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[#] Thu Aug 14 2014 16:55:38 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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There's a petition to shut down Facebook [ ]

but I can't sign it

because the reason they want to shut it down is because it causes global warming


[#] Thu Aug 14 2014 17:02:04 EDT from fleeb

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Oh, man, I wish I had thought of that. The perfect thing to drive IG crazy.

[#] Thu Aug 14 2014 17:14:14 EDT from dothebart

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lol - I see somebody eating his mouse.

[#] Thu Aug 14 2014 19:20:49 EDT from zooer

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Well... If it means the end of hearing about global warming AND the end of facebook he should sign it.

[#] Thu Aug 14 2014 23:52:13 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Did I mention that my new house has a ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT?

No fireplace, no furnace.  Everything is electric.  That means no ashes or soot for me to step in and then track across the carpet.  No carbon footprints.

[#] Fri Aug 15 2014 01:59:29 EDT from dothebart

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electric heating? those off peak storage heatings? I experienced them - I'd rather use open fire then them.

However - people found out, that if you add smart meters to them, you can use them to store the wind-energy when it occurs, or even out low use phases, so they start to like them again.

[#] Fri Aug 15 2014 08:49:40 EDT from fleeb

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IG, perhaps now you should consider mining for coal in your back yard.

[#] Fri Aug 15 2014 10:26:56 EDT from vince-q

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2014-08-14 23:52 from IGnatius T Foobar
Did I mention that my new house has a ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT?

No fireplace, no furnace.  Everything is electric.  That means no
ashes or soot for me to step in and then track across the carpet.
 No carbon footprints.

That, IG, is one of the biggest fallacies in today's world.

So - your *house* is all-electric.
You use electricity brought to your house by the Utility Company, yes?
And just how do you think *they* make "your" electricity?

Now once you get those solar panels, inverters, and a couple of wind turbines up and running... *then* you might be "zero carbon footprint" and *then* you can go to all those fancy AlGore dinner parties!!!! <evil grin>

[#] Fri Aug 15 2014 10:52:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I think you missed the point.

I am enlightened enough to know that "anthropogenic climate change" is a myth perpetrated by left-wing lobbyists masquerading as "climate scientists."

So the only "carbon footprint" that I care about is whether I'm tracking ashes and/or soot across the carpet.

Since my house is currently all-electric, there is no possibility of a carbon footprint. Sometime this fall, however, I will likely be assembling a firepit in the yard, at which point I will once again have to make sure everyone wipes their feet before entering the house to make sure they don't track carbon footprints inside.

As for AlGore -- as I've mentioned before, if he cares so much about carbon dioxide, he should drop dead so he stops exhaling so much of it.

[#] Fri Aug 15 2014 10:56:21 EDT from zooer

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My mother's car has a "partial zero carbon" sticket on it. I will have to check for details, I have seen other
cars with the same sticker.

[#] Wed Aug 20 2014 19:28:33 EDT from Ladyhawke

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That's, like, the same...but diffferent

[#] Sun Sep 28 2014 18:36:59 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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ummm ... didn't Diaspora already try that? Where are they now?

Now, if Ello were willing to bludgeon George Clooney with a splintered baseball bat every time someone clicked on a link, then we might have something here...

[#] Fri Oct 10 2014 16:22:10 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Oh, look what Hitlerbook did now:

[ ]

Your followers aren't going to see your posts anymore unless you pay.

Yeah, that'll go over well.

[#] Fri Oct 10 2014 16:35:24 EDT from LoanShark

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The writing has been on the wall for a while. Musicians had already been noticing that only a percentage of their fans would see their posts...

[#] Fri Oct 10 2014 19:19:16 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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During my time on Fecesbook (I probably quit for good about two years ago) one thing I noticed was that no matter how many times I set my news feed to chronological order, Fecesbook would regularly be "helpful" about setting it back to "top stories" or whatever.  They don't want you to see everything; they want you to see what they consider important.

Google Plus is better.  You have fine grained control over what you see and it's presented in chronological order all the time.  Promoted crap is shown on a different part of the screen.

Citadel is best, of course.  :)

[#] Sat Oct 11 2014 00:11:35 EDT from ax25

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Agreed.  Just finally deleted FB. Tension like a pack a day smoker while I clicked the links, but now I feel much better having done it.  Things are better here, I would have to agree.  Our brains, (or more likely my brain), can only track so many connections.

[#] Sat Oct 11 2014 07:34:17 EDT from zooer

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Wait until someone says to you "What is your facebook account?" and you say, "I don't have a Facebook account."
the look on their face is great.

[#] Sat Oct 11 2014 14:20:54 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Did you actually submit your request for deletion, or did you just "deactivate" your account? I found that when I deactivated the account, the temptation was too great to come back once in a while and see what's going on. Eventually I deleted the account (which requires several weeks of not returning before it actually deletes) and I haven't been back since ... and life is good.

I submit that it's probably easier to leave now than it was in 2009 or so, when it was getting difficult to stay in touch with some people any other way. "Peak Facebook" is definitely behind us.

[#] Sat Oct 11 2014 18:52:27 EDT from vince-q

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As much as I share your intense dislike for Facebook, IG, it *is* immense amounts of fun to log in to that thing, and annoy the living shit out of the liberals! <evil grin>

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