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[#] Fri Jun 01 2012 16:22:02 EDT from fleeb

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I may have figured out how to address an annoyance in G+.

Settings->Google+->Receive notifications->Shares a post with me directly.

Turn that shit off. It's super-annoying.

[#] Wed Jun 06 2012 19:22:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I've also discovered that if you look at your main G+ feed, you can click on the "circle selector" next to your "Home" icon, and if you have any circle selected other than "All," there is an unlabeled slider to its right. This slider selects how much or how little of that circle's activity appears in your
"All" feed.

The useful thing here, of course, is that you can create a circle of people whose feelings would be hurt if you don't circle them, and then set that circle's level to "Show Nothing."

[#] Tue Jun 12 2012 18:08:09 EDT from dothebart

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the balkanization of the web continues... you're not allowed to comment anonymous or with "specify email" on wordpress anymore.

if there is no openid account, facebook is one of the ways out.

[#] Tue Jun 12 2012 23:05:19 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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How is that Google's fault?

[#] Wed Jun 13 2012 01:56:33 EDT from dothebart

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ok, blogger is google, but I think its the same there.

[#] Wed Jun 13 2012 12:16:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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WordPress is not Google.

[#] Tue Jun 26 2012 11:42:10 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Speaking of how awesome Google is, check this out:

According to leaked docs, Google might just be readying a 7 inch tablet with Nvidia's quad-core Tegra3 processor and Android 4.1 (jelly bean), at a target USD$200 price point.

Industry analysts suspect that they're looking to take the low-end market away from Amazon.

At that price, I'd buy one.

[#] Tue Jun 26 2012 12:48:29 EDT from the_mgt

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Yeah, awesom...

I'd rather buy one of those Vivaldi tablets instead:

I'd instantly rip out everything KDE and double the battery life by installing something lightweight, though. I want a real linux tablet for under 200$, not some pseudosecurebooted proprietary datamining device.

[#] Tue Jun 26 2012 12:54:16 EDT from zooer

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But will you be able to buy it on Amazon?

[#] Tue Jun 26 2012 16:46:20 EDT from zooer

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... and when is the citadel ap coming out for Android?

[#] Tue Jun 26 2012 18:52:35 EDT from dothebart

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well, its rather going to be an html5 enabled version of webcit.

[#] Wed Jun 27 2012 14:10:37 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I'm still not quite sure what people would want out of a Citadel mobile site.
Right now I'm working on getting Android's existing email, calendar, and address book to sync with Citadel.

[#] Wed Jun 27 2012 16:33:45 EDT from zooer

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Google announced its Nexus tablet, do to ship next month. $200, and a $25 coupon. I didn't think it would release in the U.S. until
later this year but I was wrong. Plenty of sites have had the news so I am sure you can find it.

[#] Wed Jun 27 2012 16:36:13 EDT from the_mgt

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I guess they'd like to be able to browse through the rooms easily or get feeds of certain rooms, let the app configure their mobile to hook up with calendar/notes/contacts instead of messing around with settings themselves. Maybe track a certain persons posts through all rooms, a feature that I am missing in webcit, too.

Personally, I just want webcit to behave on my mobile browsers, which it doesnt atm. But I am on my way to finding out why.

 BTW: The google pad and the vivaldi pad both only have 7" displays. Compared to the almost 10" of the ipad this is a joke... and probably the reason why I never bought one of those 7" things. The new ithing even has a resolution that I miss on most big screens: 2048x1536 or something like that.

(I do not get why most 16:9 desktop monitors are wanking about 1080p when my last 4:3 from 5 years ago was able to do 1600x1280, but this is a topic for a different room)

[#] Wed Jun 27 2012 17:28:18 EDT from zooer

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I was looking at the 7" Samsung galaxy Tab 2, and thought the screen was small. I figured just get a cell phone, it might be smaller
but I didn't think the 7 inch screen was that great. I am not looking for anything too much out of it. Something light weight, easy
to carry, that I can watch movies or read something on when and if I travel.

[#] Wed Jun 27 2012 22:51:35 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Was just reading about that Nexus actually.  From what I understand it has no SD or micro-SD slot - and is not compatible with use of either USB stick hosting or USB file transfer.  Is that correct??

Seems to me that this would vastly limit it's usefulness as a portable tablet....

[#] Thu Jun 28 2012 04:06:41 EDT from triLcat

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Try the Galaxy Note. It's a little unwieldy as a phone, but if you use bluetooth, then who cares? 


[#] Thu Jun 28 2012 09:57:29 EDT from zooer

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You might be right about the microSD card.

[#] Fri Jun 29 2012 11:58:13 EDT from LoanShark

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I'm still not quite sure what people would want out of a Citadel mobile


Small screen friendliness?

"The Droid family of fonts was designed by Ascenderbs Steve Matteson beginning in the fall of 2006. The goal was to provide optimal quality and reading comfort on a mobile handset. The Droid fonts were optimized for use in application menus, web browsers and for other screen text."

[#] Fri Jun 29 2012 12:56:32 EDT from the_mgt

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yes, i am currently trying various things, enabling a font-family citadel wide is one them. therefore i am rewriting the css from scratch (mostly) and also need to do some changes to html files.

atm, it scales quiet well to all kind of displays, on my desktop firefox it is almost usable at 500px width in "portrait" mode. if smaller devices use a smaller font size per defaut it should even do better. 

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