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[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 10:02:22 EDT from rss

Subject: buntu 20.04

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If you want everything gone from your Ubuntu desktop, including all the desktop icons, learn how you can hide desktop icons in Ubuntu 20.04.

[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 11:03:22 EDT from rss

Subject: How to make a POST request with cURL

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In this article, we’re going to explain how to use cURL to make POST requests. The HTTP POST method is used to send data to the remote server.

[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 12:20:37 EDT from rss

Subject: Explained! The Difference Between grep, egrep, and fgrep Commands

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grep, egrep, fgrep. They all sound similar. So, what's the difference? In this tutorial, I'll discuss these grep variants explaining the difference and similarities.

[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 13:27:49 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Create Tar Gz File

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This article describes how to create tar.gz files. In Linux operating systems, you can use the tar command to create tar archives. The command can also compress archives using a vast range of compression programs with gzip is the most popular algorithm.

[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 14:47:07 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Enable RPM Fusion Repo in Fedora, CentOS, RHEL

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This guide explains the steps to enable third-party software repository RPM Fusion in Fedora Linux Distribution.

[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 16:35:35 EDT from rss

Subject: Why the future of AI is open source

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Artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is the next phase of artificial intelligence, where computers meet and exceed human intelligence, will almost certainly be open source.AGI seeks to solve the broad spectrum of problems that intelligent human beings can solve. This is in direct contrast with narrow AI (encompassing most of today's AI), which seeks to exceed human abilities at a specific problem. Put simply, AGI is all the expectations of AI come more

[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 18:25:03 EDT from rss

Subject: From a dream to reality: How Linux changed my life

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Sometimes Linux is about setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and dreaming of owning a BMW motorcycle.

[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 20:11:48 EDT from rss

Subject: Using mkfs command in Linux to Format the Filesystem on a Disk or Partition

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mkfs is the command line tool in Linux to format a disk or partition in a certain filesystem of your choice.

[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 22:02:12 EDT from rss

Subject: Postman

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Postman launchpad is the collection of features that you can use right from when you open up the app. You can create individual requests, create API, API collection, and environment.

[#] Fri Jul 24 2020 23:43:55 EDT from rss

Subject: Robotics controller runs Ubuntu on AGX Xavier

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Adlink’s rugged “ROScube-X” robotics controller runs Ubuntu, ROS 2, Adlink’s Neuron SDK, and AWS RoboMaker on a Jetson AGX Xavier with 2x GbE, 5x USB 3.1, 2x M.2, and optional PCIe, CAN, LTE, and time-sync’d GMSL2 camera I/O. In May, Adlink announced support for Nvidia’s “Nvidia EGX” AI edge solution on four new edge servers […]

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 01:31:17 EDT from rss

Subject: Which programming languages are useful for sysadmins?

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Do you have a favorite or "go to" language for your sysadmin work?

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 03:33:18 EDT from rss

Subject: Transcode Videos on Debian Linux using HandBrake

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If you are looking for a transcoder that is free, open-source and cross-platform and perfectly converts your common media files from one format to another, HandBrake is the right solution for you.

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 05:08:51 EDT from rss

Subject: buntu 20.04

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Rudder is a free, open-source and multi-platform tool that helps you to automate system configuration across large IT infrastructures. It is an IT Infrastructure Automation & Compliance tool that allows you to manage and maintain your production infrastructure via its auditing feature.

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 07:00:41 EDT from rss

Subject: Ubuntu Web: A Chrome OS Alternative Linux With Firefox Coming Soon

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Ubuntu Web is a new project that aims to build a Chrome OS alternative operating system combining the power of Ubuntu Linux and Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Unlike Chrome OS, it is based on Firefox that you can probably run on any computer.

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 08:48:27 EDT from rss

Subject: LibreOffice-Based Collabora Office Is Now Available for Chromebooks

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Collabora Productivity just informed me today that their awesome Collabora Office open-source online office suite based on LibreOffice Online is now available for Chromebooks.

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 10:35:12 EDT from rss

Subject: 7 New Feature Changes Coming to Fedora 33 Release

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Fedora 33 development is in progress. Check out the major feature changes in the upcoming Fedora 33 release.

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 12:37:12 EDT from rss

Subject: LaTeX typesetting, Part 3: formatting

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In part three of the LaTeX typesetting series, learn about basic formatting of page layout and style, table of contents, and title sections.

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 14:24:59 EDT from rss

Subject: digiKam 7.0 Open-Source Image Manager Released with Major Features and Improvements

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digiKam 7.0 open-source professional photo management software arrives for Linux-based operating systems with major new features and dozens of improvements for all your image management needs.

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 16:14:47 EDT from rss

Subject: KDE Slimbook Linux Ultrabook is Here with AMD Ryzen 4000, KDE Neon loaded

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KDE Project announced the first KDE Slimbook which is a Linux Ultrabook laptop with the latest AMD Ryzen CPUs.

[#] Sat Jul 25 2020 18:18:49 EDT from rss

Subject: Red Hat Insights: compliance

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Take a look at how Red Hat Insights keeps your system running within user-defined parameters.

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