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[#] Mon Oct 24 2011 14:08:08 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Thanks for all of the great answers, everyone!

I ended up buying a Samsung Galaxy S II. It's got a huge, bright, high-resolution screen, an insanely fast dual-core processor, and some crappy carrier/manufacturer customized version of Android that'll be gone by this time tomorrow. :)

[#] Mon Oct 24 2011 23:18:51 EDT from Animal

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Anyone got a droid x2 in good shape they want to get rid of?
Verizon, with charger/etc... worth asking I guess.

[#] Tue Oct 25 2011 09:41:43 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Actually Animal - I'm thinking about exactly that. Have had a Droid2. Was thinking about upgrading.

[#] Tue Oct 25 2011 10:53:03 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Try the Galaxy S II before you make that decision. I'm really loving this phone. I think you would enjoy the big screen and fast speed. I'm pretty sure it's available on Verizon.

[#] Wed Oct 26 2011 00:32:23 EDT from Animal

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I pay $15/mo for my phone service. It's way more than I use, and the
plan isn't offered anymore (hasn't been for about 6 years... lol).

So I just buy "new"(to me) hardware and move the service around. The
sales lemmings at teh store shit bricks when they pull up my account info.

I'm on a treo 700p right now. It works fine, does what I need it to,
but it's starting to fall apart. I've had this one for about 3 years
now, before that was a Startac.

Have an ipod touch... long story, but it's for sale on ebay. Basically
i'm sick of iShit... itunes specifically. I'd like to be able to put a
PDF on a memory card and view it on my mobile without having to sync
with my home computer to do so. I know I could email it, but jesus
christ, it should NOT be that difficult to move a file between any
workstation and a mobile device.

The iTouch was an upgrade from my phone mainly because
it had wifi and a
regular headphone connector. If treo had that, I'd be perfectly
content. But iTouch had no phone. And after having to reboot that
thing once a week, and the crippled op system... i'm willing to give
android a shot. Buddy's got one and seems to like it, although he's not
using it nearly to its capabilities.

So for now I'm using my 9-year-old Gen2 iPod (Still gets ~7hrs on one
battery charge) along with my treo. But i'd like to consolidate the
two into a single upgrade.

[#] Thu Oct 27 2011 14:12:08 EDT from Ford II

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My atari 2600 runs faster than a G1 with cyanogenmod, so anything really would have been an improvement.

[#] Mon Nov 21 2011 18:10:45 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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True dat. I've moved from one extreme to the other. This phone is *so* awesome.
I highly recommend it.

[#] Tue Nov 22 2011 18:25:55 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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[ ]

The FCC has found that AT&T's purchase of T-Mobile is "not in the public interest."

The game's not over, of course, but it's good to see that the FCC has actually listened to the public interest groups that were opposed to the merger and will at least be holding more hearings.

It seems that AT&T now must present additional evidence showing that the merger will create jobs. Heh. That ought to be amusing.

[#] Wed Nov 23 2011 07:28:11 EST from zooer

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It is all politics... the merger of NBC and Comcast was allowed. 

[#] Fri Nov 25 2011 10:08:47 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Wow, it's actually getting stopped?

[ ]

AT&T has withdrawn its application with the FCC to acquire T-Mobile.

Skeptics are claiming that AT&T will first focus its efforts on lobbying DoJ to let it through, and then they'll use DoJ's approval as a cudgel against FCC.

Non-skeptics think that this may perhaps open the door for T-Mobile to be acquired by some other company that does not yet have a wireless presence in the US. Deutche Telekom definitely doesn't want to hold on to it.

Perhaps they also realized that T-Mobile's customer base is largely made up of subscribers who have solemly vowed to do business with anyone other than AT&T. :)

In any case, it's good news. I'm a happy T-Mobile subscriber and I didn't want to get annexed into the AT&T/Verizon model of "our unlimited data plan is only unlimited for the first 2 GB, then you have to pay more"

[#] Sat Nov 26 2011 13:04:43 EST from triLcat

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anyone have an android with 2.2 (Froyo) or better that they're interested in selling?

I have to get one to replace one I lost. 


[#] Sat Nov 26 2011 17:21:06 EST from zooer

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Tue Oct 25 2011 10:53:03 AM EDT from IGnatius T Foobar
Try the Galaxy S II before you make that decision. I'm really loving this phone. I think you would enjoy the big screen and fast speed. I'm pretty sure it's available on Verizon.

I read they were going to release the Galaxy S III in early 2012, but not sure of the carrier.

[#] Mon Nov 28 2011 21:46:33 EST from Animal

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About a week ago I got a Droid X2.
Pretty decent so far... crashes on occasion though.
Streamed internet radio on my ride to work this morning. :lol
It's replaced my itouch in every aspect except my music library.

Is there a decent way to get this thing to sync with my existing itunes

It really can't be *that* difficult.

The other audio-related annoyance I have... maybe someone knows the
answer to this... So I set my "ring tone" and "alert tone" to a MIDI
file. That MIDI lives on the internal memory, /mnt/sdcard. Any time I
mount the phone's media on the computer, the ring/alert tones default to
something in the phone's main memory. Any way to change that so it
quits doing that?

It's not rooted... yet.

[#] Tue Nov 29 2011 12:41:59 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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My old phone did that, but it usually indicated that it failed to remount the SD card after the computer unmounted it.

If it's on /mnt/sdcard though, that's usually *not* the phone's internal memory. On some phones the internal memory is somewhat limited, but if you can move the MIDI file to it, you're good to go...

[#] Tue Nov 29 2011 13:08:58 EST from the_mgt

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Di Nov 29 2011 03:46:33 CETvon Animal
That MIDI lives on the internal memory, /mnt/sdcard. Any time I 
mount the phone's media on the computer, the ring/alert tones default to
something in the phone's main memory. Any way to change that so it
quits doing that?

Yes, put it on the real internal memory, not the SD card. Usually, most of the mobiles I used share the internal SDcard as the usb drive when connected to a computer. If they do so, the phone does not have access to the card, but only the computer via usb. It doesn't matter if it is android, symbian or some other OS. They are all alike in this respect.
Another reason why I put the ringing tones on the real internal memory is (a feeling of) faster access and also less battery usage, since the sdcard can be put into sleep if it isnt used. But this is kind of a superstition, I dont know if it really helps.

[#] Tue Nov 29 2011 19:30:46 EST from zooer

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 After fooling around with my mother's Nook, I have decided I don't like tablet computers.  That is all, I didn't know what computer level room to put that comment in. Have a good night.



[#] Tue Nov 29 2011 23:34:23 EST from Animal

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The way I understand it....
There's the "internal memory" that things like /system, /etc, /bin etc
all live on. I can see those in the file manager.
There's a /mnt/sdcard, and there's a /mnt/sdcard-ext.
If I pull out the sdcard, I can still access /mnt/sdcard. So that's
apparently a partition on the internal memory for things like photos,
audio recordings, and the like.

When I plug this thing in, it'll mount two volumes on my computer; one's
the sdcard, the other is sdcard-ext.

I've tried moving things into and out of the "internal memory" that's
not in /mnt/sdcard, and always gotten a "permission denied" or other

[#] Wed Nov 30 2011 02:31:46 EST from the_mgt

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Hail to the superior android OS!

My Nokia C7 has an internal memory (less than 1gb, for "/etc et al."), an internal flash memory of about 8gb and an external sd card as well. But I can write to either of them, though I seldom do it via the file manager, I choose it  in config dialogues. My Sony Ericsson phones where the same (some of them had a transparent layer so the directories existed internal and on sd card and you saw them as an overlay in your phone explorer).

But all of them mounted the bigger internal memory and the external card as usb devices when connected in the appropriate mode. So important  stuff needs to go to the small internal ram. Background image vanishes too, if you connect via usb and it is located on the mounted place.

Solution: Try to save ringtone with the corresponding config dialogue into internal memory. Or buy a phone with a serious OS and leave the android to the kiddies :-P 

[#] Wed Nov 30 2011 21:45:51 EST from athos-mn

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Right now most tables are simply content display devices - if you accept that, then they're OK. Too pricey, but OK. The plain old e-ink Kindle and Nook are fine, because they're simple book readers, and they do it pretty well. But if you try to anything particularly tricky in an iPad and any android tablet, you'll get frustrated pretty quickly.


I still like the Newton, though. I could actually do some pretty good data entry on the 2100.

[#] Thu Dec 01 2011 13:07:44 EST from skpacman

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So, yesterday I noticed a "Dead Spot" in the touch response of my Droid 2 Global.

It's a vertical strip (in portrait) about .25" from the edge of the screen, and is about .5" wide.

I've done several tests to identify exactly where it's failing. A "paint" test where you paint in an app and look at where it stops or jumps.

I've done the "Touch Test" and identified exactly what X coordinates it's failing at.

It's not software-based because it happens in ALL apps, even when moving between home screens. I am NOT going to do a factory reset (hard or soft) unless I absolutely have to.

It's been less than a year since I bought it. It was a Certified Pre-Owned, so I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a warranty through Motorola. And I simply don't have the cash to fork over for a new phone, especially since my contract was just renewed about 5 months ago.

The phone is still usable since I have the physical slide-out keyboard, but some on-screen functions just don't work because of the dead spot...


What should I do? 

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