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[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 08:44:33 EDT from rss

Subject: buntu 20.04

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curl is a command-line utility for transferring data from or to a remote server. With curl, you can download or upload data using one of the supported protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, and FTP.

[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 09:15:18 EDT from rss

Subject: Advice for getting started with GNOME

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GNOME is one of the most popular Linux desktops today. It started as a humble desktop called the GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) and was built on top of the GIMP GTK libraries. Its 1.0 release was announced in 1999, just two years after the project got started.

[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 10:17:19 EDT from rss

Subject: IPFire Linux Firewall Discontinues Support for 32-Bit Systems with PAE

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A new update to the IPFire Linux firewall distribution has been released today with some important under-the-hood changes, especially regarding the future of 32-bit support.

[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 11:18:19 EDT from rss

Subject: Elementary OS 5.1 Hera Review

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Elementary OS Hera 5.1 has been out for a while now. Here we'll explore what's new, what to expect, and how it stacks up against rival desktops.

[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 17:38:44 EDT from rss

Subject: Tails 4.8 Anonymous OS Released with Linux Kernel 5.6, Improved Security

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Tails 4.8 amnesic incognito live distribution has been released today and it looks to be a significant release that adds new security features and major under-the-hood upgrades.

[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 18:57:14 EDT from rss

Subject: Compact embedded system showcases 5-core HiSilicon HI3559A

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Aaeon’s compact “Boxer-8410AI” embedded AI edge system runs Linux on a penta-core, Cortex-A73 and -A53 based HiSilicon HI3559A with an AI-enabled VPU. Aaeon has posted a product page for its first Boxer computer to support the 5-core, Arm-based HiSilicon HI3559A SoC. Although the HI3559A was announced back in 2017 as a camera SoC that supports […]

[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 20:00:15 EDT from rss

Subject: How To Install JFrog Artifactory on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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JFrog Artifactory is an open-source repository management application that can be integrated with continuous integration and delivery tools. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install JFrog Artifactory on Ubuntu 20.04.

[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 21:18:52 EDT from rss

Subject: niversities

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The team behind the Ubuntu Unity distribution have released today UbuntuEd 20.04, an unofficial, educational focused Ubuntu flavor for kids, schools and universities.

[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 22:38:09 EDT from rss

Subject: Deploying a static website with Ansible

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Managing a static web site deployment is a great way to enter the world of Ansible and automated, reproducible infrastructure. In this article, I'll walk you through deploying a simple web site on NGINX by using Ansible.

[#] Tue Jun 30 2020 23:55:25 EDT from rss

Subject: Whiskey Lake signage system has four USB 3.1 Gen2 ports

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Ibase’s fanless “SI-642-N” runs Ubuntu or Win 10 on an 8th Gen U-series CPU and offers dual 4K displays, 2x GbE, 4x USB 3.1 Gen2, and 3x M.2 slots. We’re having a bit of a “Groundhog Day” moment here as we’re reading the specs of Ibase’s new SI-642-N signage player. The feature set is very […]

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 00:56:28 EDT from rss

Subject: CutiePi Is World

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CutiePi tablet was launched today on Kickstarter as the world’s thinnest Raspberry Pi tablet that promises to be fully open source, ultra portable, and incredibly intuitive.

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 01:57:29 EDT from rss

Subject: Stupid Bash tricks: History, reusing arguments, files and directories, functions, and more

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In this two-part blog post, I share some of the Bash one-liners I use to speed up my work and leave more time to drink coffee. In this initial post, I'll cover history, last arguments, working with files and directories, reading file contents, and Bash functions. Here are five great tips and tricks for the Bash shell that you can use at your Linux terminal today.

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 03:00:30 EDT from rss

Subject: Should API-restricting licenses qualify as open source?

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In its 2014 Oracle v. Google decision, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit held that the method declarations and "structure, sequence, and organization" (SSO) of the Java SE API were protected by copyright.

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 04:01:32 EDT from rss

Subject: How To Print Files Without Comments And Empty Lines In Linux

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Ever wanted to exclude or ignore comments and empty lines from a file output? This guide explains how to print files without comments and empty lines in Linux.

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 05:04:13 EDT from rss

Subject: Firefox 79 Enters Beta, Lets You Export Saved Passwords and Logins to a CSV File

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Now that Firefox 78 was successfully launched, Mozilla is concentrating their efforts on the next major release, Firefox 79, which now has a first beta version ready for public testing.

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 06:06:13 EDT from rss

Subject: Painless file extraction on Linux

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Extracting files from archives isn't difficult, but it can be tedious. An easier way is to assemble a series of extraction commands into a script that calls the proper command to extract the content of file archives depending on the archive file names.

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 07:08:14 EDT from rss

Subject: 7 Best Linux Distros for Security and Privacy in 2020hegt/he

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Privacy and security are pressing concerns for all of us these days '' not a day goes by that we aren't bombarded with security news headlines about hacks, breaches and the increased storing and monitoring of sensitive personal information by governments and corporations.

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 07:19:52 EDT from LoanShark

Subject: Re: Deploying a static website with Ansible

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2020-06-30 22:38 from rss
Subject: Deploying a static website with Ansible
Managing a static web site deployment is a great way to enter the
world of Ansible and automated, reproducible infrastructure. In this
article, I'll walk you through deploying a simple web site on NGINX
by using Ansible.

The best way to deploy a static website with Ansible is not to deploy a static website with Ansible.

The major cloud providers have technology stacks that render this way of doing things completely irrelevant, if the site is truely static. On Amazon, you set up an S3 bucket and throw a CloudFront distribution in front of it. **NO** paying by the instance-hour for a fragile little box running nginx or any other static webserver.

Ansible is also far less relevant in the days of container orchestration providers like Kubernetes, ECS, Docker Swarm, and what have you. Terraform is becoming a more popular alternative for cloud-independent infrastructure provisioning.

The people I've seen using Ansible have been doing so in a way that is really not up on current best practices: still using it to control an essentially statically-configured, and stateful, set of machine instances in a way that Ansible becomes just a thing that logs in and runs maintenance commands over SSH. I know you can do a lot more with it, but if you're not careful, it's really not adding value.

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 07:28:44 EDT from LoanShark

Subject: Re: Deploying a static website with Ansible

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One of the fundamental best practices of working in a leased-infrastructure environment where you can rapidly spin up new machine instances on demand is this: machines don't stick around long. Machines are as stateless as possible. Clusters are pools of anonymous hardware resources tha can have tasks located on them where and when appropriate. Advantages of the approach are the ability to quickly replace failing hardware, or quickly scale up a cluster that is under unexpected load. Any approach that encourages long-running, stateful machines where administrators tend to login and do things manually tends to cut against this. Instance spin-up should be fully automated and fast, and service state should not be kept on local instance disks.

[#] Wed Jul 01 2020 08:09:14 EDT from rss

Subject: Ex-Solus Dev is Now Creating a Truly Modern Linux Distribution Called Serpent Linux

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The ex-developer of Solus Linux has announced Serpent Linux, a truly modern Linux distribution which is not dependent on GNU toolchain.

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