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[#] Thu Feb 02 2023 20:15:56 EST from Nurb432

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I ate a cookie today..  does that count?

i dont think i ate yesterday.  I cant remember now.  its all a blur.    I did notice my glass became empty at one point, had to put some more cola in it. 

Thu Feb 02 2023 06:58:32 PM EST from IGnatius T Foobar

It's barbecue hack day!


[#] Tue Feb 07 2023 09:41:28 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Cookies do not count at the bbq pit.  I suppose you could smoke them or something.

And somehow my three pork butts, even though similar in weight within half a pound (0.22 kg) by late afternoon had established a 40°F difference (20-20-20) in temperature and ended up being done at all different times.  This was quite problematic because I had to bring two of them to the event to feed the homeless at a specific time.  Even though I wrapped the third one and put it in the oven for us to eat at home later in the evening, it still didn't cook as much as I wanted it to and it didn't quite pull right.

Oh well.  Chopped is almost as good as pulled ... but it was better the next day when I toasted up a bunch of it in a pan and served it as Carnitas.  Yum.

[#] Mon Apr 10 2023 17:23:06 EDT from LoanShark

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cooking a ginger/lime/lemongrass/coconut milk beef curry... house smells amazing.

I used to do stuff like this all the time... need to get back in the habit.

[#] Sun Apr 23 2023 13:59:15 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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mmm curry ... not a fan of coconut but a good curry is always a win.

I have the smoker going today. I'm making a practice brisket (a flat cut, less than three pounds) as a prototype for the 14 pound packer I've got in the freezer for memorial day.

[#] Wed Apr 26 2023 19:33:22 EDT from LoanShark

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yeah, I make those little 2-3 pounders every now and then. good size for a household of two people. makes a good chili, and small enough to sear both sides in a pan

[#] Tue May 16 2023 18:25:26 EDT from Nurb432

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 I think its hillbilly margarita night. 

[#] Wed May 17 2023 02:21:40 EDT from papa

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Nothing against Mountain Dew, but that recipe doesn't appetize me.

[#] Wed May 17 2023 07:35:03 EDT from Nurb432

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In my case its either fountain mist, or home made citrus stuff + home made fizz water.

Not a fan of MDew. its weak.

Wed May 17 2023 02:21:40 AM EDT from papa

Nothing against Mountain Dew, but that recipe doesn't appetize me.


[#] Sun May 28 2023 15:03:28 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Nice to see someone using Mountain Dew for its originally intended purpose, though.

Today is the day of reckoning. The 13 pound brisket went into the smoker at midnight, wrapped in butcher paper when it hit 165, and stored in a cooler to rest when it hit 204. I can't wait to tuck into it.

A more experienced pitmaster suggested that I go fat side down because my pellet smoker has the heat directly underneath the grill, so go fat side down as a shield to keep one side of the meat from drying out. He also told me to save the trimmed fat, mix it with water in a pan and let it render during the cook, then to pre-soak the butcher paper with the rendered fat so that it doesn't draw moisture out of the meat.

My vegetarian niece is here. Such a shame she'll miss it. But the rest of the family will hopefully have a great treat/

[#] Sun May 28 2023 15:18:27 EDT from Nurb432

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Been want to get some moonshine for my 'green stuff' since i started making it ( and for Fountain Mist once i ran across that.. )

Would love to run down to KY and grab some but i have no contacts any more. So would have to settle for the store bought 'fake' stuff.

Sun May 28 2023 03:03:28 PM EDT from IGnatius T Foobar
Nice to see someone using Mountain Dew for its originally intended purpose, though.


[#] Mon May 29 2023 22:15:25 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar


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The brisket ... it was ... INCREDIBLE.  Here's the only photo I took:

I should have taken the "money shot" where they squeeze it at the fat end and show the juices coming out from the spot between the point and the flat.  We got that.

Tender, juicy, flavorful.  And look at that smoke ring.  And the bark.  HOT DAMN this was a good cookout.

To recap: I started with a 13 pound full packer brisket, trimmed some of the extra fat off, and rubbed it with nothing more than salt/pepper/garlic.  It went into the smoker at 220°F (104°C) -- fat side down because I have a pellet smoker and the heat source is below the grates, and even with a heat shield we don't want to dry out one side.  The trimmed fat went into a pan with some water to render out.  About nine hours later the meat probe read 165°F and I wrapped the piece with butcher paper that had been pre-wet with some of that rendered fat so it didn't draw moisture out of the meat.  Raised the temp a bit and kept cooking until the probe read 204°F, then dropped the brisket into a cooler that had been sitting in the sun, covered it with some old towels, and let it rest for three hours.

I'm gonna PDF this message and put it in my recipe file for next time.  I wouldn't change a thing.

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