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[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 02:07:22 EDT from rss

Subject: buntu 20.04

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OpenCV is a library of computer vision abbreviated as Open Source Computer Vision Library. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including face recognition and detection, medical image analysis, motion tracking, surveillance video, 3D model extraction, and much more.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 03:23:37 EDT from rss

Subject: A beginner's guide to firewalld in Linux

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The firewall is essential for controlling the flow of network traffic in and out of the Linux server. In this article, you'll display, add, and remove firewalld rules.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 04:39:52 EDT from rss

Subject: Debian-Based Mobian Linux Now Supports the PineTab Linux Tablet

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The Debian-based Mobian Linux distribution for mobile devices is now available for PINE64’s PineTab Linux tablet in addition to the PinePhone Linux phone.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 05:56:07 EDT from rss

Subject: Create a Daemonset in Kubernetes

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A DaemonSet ensures that all nodes run a copy of a Pod. Normally, the node that a Pod runs on is selected by the scheduler but  DaemonSet pods are created and scheduled by the DaemonSet controller.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 06:57:06 EDT from rss

Subject: Automate your container orchestration with Ansible modules for Kubernetes

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Ansible is one of the best tools for automating your work. Kubernetes is one of the best tools for orchestrating containers. What happens when you combine the two? As you might expect, Ansible combined with Kubernetes lets you automate your container orchestration. read more

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 08:13:22 EDT from rss

Subject: Python Regular Expressions with Examples

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A regular expression (often abbreviated to “regex”) is a technique, and a textual pattern, which defines how one wants to search or modify a given string. Regular expressions are commonly used in Bash shell scripts and in Python code, as well as in various other programming languages.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 13:03:07 EDT from rss

Subject: buntu 20.04

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LibreNMS is a free and open-source network monitoring tool for Linux operating system. You can monitor different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and several network devices such as Cisco, Juniper, Foundry, FreeBSD, Brocade and many more with LibreNMS.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 14:05:08 EDT from rss

Subject: A Look at Royal Bank of Canada's Homegrown GPU Farm

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Royal Bank of Canada's use of IT already put it ahead of the curve compared to other banks – and then it decided to build its own AI-focused GPU farm.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 15:08:09 EDT from rss

Subject: Ankur Sinha: How do you Fedora?

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Another in the How Do You Fedora series where we interview Ankur Sinha.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 16:10:11 EDT from rss

Subject: Cryptonose

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Cryptonose is a small open source utility that might be helpful if you’re interested in trading cryptocurrency. The tool supports 3 exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex and Poloniex. A cryptocurrency exchange is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 17:12:12 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux apps on Chrome OS: An easy-to-follow guide

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Linux apps can expand your Chromebook's capabilities and open up all sorts of interesting options — but first, you have to know where to begin.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 18:14:13 EDT from rss

Subject: Deepin 20 Officially Released with New Look and Feel, Dual-Kernel Installation

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After many months in development, the Deepin 20 Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution is now finally available for download to provide the community with an elegant, user-friendly, and stable desktop operating system.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 19:18:16 EDT from rss

Subject: Bottlerocket: AWS's New Linux Distro for Containers

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Although the distro is available on its cloud now, its real value for AWS may come down the road, if other vendors adopt it for their platforms.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 20:19:16 EDT from rss

Subject: The What, Why & How of SSH Protocol>

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"Modern challenges require modern security approaches." Enterprises must transition to using passwordless solutions in order to protect against emerging threats '' which is where SSH key-based authentication comes in handy. Learn about the SSH protocol in this comprehensive article.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 21:22:18 EDT from rss

Subject: How to install Gradle Java Build Tool on Debian 10

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Gradle is a popular build tool primarily designed for software development in Java. In this article, we will show you the steps that need to be taken to install Gradle on Debian 10.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 22:11:06 EDT from rss

Subject: Rootless containers using Podman

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Watch this two-part video series on understanding root inside and outside of containers and how user namespaces work.

[#] Fri Sep 11 2020 23:16:10 EDT from rss

Subject: Why the future of IoT depends on open source

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Most people are familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to smart objects in a connected network, as this diagram more

[#] Sat Sep 12 2020 00:18:31 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Create and Run Cron Jobs on Linux

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Cron is a scheduling utility in Linux distributions that can be used to executes tasks at specified intervals. It allows you to run almost any commands or scripts at a specific time and date, or at a recurring interval.

[#] Sat Sep 12 2020 01:21:33 EDT from rss

Subject: Use Encryption on Linux To Harden Your Data Security

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What most people don’t realize is that encryption also provides protection against data restoration, especially on SSDs.

[#] Sat Sep 12 2020 02:23:13 EDT from rss

Subject: CPU Power Manager - Control And Manage CPU Frequency In Linux

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CPU Power Manager uses the intel_pstate frequency scaling driver to control and manage CPU frequency in your Linux GNOME desktop system.

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