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[#] Thu Dec 27 2007 17:30:34 EST from Magus

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94-96, mostly. Ok, that's scary. It's just a lot of effort, and I keep thinking I might want to play around with them someday, so I wouldn't want to ge rid of things I'd want to play with. Plus it would be a lot of effort. ;)

I might be able to pull something reasonable for that Beta Icy, though, even though they reprinted them. I don't think I have much that's particularly exceptional, but you never know. (Not like there are any big 10 lurking)

[#] Thu Dec 27 2007 17:33:25 EST from Magus

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(Checked eBay. Not sure it's worth selling rather than keeping as a trophy. Might be able to get some cash for the collection asa whole, I suppose.)

[#] Fri Dec 28 2007 10:38:52 EST from Toothy Grin

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Selling my collection *was* a lot of effort, but I used it as a learning experience: I built my own sales website, and learned a lot of CSS with it. It was actually quite a bit of fun.

[#] Fri Dec 28 2007 17:24:15 EST from athos-mn

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 I haven't played this one yet.



Thu Dec 27 2007 03:59:52 PM EST from Magus

athos, they've pumped out *another* one? Is the humor still good?

[#] Tue Jan 08 2008 15:02:49 EST from Ladyhawke

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Too bad you're headed to Denver instead of Ohio.

I've an acquaintence that still runs a magic group out there.... 

[#] Tue Jan 08 2008 22:11:25 EST from fleeb

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I've definately been focused on work out here.  It's currently 10pm Eastern (8pm Central, or whatever the time zone is out here), and I'm feeling tired.

Don't think I'll be playing much by way of games.  Unless I get lucky, and manage to fix this problem really soon.

[#] Tue Jan 08 2008 22:14:37 EST from Ladyhawke

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Good luck, fleeb! 

[#] Tue Jan 08 2008 22:29:29 EST from fleeb

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Thanks... I may need it.

At least the people are nice.  They've been co-operative, interested, and generally good folks.  Not raving angry or anything... just want to see if we can resolve this problem.  I think I've endured more stress from the trip itself than the customer.

The Marriot here is nice, but I'm wondering about this pay-for-internet thing.  Just seems wrong.  One day free, but I'm going to have to pay for the other two days?  WTF? 

[#] Tue Jan 08 2008 22:41:05 EST from Ladyhawke

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Heh, they gotta get you one way or the other!  How did your shoes weather the flight?

[#] Tue Jan 08 2008 22:58:16 EST from fleeb

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As they arced through the air after I threw them at the security drones?

Okay, I guess. 

[#] Wed Jan 09 2008 08:42:16 EST from Ford II

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go find a starbucks.

[#] Wed Jan 09 2008 20:35:31 EST from Ladyhawke

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Hahaha....  "Those are not the shoes you're looking for."

[#] Sat Mar 14 2009 16:50:36 EDT from fleeb

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Tradewars 2002 is still alive.



[#] Thu Aug 26 2010 22:59:33 EDT from rulditerf

Subject: bOing bA Boing ba bOing

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[*a clattering of what sounds like dozens of badly made supermarket pushkarts scraws and wuggles that brings the attention like clap on clap clap, clap off clap clap. and the feeling of whuH.*]

[*rul ineptly tries to tap dance into the room with a pair of army boots, merely trying to find out what are his hands supposed to do in situations like this*]

may i then proceed beyond that when the food is so good, that eat how ever pleases thee best ! and here is an ode to dorkish things. the song of a gooberoid.

in the age of television gibberish snow as thought of as faint memories of tv channels that never existed in function. the board and or collectable card game reigned quietly in all our minds as fun as fuhh. fuhh. fuhhh. *pause* fuhh. fuhh. in the future interval, technologies have kicked further buttox and yet all was oh yeah. all righ. oh yeah. these board and ccg games have also kicked bumm ba bumbum. so much that the video game genre has evolved to integrate board and table into industrial light and magic. so much kicking ass and taking names that board and magical audio-video are now so intertwined. the media is pure fun in any interface into the dork culture.

i have an outdated and obsolete dream that one day the word dork will mean those who hobby when they can with great abandon and the devotees to geekish endeavor in any flavor. and never more the guy who african men and women would believe would probably dance like a white guy.

we live in good times as geek and dork culture is kicking ass in the manner of the all fun video game and the offline and the online, ethernet or tabletop or board or a deck in your hands that just feels so right. to kick ass without pain or damage other than bruising the pride.

the game. not to win. not to lose. but all good. oh yeah. as inspired by my b'ass ackward thinking. "" i am not going to win this quasi-wizard duel with my four color magic the gathering deck. but i will try to fight you off with every ounce of probability and multiple choice skill that i have. because SAT tests kicked my ass in high school. now i am going to kick ass inside my own mind to fight you off, you segregationalist one color fuck ! yA. kill me dead quickly, if you can. cause the more i ... "  -- and then i thought to myself, '''dude, get over it. just play some diablo two and kick ass with your three sockets two handed sword of fire lighting ice and swing and chop your way to glory. obviously entertainment for the sake of entertainment.'

~ the love shack is a little old place where we can get together. ~ what the fuck does that mean in this context. *shrugs*

[*with the song done and over, all that can be heard is a *poof* and remnants of bOing bA boIng Ba Boing. yeek. is there a feeling of the room in restoration return. the obvious tacky and wordy and goober-ee remains.*]

{{rul as a post script, "oh. yeah."}}

[#] Mon Aug 30 2010 15:40:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: bOing bA Boing ba bOing

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bumbum. so much that the video game genre has evolved to integrate
board and table into industrial light and magic. so much kicking ass

Not only that, but you don't even need to be there to play them!

Want to spend a nice evening at home playing a board game without having to spend a nice evening at home playing a board game? Fire up Mario Party and set the number of human players to zero and the number of computer players to four. Away it goes, without any of that pesky playing.

[#] Sat Oct 09 2010 13:06:03 EDT from Sig

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OK, this may fit better elsewhere, but it has potential for games that are not of the video variety, and could be inclusive of the RPG variety of entertainment...

I found this um, thing, in a /. thread talking about playing Zork on the Kindle.

Inform 7:

Inform is a design system for interactive fiction based on natural language. It is a radical reinvention of the way interactive fiction is designed, guided by contemporary work in semantics and by the practical experience of some of the world's best-known writers of IF.

Interactive fiction

Interactive fiction lets the player explore your worlds and stories through text. Write adventure games, historical simulations, gripping stories or experimental digital art.

Code that reads like English

Inform's source reads like English sentences, making it uniquely accessible to non-programmers. It's very easy to get started. Watch a screencast.

Platform Independence

Inform runs under Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and more. The games it produces can be played on an even wider range of platforms, including handheld devices, legacy computers and the iPhone. Download Inform for your platform.

Has anyone ever played with this or something like it?  The documentation seems extensive and user-friendly.  I could see amusing myself endlessly with this without ever accomplishing anything.  In that sense, it's a game.  =)

[#] Sun Oct 10 2010 08:12:07 EDT from fleeb

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I recall screwing around with something like one of those interactive fiction tools, but I don't think I've played specifically with Inform 7.

I don't recall these sort of things being easy to work with... perhaps Inform 7 is better.

[#] Sun Oct 10 2010 22:02:23 EDT from Sig

Subject: Re:

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Sun Oct 10 2010 08:12:07 AM EDT from fleeb

I recall screwing around with something like one of those interactive fiction tools, but I don't think I've played specifically with Inform 7.

I don't recall these sort of things being easy to work with... perhaps Inform 7 is better.

It's pretty darned easy.  I have scanned through the first two and a half chapters of the (excellent) included documentation and managed to build half of my house (albeit with fairly basic descriptions) in about 45 minutes, most of that spent trying to remember what color various objects in it are.

Natural Language Game Programming with Inform 7 (article at

Introducing Inform 7 (from an IF site, Brass Lantern):

Rather than using a small set of terse programming directives as Inform 6 did, Inform 7 uses a subset of English, in an effort to make interactive fiction programming more accessible to writers who lack a computer programming background. For instance, the following I7 code creates a three-room house:

The Living Room is a room. "This is your living room, as featured in a number of games written by first-time interactive fiction authors." East is the Kitchen. North is the Bedroom.

I7 also deviates from the standard object-oriented approach to IF, where objects in the game are mapped to objects in code, and the interaction between objects is contained as code associated with the objects. Instead, I7 uses a form of logical programming, where you define rules that explain how the game world works and how objects interact. For example,

Instead of taking the fire, say "It would burn you."

This sets up a rule that, when the player tries to take the fire, they can't; instead, they're told that the fire would burn them. And if you just found yourself thinking, "Well, of course; that's obvious," then you've identified one of the selling points of I7.

I'm going to keep playing with it, but it's interesting and (perhaps more importantly) very very accessible in terms of documentation and actual ease of use.

[#] Mon Oct 11 2010 05:17:02 EDT from fleeb

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I read through to most of chapter three of the documentation.

You're right.  They've seriously improved it.  This looks to be the easiest tool for writing anything of that genre that I've ever seen.

It would be interesting if they could have the thing generate a series of web pages instead of something requiring an engine.

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