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[#] Wed Dec 30 2020 21:38:31 EST from rss <>

Subject: 10 examples of using Python in 2020

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As in recent years, Python proved a popular programming language in 2020. Each year, publishes various articles about Python to pique new users[he]#039[/he] interest and help long-time Pythonistas expand their skills. The following are[he]#039[/he]s top 10 articles about Python in 2020.

[#] Wed Dec 30 2020 23:40:31 EST from rss <>

Subject: Silverjuke - jukebox for the desktop

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My attention to Silverjuke was reignited by one of our visitors. I had tried this software a few years ago. It’s a music and video player written in C++ and C. Let’s see how it fares.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 01:57:46 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Xfce 4.16 Desktop in Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 20

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Xfce 4.16 is released a while back with many new features and improvements. In this guide, we lay out the steps to install Xfce 4.16 desktop environment in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 04:01:22 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Check Available Package Updates in Linux

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2DayGeek: This quick article shows you how to check for package updates available on Linux.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 06:18:37 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to install ReactJS on Ubuntu 20.04

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ReactJS is a free and open-source JavaScript library used for building reusable UI components. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install create react app and host a ReactJS application with Nginx web server on Ubuntu 20.04.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 08:36:52 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to connect from CentOS 8 to Windows 10 Desktop via RDP

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RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a Microsoft protocol designed to manage systems remotely. In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up a remote desktop client on CentOS 8 and how to access the machine remotely.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 10:38:52 EST from rss <>

Subject: Choose between Btrfs and LVM-ext4

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Fedora 33 introduced a new default filesystem in desktop variants, Btrfs. After years of Fedora using ext4 on top of Logical Volume Manager (LVM) volumes, this is a big shift. Changing the default file system requires compelling reasons. While Btrfs is an exciting next-generation file system, ext4 on LVM is well established and stable.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 12:56:08 EST from rss <>


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Do you know that you can monitor what the users are doing in your Linux servers? Acct is an open source application that you can use for this task. This tool comes with the functionality of running in the background and tracking user activity.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 14:58:07 EST from rss <>

Subject: Learn Lua by writing a game

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If you[he]#039[/he]re a fan of scripting languages like Bash, Python, or Ruby, you might find Lua interesting. Lua is a dynamically typed, lightweight, efficient, and embeddable scripting language with an API to interface with C. It runs by interpreting bytecode with a register-based virtual machine, and it can be used for everything from procedural programming to functional programming to data-driven programming. It can even be used for object-oriented programming through the clever use of arrays, or tables, used to mimic classes.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 17:16:20 EST from rss <>

Subject: Open Source Networking in 2020, Dent Gets First Release, OPNFV Gets its Last Release

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As the value of open source networking continues to grow, the Linux Foundation is moving forward with new efforts for 2021.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 19:33:35 EST from rss <>

Subject: How To Run VSeeFace On Linux Using Lutris!

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VseeFace is an application that can be used for 3D character tracking in the .vrm format. Applications like this are really needed by YouTuber or what is often called Vtuber. Vtuber will usually use a 3D or maybe 2D character for streaming, or to discuss something.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 21:35:36 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Delete Linux Files and Directories using Python

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Learn how to use Python to delete Linux files and Directories

[#] Thu Dec 31 2020 23:52:51 EST from rss <>

Subject: New worm turns Windows, Linux servers into Monero minershegt/he

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A newly discovered and self-spreading Golang-based malware has been actively dropping XMRig cryptocurrency miners on Windows and Linux servers since early December. This multi-platform malware also has worm capabilities that allow it to spread to other systems by brute-forcing public-facing services (i.e., MySQL, Tomcat, Jenkins and WebLogic) with weak passwords as revealed by Intezer security researcher Avigayil Mechtinger.

[#] Fri Jan 01 2021 01:56:53 EST from rss <>

Subject: Deepin 20.1 Released with Improved Performance, Enhanced Desktop Environment

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The Deepin 20.1 Debian-based Linux distribution has been released as a new installation media packed with performance improvements, new apps, and updated internals.

[#] Fri Jan 01 2021 04:06:38 EST from rss <>

Subject: 4 considerations for getting started with CI/CD in 2021

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In 2020,'s articles about continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) aimed to help you rethink your infrastructure with continuous delivery. If you're new to the CI/CD way of doing things or you need a refresher, read on for summaries of the top four CI/CD articles of 2020.

[#] Fri Jan 01 2021 06:23:53 EST from rss <>

Subject: Use the Markdown Editor app in Nextcloud

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The advantage of plain text is that there’s no extra computer-specific information cluttering up your otherwise human-readable writing. The good thing about computers is that they’re programmable, and so as long as we humans agree to follow very specific conventions when writing, we can program computers to interpret human-readable text as secret instructions. For instance, by surrounding a word with two asterisks, we not only give a visual cue to humans that a word is significant, but we can also program computers to display the word in bold.

[#] Fri Jan 01 2021 08:43:09 EST from rss <>

Subject: A 2020 love letter to the Fedora community

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Fedora Project Leader recaps the year in Fedora and the success we've had as a community in a difficult year.

[#] Fri Jan 01 2021 10:50:21 EST from rss <>

Subject: Build your own text editor in Java

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There are a lot of text editors available. There are those that run in the terminal, in a GUI, in a browser, and in a browser engine. Many are very good, and some are great. But sometimes, the most satisfying answer to any question is the one you build yourself.

[#] Fri Jan 01 2021 12:52:39 EST from rss <>

Subject: Linux Candy: BobRossQuotes - collection of quotes from Bob Ross

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Robert Norman Ross (Bob Ross) was an American painter, art instructor and television personality. Famous for his delightful hippie persona, his popular PBS television show The Joy of Painting (1983-94) brought him to the attention of the masses.

[#] Fri Jan 01 2021 15:10:35 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Set Up Multiple Timezones in Ubuntu

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Do you always check the time difference when scheduling meetings with your colleagues? Learn how you can add multiple timezone in Ubuntu.

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