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A word about "authority"

Most of you have heard something like this from me before, but I'll put it on record in the best words I can find.

No, I don't respect authority.

Authority by itself does not deserve respect.  Acting in a respectable way deserves respect.  Perhaps if someone is in a position of authority, they might be worth giving a bit of additional time to earn your respect.

The best authority figures I've ever observed -- both in the public and in my own circles -- earned my respect without even trying.  And here's the thing about people who are wired like me -- we'll work our asses off for and with people we respect.

Contrariwise ... when those in positions of authority abuse it by being sanctimonious, judgmental, bossy, and by treating adults like children ... not only do they deserve zero respect, but it is our obligation to destroy them.

You want my respect?  Earn it.  I can be your biggest champion or your worst nightmare.  The choice is yours.

Posted by IGnatius T Foobar on Wed Jun 22 2022 12:16:10 EDT
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