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[#] Wed Dec 31 1969 19:00:00 EST from rss <>

Subject: Why Is Google Not Supporting The Open Document Formats?

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None of Google services - Android, Chrome OS, Google Drive support Open Document Formats. I am left with puzzling questions why is Google not supporting ODF and locking users into an incompatible and vendor-locked OOXML format? Will Google endorse open standards and Open Document Formats or its users will be forced to use Microsoft's OOXML? I

[#] Fri Sep 27 2013 19:17:18 EDT from zooer

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 136,000 (or so)

[#] Mon Sep 30 2013 08:19:52 EDT from ax25

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I want candy.

[#] Wed Oct 16 2013 20:51:05 EDT from zooer

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Is anyone else getting the constant switching back and forth between interface designs in Google? I get a
"Welcome to the new google" and there is a matrix in the upper right hand of the screen. Which I hate not being
able to orginize or adjust. Then the next time I log in it will be back to the standard interface we have come
to know and resent.

[#] Wed Oct 16 2013 22:24:24 EDT from ax25

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Just tried it in links2, and it only shows up as a series of iframe links.  Not very useful.

[#] Thu Oct 17 2013 19:59:19 EDT from Sig

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I have been getting the new thing. I don't care for it very much. I wish to have the old arrangement, and the ability to remove applets that I don't use.

[#] Fri Oct 18 2013 01:39:23 EDT from ax25

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I need to enable IMAP so I can ignore the "extra special folders" thing with "someone might know you" and "I wish to sell you something". I am glad I run a "Citadel" instance on the side, so I can avoid all that crap.  Hope IG does not read this and think about monetizing on that.... 

[#] Fri Oct 18 2013 08:31:06 EDT from fleeb

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Each time I try to imagine some sort of e-mail-like system that cuts out all the spam, I come to realize that there are always a few people that really fucking ruin it for everyone else.

[#] Fri Oct 18 2013 10:46:21 EDT from zooer

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Oct 17 2013 7:59pm from Sig
I have been getting the new thing. I don't care for it very much. I
wish to have the old arrangement, and the ability to remove applets
that I don't use.

It keeps switching back and forth for me and I get the "Welcome to the new" bubble each time. The old method
wasn't the best but it is much better than that matrix icon. The matrix icon would improve if you could move,
delete or add the apps you wanted.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2013 14:05:50 EST from zooer

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This 23-year-old’s open-source project, a server running on Raspberry Pi, gives the middle finger to Google

For most of us, Google shutting down Reader was annoying. For Jacob Cook, it was a call to arms.

He’s now building an operating system that anyone can use to replace all of the services that Google provides —
or any other cloud company, for that matter. Email, chat, file sharing, web hosting: With Cook’s arkOS, you’ll
be able to run all of those essential services on a secure, private server in your own home that’s about the
size of a credit card.

[#] Wed Nov 13 2013 06:35:26 EST from dothebart

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wants VC for what you can achieve with a stock debian with some lines of apt-get install?

[#] Wed Nov 13 2013 20:26:03 EST from zooer

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[#] Fri Nov 15 2013 11:13:45 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's all in how you sell it. You can make billions from selling crap. Just look at M$FT.

[#] Sat Nov 16 2013 00:10:46 EST from ax25

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Not yet written software for sale.... Nice job, if you can get it.

[#] Fri Dec 06 2013 03:33:29 EST from the_mgt

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Tue Jul 30 2013 07:53:44 EDT from the_mgt

Most of you probably wont read it because the url indicates a heavy bias towards the other evil company, but the whole article somehow makes sense:

So you probably might get a Google Play layer in chrome, but it will not be called android anymore.

This is kind of a follow up on the article quoted above, it takes a detailed view on all the apps that were open source once and are now a closed source google variant, downloadable from the play store and/or bundled in gapps package. And none of these apps is called "android" anymore, following the logic of the above article. Give it two years and android will be called gOS instead. ;)

Some quotes:

The OHA is a group of companies committed to Android—Google's Android—and members are contractually prohibited from building non-Google approved devices. That's right, joining the OHA requires a company to sign its life away and promise to not build a device that runs a competing Android fork.

If you use any Google APIs and try to run your app on a Kindle, or any other non-Google version of AOSP: surprise! Your app is broken. Google's Android is a very high percentage of the Android market, and developers only really care about making their app easily, making it work well, and reaching a wide audience. Google APIs accomplish all that, with the side effect that your app is now dependent on the device having a Google Apps license.

[#] Tue Dec 10 2013 23:13:11 EST from zooer

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Dec 11th is boycott google day.

If you want to know more about it google it.

[#] Fri Dec 27 2013 23:52:32 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Google win of the day:

I was playing a "full album rip" on YouTube, and stopped it when I got to my destination. Then I wanted to keep listening to it on a computer, so I fired up YouTube, located the same selection, and ... it began playing at the exact moment I paused it on my mobile.

Very cool that it now remembers where you left off and can continue from there, even on a different device.

[#] Mon Mar 17 2014 09:13:26 EDT from zooer

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Using google to buy google.

[#] Tue Mar 18 2014 07:45:12 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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That sounds vaguely illegal ... or at least in violation of Google's ToS.
"Serving Google text advertisements on a network of hidden Websites" hints at the idea of a click farm.

When GWEI takes over Google in 202 million years, there might be a lawsuit.

[#] Tue Mar 18 2014 12:14:25 EDT from fleeb

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Reading it, they mentioned that Google found some of their click farms and blocked them.

If all of their money comes from the click farms rather than valid services, I should think Google need only declare all of the stock 'earned' this way invalid, and make it all go 'poof'.

The complicating part, though, involves refunding everyone defrauded by the click farm. *Someone* is paying for it, and it isn't exactly Google here.

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