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[#] Sat Feb 20 2021 08:22:57 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to dual boot Kali Linux and Windows 10

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If you want to run Kali Linux on your system but you already have Windows 10 installed, you have a couple of options. One thing you could do is install Kali Linux in a virtual machine, as we've shown in our tutorials for installing Kali in VMware and installing Kali in VirtualBox.

[#] Sat Feb 20 2021 10:25:58 EST from rss <>

Subject: NetworkManager 1.30 Adds Support for WPA3 Enterprise 192-Bit Mode, New Ethtool Offload Features

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NetworkManager 1.30 has been released today as the latest version of one of the most popular network connection management tools for Linux-based operating systems.

[#] Sat Feb 20 2021 12:50:27 EST from rss <>

Subject: Best Free Android Apps: Skywave Schedules – listen to shortwave radio

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Skywave Schedules is an essential app. The ability to listen to shortwave from hundreds of remote radio receivers is a great way of dipping into the world of shortwave.

[#] Sat Feb 20 2021 14:55:30 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to measure the average CPU utilization of a Linux process

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Sometimes you may want to know the CPU usage of a particular Linux process. As the CPU usage of a process can fluctuate over its lifetime, you will want to measure the average CPU usage or CPU utilization of the process. For this purpose, a Linux tool set called sysstat may come in handy, which contains a collection of performance monitoring tools for Linux, reporting statistics on disk I/O, CPU, memory, networking, and other system activities.

[#] Sat Feb 20 2021 17:13:46 EST from rss <>

Subject: To infinity and beyond: Linux and open-source goes to Mars

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If all goes well, the first flight on Mars will be made by Perseverance Mars rover[he]#039[/he]s companion drone helicopter, the Linux-powered Ingenuity.

[#] Sat Feb 20 2021 19:16:47 EST from rss <>

Subject: Patent Assertion Entities: Two Big Banks Join OIN to Combat Them

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With patent trolling on the rise, investment bank Barclays and TD Bank Group have put patent assertion entities on notice by taking membership in Open Invention Network.

[#] Sat Feb 20 2021 21:36:04 EST from rss <>

Subject: Run your favorite Windows applications on Linux

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In 2021, there are more reasons why people love Linux than ever before. In this series, I'll share 21 different reasons to use Linux. Here's how switching from Windows to Linux can be made seamless with WINE.Do you have an application that only runs on Windows? Is that one application the one and only thing holding you back from switching to Linux? If so, you'll be happy to know about WINE, an open source project that has all but reinvented key Windows libraries so that applications compiled for Windows can run on more

[#] Sat Feb 20 2021 23:38:04 EST from rss <>

Subject: Handling Unix Kill Signals in Rust

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If you're new to Rust, and looking to write a Linux daemon that can handle kill signals, check out this article.

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 01:56:21 EST from rss <>

Subject: Open source RTS 0 A.D. Alpha 24 is out now with plenty of new features

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After a few years of waiting, Wildfire Games have released a big upgrade for the free and open source real-time strategy game 0 A.D. with Alpha 24 now available.

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 04:00:23 EST from rss <>

Subject: MX Linux Fluxbox Respin Officially Released for Raspberry Pi

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The MX Linux team announced today the release and general availability of the MX Linux Fluxbox Community Respin for Raspberry Pi single-board computers.-

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 06:19:39 EST from rss <>

Subject: Django 3 Tutorial & CRUD Example with MySQL and Bootstrap on F33 KVM Guest

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Regardless I've spent some time to overcome several issues (typos) in Original Howto........I strongly believe that mentioned article is one of the best for beginners to test the taste of Django 3.1.16

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 08:21:41 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to fix unzip error "End-of-central-directory signature not found"

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If you are unable to extract files from a zip file and instead getting the error "End-of-central-directory signature not found", changes are that the zip file was incompletely downloaded or got corrupted on your disk somehow. This tutorial discusses how to fix, or at least get round, the unzip error when a zip file is corrupted or end of the file is truncated.

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 10:45:31 EST from rss <>

Subject: DXVK 1.8 Released with Improvements for Nioh 2, Hitman 3, and F1 2020

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DXVK, the Vulkan-based implementation of D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 on Linux/Wine, has been updated today to version 1.8, a release that brings improvements for some recent and old video games, and many other changes.

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 12:47:31 EST from rss <>

Subject: How To Enable Conda-forge Channel For Conda Package Manager In Linux

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This guide explains how to enable conda-forge channel for conda package manager from commandline and Anaconda Navigator GUI in Linux.

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 15:04:47 EST from rss <>

Subject: Not Comfortable Using youtube-dl in Terminal? Use These GUI Apps

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youtube-dl is an exceptional tool for downloading videos from websites like YouTube. If you don’t like using it in terminal, here are some GUI apps built on top of youtube-dl.

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 17:08:02 EST from rss <>

Subject: Ubuntu 21.04 Is Now Powered by Linux 5.10 LTS, Wayland Enabled by Default

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As of today, Canonical’s upcoming Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) release is powered by the Linux 5.10 LTS kernel series, which looks to be the kernel used in the final release due out in late April 2021.

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 19:28:56 EST from rss <>

Subject: Fanless computer serves up Google Edge TPU and PoE

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Aaeon’s Boxer-8521AI fanless embedded computers are based on NXP’s i.MX 8M SoC with a Google Edge TPU as coprocessor. The rugged system features a PoE PD port and operating temperatures of -5°C to 50°C. Aaeon has announced that its Boxer-8521AI system is now available on a mass market scale. The system embeds the Google Edge […]

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 21:33:59 EST from rss <>

Subject: Completely uninstall MySQL-server in Ubuntu 20.04

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Many times we face issues while starting the MYSQL server or on installation on Linux System. There may be a couple of reasons for this issue. Sometimes configuration file already exists in the system and is not removed properly. In that case, we have to discard the MYSQL package and configuration file and reinstall it again.

[#] Sun Feb 21 2021 23:54:16 EST from rss <>

Subject: CoreELEC 9.2.6 Released with ZRAM Support, Bluetooth Improvements

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CoreELEC, a JeOS (Just enough OS) Linux distribution based on the Kodi open-source media center and designed for single-board computers, has been updated to version 9.2.6.

[#] Mon Feb 22 2021 01:52:06 EST from rss <>

Subject: How To Install Ubuntu 20.04 (Video + Screenshots)

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If you’re making the transition from Mac or Windows over to Linux, the method of flashing Ubuntu to your USB and installing Linux onto your computer can make or break your entire experience. Today, I’m going to go through the steps so that you can successfully install Ubuntu on your PC.

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