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After reading someone mentioning the old BBS practice of listing other systems, here is a place to add your Citadel, or related system.  I think any private or decentralised system - be it a social server, mail, blog, or BBS, that shares the values of a free speech, and a free and decentralised internet community; aswell as all current Citadel servers, deserves to be listed. So please edit this page and add any links with  an introduction to the system.

The Sanitarium BBS - a 916 (Sacramento) BBS originally operated sometime between 1985-1987/88 on Citadel-86. Today running on Citadel Groupware, with a focus on preserving Sacramento Citadel history, with discussions on retro-gaming, technology, music, politics, debate and an atmosphere of general irreverence. The home of Anti-Social Networking. Point your browser at for links and instructions for connecting to the BBS via various methods.  Sysop: Paranoid Delusions