turns out my company provides a 30 minute consultation with a nutritionist, so I might give that a go, to make sure I haven't done something stupid. I'm a bit concerned about cheese now... I kept thinking I'm clear to eat it, but then I found it has more cholesterol than I realized (when it isn't the awful stuff). Fortunately, I've kinda limited it anyway since it isn't as nutritious, embracing it somewhat only because I figured it would help with building beneficent gut flora with the yogurt I eat before bed.

Heh, then there's the bit where you overthink everything, right?

[#] Thu Jan 11 2018 15:17:15 EST from Ladyhawke

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@Fleeb, in re the cheese (and eggs), the latest research reveals that food cholesterol is not the 1:1 heart disease cholesterol it's been claimed to be the last 30 years.  Of course, I'm sure that will change next year.  But this year the experts say your cheese and eggs are safe.

@LS - Come to think of it, how is the Penguin?  Is she still in Canada?

@IGgy, How's the leg?  I actually never got the screws in my knee removed....sometimes they still screw up the metal detectors at the airport. 

[#] Thu Jan 11 2018 16:46:13 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yeah, someone needs to send a "wish you were here" postcard from the UCG community to Penguinkraft.

If cheese were a major contributor to serum cholesterol, I would be dead already. Cheese is one of my favorite foods and I eat a ton of it. But as was pointed out, the new understanding is that dietary cholesterol does not have the direct impact on serum cholesterol that they assumed it did. (In other words, the "settled science" was wrong.) Unsurprisingly, however, if you eat a lot of fatty foods, the high calorie intake is going to boost your serum cholesterol anyway.

From what I am reading, though, fleeb's decreasing tolerance for cheese is not related to its fat content, but rather the fact that it "is dairy"

So yeah, my two syndesmotic screws are out, and the other eight screws plus the plate will remain in place. There's some minor pain at the incision site because the stitches are still in. After they come out I'll resume physical therapy.
For how long ... I don't know. It's been so long at this point that I'm starting to worry a little bit about my long term state being more than just nuisance pain.

[#] Fri Jan 12 2018 11:59:58 EST from LoanShark <>

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@LS - Come to think of it, how is the Penguin?  Is she still in

Don't know, we haven't been on speaking terms since 2004-2005. She wanted a clean break. She got it. *shrug*

[#] Fri Jan 12 2018 12:04:58 EST from LoanShark <>

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So yeah, my two syndesmotic screws are out, and the other eight screws

plus the plate will remain in place. There's some minor pain at the
incision site because the stitches are still in. After they come out

I'll resume physical therapy.
For how long ... I don't know. It's been so long at this point that

I'm starting to worry a little bit about my long term state being more

than just nuisance pain.

I had one syndesmotic screw and a plate plus a few more along my fibula. Sounds similar to your situation but clearly a little less worse. The plate is still in there, I can feel it in there from time to time, but it doesn't really bother me that much and is never actually painful.

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