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It's not "AI", please call it...
As all sensible people know, the technology pundits are calling "Artificial Intelligence" is neither artificial nor intelligent.

This is not to say that they aren't doing some very impressive things. But it isn't sentient, it never will be, and some of the noisiest and unpleasant people are leading the talk in the cluelessosphere tech press.

Let's come up with a better term to refer to this technology. I sometimes use "very dense algorithms" but that isn't very catchy. "The technology inappropriately referred to as AI" is obviously too many syllables. But as the commoditization of massively parallel processing and inference models continues, it'll be in the hands of more people, so we need a better name.

Any ideas?

Posted by IGnatius T Foobar on Mon Apr 15 2024 16:37:17 EDT
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darknetuser  says:  Mon Apr 15 2024 16:44:48 EDT
Any ideas?

Communist Brain Simulation.

fandarel  says:  Mon Apr 15 2024 18:45:35 EDT
Any ideas?

"Expert system" was all the rage in the early 90s. I'm not sure why we got away from that term. Like an expert on, say, engine repair, it starts out knowing not a damn thing, starts reading, makes inferences and connections, tries stuff, makes mistakes, learns from its mistakes, and eventually knows what the fuck it's doing. But ask it to make a slice of toast or write a play, it's stumped.

zelgomer  says:  Mon Apr 15 2024 20:42:17 EDT
Any ideas?

How about "plagiarism automation?"

IGnatius T Foobar  says:  Fri Apr 19 2024 18:37:58 EDT
I did like "expert system". The funny thing is that the phrase was created to avoid using the phrase "artificial intelligence" because the technology came about during what I've learned is called an "AI Winter" -- a period of cooling off after an "AI" hype cycle.

And that's what I *really* want right now. Bring on the next "AI Winter."
Build the software and let it do what it does well but enough with the damn hype.

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