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[#] Fri Aug 04 2023 22:01:59 EDT from nonservator

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From rape and murder dungeons to secret biolabs, all sorts of unpleasantness keeps turning up.

[#] Sat Aug 05 2023 11:32:22 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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The unpleasantness has been around for a while, it's just harder to suppress the news these days.

[#] Fri Aug 11 2023 10:44:41 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Berberine

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Ok, new topic. Over the weekend, I had a conversation with someone who recommended berberine to help regulate blood sugar. He said it worked for him almost immediately. So obviously I did some web searching to see who says what about it.

Surprisingly, the pro-berberine writeups did not just come from hippy dippy alt-medicine sites that encourage Steve Jobs to die of pancreatic cancer.
Healthline, WebMD, Medline, and others of that caliber are saying that it's a part of traditional eastern medicine and studies have shown there are many possible health benefits.

Even more encouraging was the list of sites who are running articles trashing it: WaPo, Vogue, Marie Claire, Wired ... in other words, big media funded by big pharma.

Anyone with thoughts or experience regarding berberine?

[#] Fri Aug 11 2023 14:06:52 EDT from Nurb432

Subject: Re: Berberine

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Never heard of it, but seems safe enough try.. worst case it does nothing for you.

Might work for canker sores too.. I should look at it more myself.  Mine get so bad my face will swell for 2 weeks. 

[#] Fri Aug 11 2023 15:40:23 EDT from darknetuser

Subject: Re: Berberine

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Anyone with thoughts or experience regarding berberine?

I have heard of it, but they didn't advertise it for regulating blood sugar levels. I think it was more a digestion co-helper and blood preasure controller.

For sugar control I have seen some Doctors recommend Chromium. A month worth of supply is less than 8 USD. That said, the people I have seen it recommended too were the sort of people with deep health complications that could not take strong medication without getting badly screwed.

[#] Fri Aug 11 2023 16:30:24 EDT from Nurb432

Subject: Re: Berberine

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Hes not a fan of Google. 

Fri Aug 11 2023 03:40:23 PM EDT from darknetuser Subject: Re: Berberine
For sugar control I have seen some Doctors recommend Chromium. 


[#] Wed Aug 23 2023 16:23:59 EDT from Nurb432

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Odd one, and Google is of zero help.

  • I have a script. At CVS it costs something like 300 a bottle now WITH insurance.   it used to be like 10 or so for years and suddenly went up.
  • My insurance is ONLY accepted at CVS due to contracts. ( scam, but whatever, it is what it is )
  • Told doc i cant really afford this..  so he showed me GoodRX..  If i still go to CVS its 150 ( better ). but at Kroger its about 60. Costco is a tad over 50.. but its further away..Kroger is 5 miles away.. so Kroger wins
  • So for the last couple of years been going to Kroger, pay 60 bucks or so and come back in a month or 2. Rinse/repeat
  • Last time " its no charge, have a nice day"..   Not wanting to punch a gift horse in the mouth i said thanks and ran off real fast before they change their mind.
  • This month, i whip out the GoodRX thing on my phone 'Do you need".. "no, there is no charge"   "that is far better than 60, thanks".. zooom.... and you could hear the vacuum form as i left.

Pulling out the sheet in the bag back at home, i noticed it said Bill to: "Advance PCS of Texas"  NOT GoodRx ..

Trying to see what was up, google said caremark bought/merged them 20 years ago and they no longer exist. . So i'm confused.  Who are these people, and why are they paying for my drugs??? ( and how can i make sure they keep doing it :) )

And of course caremark is part of CVS, which makes it even more confusing... 

[#] Wed Oct 04 2023 11:28:22 EDT from Nurb432

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yay   love it when i cant swallow. 

[#] Wed Nov 22 2023 07:23:54 EST from Nurb432

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Sigh. lost a tooth last night.  Had a filling fall out 2 weeks ago. Had it replaced last week. Minor thing.   last night eating some pie, out the entire thing came. No pain. Nothing. Roots are long dead. Explains why the filling came out.  Outside of tooth is great, inside is gone. 

Not pleased. Other than losing a tooth due to a bone in a sandwich ( and when i called to give them a heads up to check their chicken supply, and not asking for anything, i got yelled at and hung up on ), i really dont have any issues out of the ordinary. I did have braces as a kid, which set me up for some cavities, sort of wish i never got them, several years of of pain and suffering just to 'look pretty'.  and i DO have issues with internal mouth sores, so there often days i could barely even drink food. Lots of cup-o-soup back then for diet. ( if my tongue was on fire, no way to avoid the pain and often just skipped eating or drinking )

[#] Sun Nov 26 2023 15:30:38 EST from Nurb432

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So i guess a implant is planned.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Get the roots cut out in 2 weeks ( i dont see how they can 'pull' anything... nothing left to grab onto.  At least it does not hurt.  ( tho im sure will be sure after that .. and then in 3 or 4 months when they drill into my jaw to insert the pin... )



[#] Wed Dec 06 2023 10:51:24 EST from Nurb432

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yay surgery day. with luck i dont get an infection this afternoon and die next week.  ( having artificial body parts, that is always the risk of having anything done, even minor )



[#] Thu Dec 28 2023 08:14:28 EST from Nurb432

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Oddity yesterday.

Went on a walk with one of the dogs.  Got home and 20 mins later we both were sick. Couple of hours later both of us are ok.



How strange.....

[#] Thu Dec 28 2023 22:09:00 EST from zelgomer

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2023-12-06 15:51 from Nurb432 <>
yay surgery day. with luck i dont get an infection this afternoon and
die next week.  ( having artificial body parts, that is always the
risk of having anything done, even minor )

So can I assume you didn't die?

[#] Fri Dec 29 2023 07:51:40 EST from Nurb432

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*insert joke about AI here*

ya, no after surgery infection. 

Thu Dec 28 2023 22:09:00 EST from zelgomer
So can I assume you didn't die?


[#] Wed Jan 17 2024 10:03:12 EST from Nurb432

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Chinese scientists experimented with a mutant COVID-19 strain that’s 100 percent deadly to “humanized” mice, according to a new study.

When exposed to mice “engineered to reflect similar genetic makeup to people,” the COVID-19 strain GX_PSV attacked the mice’s lungs, bones, eyes, tracheas and brains, the New York Post reported following the study’s publication last week.

All the mice subsequently died within just eight days.

“In the days before their deaths, the mice had quickly lost weight, exhibited a hunched posture and moved extremely sluggishly. Most eerie of all, their eyes turned completely white the day before they died,” the Post notes.

[#] Wed Jan 24 2024 13:22:50 EST from Nurb432

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Went to see a new doctor today.  ( ours retired )

Pages on pages to fill out on line. Even tho they have our records.  And i typed up a history to since she would not know *why* we did something just what we did. 

One set of forms they hit me with when i got there: "social bla bla something or other" questions like " have you been afraid of having food or electricity in the last 6 months"   huh? Isn't that for social services to ask, not a MD? 

[#] Thu Jan 25 2024 08:11:36 EST from nonservator

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[#] Thu Jan 25 2024 08:48:19 EST from nonservator

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On second thought, remembering Chuck from Better Call Saul made me think of a better response:

"Boy, I'm glad you asked. Yeah, I'm absolutely terrified of food. But why electricity? I mean, I'm not INSANE."

[#] Fri Feb 02 2024 15:38:22 EST from LadySerenaKitty

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Last week I had COVID for the second time.  Got Pokemon Violet from GameStop (delivered).  My first actual Pokemon game.  Friend was amazed I beat the game in 4 days.  I was in quarantine in my room, not like I had shit else to do.  Last Caturday I tested negative and was set free.


Been nearly a week, and still my bank balance is dangerously low.  Dammit.  Gotta work moar, since by this time next week I'll be heading to Galveston to get on a cruise ship.

[#] Fri Feb 02 2024 15:44:46 EST from Nurb432

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where to?

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