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[#] Mon Jul 09 2012 18:13:22 EDT from zooer

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Is there a decent version of Android for Virtualbox? I did a search but they all seemed outdated and the one I found wouldn't
run on my system.

[#] Tue Jul 10 2012 11:40:33 EDT from zooer

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Google will pay the Federal Trade Commission $22.5 million to settle charges of invading the privacy of Safari users by
using cookies to bypass certain tracking safeguards. Google maintains it was inadvertent, but will pay what is the largest
FTC penalty in history.

The good guys, Google is your friend... they didn't mean to do it.

[#] Sat Jul 14 2012 14:55:06 EDT from zooer

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[#] Mon Jul 23 2012 10:59:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Looks like a very powerful tablet for $200. Clearly they are aiming to take the lead away from Amazon (who uses their own build of Android that takes most of the Google out of it). At this level of quality and low price point, they might just pull it off, too.

[#] Mon Jul 23 2012 16:59:54 EDT from zooer

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Apple fanboys, Linux fanboys and we have our own Google fan boy. Although nice, the thing lacks external storage.

[#] Mon Jul 23 2012 23:52:21 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Wait till the MS Surface comes out.  <grin>

[#] Thu Jul 26 2012 07:54:17 EDT from zooer

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Here is why Google scares me. I looked into an app to connect an android cell phone to a person's Google drive on their Google account,
Google makes their own app called "Google Drive." Most of the items listed under "permissions" I could blow off, you give the app
permission to write, read and delete files on the cell phone and google drive. I hope they are talking about for your purposes not theirs.
Then I see "Allows the app to take pictures and videos with the camera. This allows the app at any time to collect images the camera is
seeing." Why would Google Drive For Android need to do this? Wouldn't that already be covered in the camera app?

[#] Thu Jul 26 2012 13:41:09 EDT from Spell Binder

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That's the same reaction I got when the first few apps I downloaded said they needed access to my phone calls. "Why would they need that?" I wondered.
Then it occurred to me that the permissions scheme on Android may be somewhat coarse. The applications I've used that need that access really seem to only require it so they can suspend/resume themselves when there's a phone call in progress.

Not that I'm attempting to dismiss your skepticism, but perhaps the Google Drive app will let you take pictures/video and store it directly to your Google Drive space? If I were Google, trying to get people to use my cloud services, that's what I would do.
App Binder

[#] Thu Jul 26 2012 15:50:41 EDT from zooer

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It is one of the reasons I don't trust "the good guys" Google. We have many laws written so vaguely that you don't know if you are breaking
the law or not. License agreements, and privacy policies are written so vaguely you don't know if they are F'ing you over or not.

It probably is for innocent purposes, but if they were snapping pictures of you and you complained they could say "You agreed to it when
you signed up!"

If you are not doing anything wrong, you have everything to fear.

[#] Thu Jul 26 2012 21:17:39 EDT from zooer

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Google data mining... when people finally became upset.

[#] Sat Jul 28 2012 15:20:50 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Here's my Google Fanboi moment for the day. :)

I'm noticing an awesome new feature after upgrading my Chrome browser. If you open a blank tab, one of the bars on the bottom it offers is "Other Devices."
It shows all of the pages that are currently open in your Chrome browser on other computers. I think this is cool because I use Chrome at work, at home, and on my laptop, and I'm already finding it insanely useful to see what the other computers have open and be able to pick up where I left off without having to email links to myself.

And no, I don't feel threatened by Google knowing my browser history. If I want to browse in secret I use incognito mode anyway.

[#] Sun Jul 29 2012 08:38:28 EDT from zooer

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You don't use chrome on your Android? Son, I am disappoint.

[#] Tue Jul 31 2012 23:49:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I have to guess that eventually Chrome will be the Android browser.

[#] Wed Aug 01 2012 09:10:24 EDT from LoanShark

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Somewhat surprisingly -- it's a fast browser on a PC or Mac -- the system requirements appear to be too high for a tablet or phone. Chrome is a failure on our first-generation iPad; far too sluggish.

[#] Wed Aug 01 2012 09:14:42 EDT from zooer

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I think, and I am not a google fan-boy, Chrome browser is shipped with
Ice Cream Sandwich.

[#] Thu Aug 02 2012 02:47:44 EDT from dothebart

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LS: siince both are based on khtml, yes astonishing.

i guess the ipad browser has more optimisation for the hardware...

[#] Mon Aug 13 2012 14:45:00 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Ok, I have to admit that *this* is kind of unsettling.

User Name Num L Last Visit Logins Messages
------------------------- ----- - ---------- ------ --------
admin 77293 4 08/13/2012 516 15

Someone's logging in as "admin" and has been doing so for a while. No big
deal; it's not a real admin account, so this is really just some douche
pretending, but...

User Name Room Idle From host
------------------------- -------------------- ---- ------------------------
. admin Lobby crawl-66-249-71-57.googl

Why is the GoogleBot logging in with a username "admin" and password "admin"?

[#] Mon Aug 13 2012 18:09:37 EDT from zooer

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pfffft, Google are the good guys... REMEMBER? Google is your friend.

[#] Sun Aug 19 2012 09:02:12 EDT from the_mgt

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Surely it is just a spelling error and they originally wanted to be funny by using Adam as user and password. Same with the accidently recorded unencrypted wifi traffic, that was just a programming glitch, too. They would never ever do something really bad!

Ah, btw, if you happen to fornicate your dog while they are driving past your window fotographing your streets, it was your responsibility to close the curtains as it was your responsibility to change your admin password... Thats no experiment in massive  site hacking, you are overreacting!

But while we are on this, is there a way to blacklist usernames on "open" registration instances of citadel? The dictator in me demands censorship! 

[#] Sun Aug 19 2012 18:43:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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We could, but since everything is sent to Google anyway (via xml sitemap) there's no point :)

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