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[#] Wed Mar 13 2024 19:23:37 EDT from darknetuser

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2024-03-11 02:04 from LadySerenaKitty
So I worked a full week for a change.  Week before that?  My
condition was deteriorating and I felt like utter shite.  Why?  I

went to Texas MedClinic and they gave me two industrial-strength

cough medicines.  I wasn't coughing and that was bad since it
allowed all that cruft to just build up in my lungs, making the pain

I know somebody who is having the opposite problem

His lungs are damaged to the point he will tear them and bleed to death if he coughs. He nearly did already. They are giving him industrial quantities of anti-cough meds.

I hope you get better.

[#] Fri Mar 29 2024 09:56:38 EDT from Nurb432

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Yay Benadryl    ( weather changing.. face pressure + headache ).  Is it nap time?

[#] Wed Apr 03 2024 15:21:42 EDT from Nurb432

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Went back to the ortho place today, 'followup and schedule for pin implantation' 

I didnt notice it last times since i was in/out so fast and was in a surgery room... but i was sitting in the waiting room looking around, "hmm this sort of looks like a theme"  .. went back to an exam room, and past the nurse station..  The owner has decked the place out in a dark Gothic theme. Floors, walls, wall hangings.. even the window frames and counter tops.

Rather cool actually. l like it.

Mentioned it to the doctor, "i missed this last time, but i really like the theme"  He looked up for a second, "oh, ya..." rolled his eyes.  Lol. 

And as i walked in from the waiting room i heard " is yours spinning"   Seems just as i walked in the building their network went down. Took out the computers, xray, all of it. I commented " i bet your network went out, i saw your closet door open"   "hey, you a computer guy? Do you want to help"    Ya, no, cant imagine the trouble we would all be in. A state government IT person, messing with private HIPPA related equipment but not cleared for it. 

[#] Thu Apr 18 2024 23:34:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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since I ran out of the prescribed stuffs.  I still cough those beige
blobs out of my lungs several times a day, but it's slowly becoming

Beige blobs? You're not a smoker are you?

[#] Sun May 19 2024 16:15:50 EDT from Nurb432

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87 today. went out for 10 minutes to do a couple of things ( like feed the feral cats ). now i have a migraine.


I ever mention i hate summer? 

[#] Mon May 27 2024 16:33:08 EDT from Nurb432

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Falls under politics too, but this will kill people, according to DEI rules.  Disgusting ***holes. 


"The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is looking to push equity requirements on hospitals providing kidney transplants, according to a recent proposal.

The proposal, announced on May 8, will help President Joe Biden’s administration’s plan to address “racial bias” when it comes to waiting times and “profiteering and inequity” by transplant hospitals, Secretary Xavier Becerra said in the press release. HHS’ proposal would incentivize hospitals to prioritize low-income patients via a point system and create “health equity” plans to address patient gaps."

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