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[#] Sun Nov 20 2022 15:57:37 EST from test2

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she was pissed when someone blew up her guidestones.

Sun Nov 20 2022 03:51:01 PM EST from Nurb432

Even before the drives she would be mad at me, pointing her finger and yelling 'how dare you'. this machine is a beast.


Might be fun actually.


[#] Wed Nov 23 2022 18:02:55 EST from Nurb432

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OEM PSU arrived yesterday.

Guess what? Still wont boot, same thing powers up, loses power, reboots. repeat..  .  **(&T#^%W#)_

[#] Fri Nov 25 2022 15:35:07 EST from LoanShark

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I probably missed some other posts on this subject, but this sounds like a bad motherboard.

[#] Fri Nov 25 2022 16:20:12 EST from Nurb432

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It may be, or it may still be f-ed up Uboot. But, i'm not the only one still in this boat. Many have managed to find PSUs that work ( its random.. but most dont ) or wired it up directly. And it does sill act 100% like a PSU coordination issue, not a dead board. I could wire up a serial terminal and watch it try, but i dont care that much.

The entire roll out of this has been a disaster.  

If they dont fix Uboot soon, i may just hardwire it, or set it on fire. This was just to be a toy, as i'm not really doing any projects now, so not going to spend too much of my time forcing it to work. But i am curious how well it does, as its the next generation up from my other arm chips which i'm found of ( they are RK3399, this is RK3588 ), and should be around the same functional level as a mid-range i5 + its got AI stuff too. So in theory, a desktop that fits right in the middle of most things out today in the x86 world.


in hindsight, i should have just cancelled it, but i sort of forgot it was still out there until it was coming. I pre-ordered in mid-January.. Stupid supply chain problems delayed these chips a good year.


I still have that RiscV sifive version 2 coming next month. No real need for it too, but the novelty of having it won over common sense. Sort of neat having fully open commercially supported hardware running fully open software. Never dreamed that was possible 30 years ago. ( this one adds 2 more cores + GPU + M.2 slot and an extra 8gb ram. A bit more usable than the v1 board i have now ). In time RIscV will eat ARM. 


Fri Nov 25 2022 03:35:07 PM EST from LoanShark

I probably missed some other posts on this subject, but this sounds like a bad motherboard.


[#] Wed Nov 30 2022 21:06:16 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I went to only solid state drives here a while ago.  I had forgot
**HOW FREAKING SLOW** spinny disks are.   geesh. i'm about to rip

Dude. You're using 7200 RPM disks. Those are the slow ones we use in our data centers as "cheap and deep" near line storage.

I have one in my main machine at home for backups. I use `hdparm` to make it spin down when it's not being accessed.

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