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[#] Fri Jan 24 2020 17:16:17 EST from rss

Subject: Zorin OS 15.1 Review

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Zorin OS touts itself as a Windows alternative and is targeting Windows users that are looking to switch to Linux. Check out our review of Zorin OS.

[#] Fri Jan 24 2020 18:21:22 EST from rss

Subject: How to Install Wekan Kanban with Nginx and Let's Encrypt SSL on Debian 10

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Wekan is a free and open-source Kanban Board built with the Meteor JavaScript framework and is distributed under the MIT license. It is very similar to Workflowy and Trello that helps you to manage day-to-day tasks, prepare todo lists, managing other people, etc.

[#] Fri Jan 24 2020 19:41:40 EST from rss

Subject: How to Install Ruby on CentOS 8

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Ruby is one of the most popular languages today. It has an elegant syntax, and it is the language behind the Ruby on Rails framework. We'll show how to install Ruby from the default CentOS 8 repositories and using the Rbenv and RVM scripts.

[#] Fri Jan 24 2020 20:46:44 EST from rss

Subject: Firefox Team Looks Within to Lead Into the Future

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For Firefox products and services to meet the needs of people’s increasingly complex online lives, we need the right organizational structure. One that allows us to respond quickly as we continue to excel at delivering existing products and develop new ones into the future.

[#] Fri Jan 24 2020 22:40:36 EST from rss

Subject: CircleCI automates Continuous Delivery to multiple clouds

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Today[he]#039[/he]s companies use CI/CD to speedily deploy software updates, but that last step, from your pipeline to a cloud service, can be tricky. CircleCI has an answer.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 00:34:28 EST from rss

Subject: How to prepare for an Red Hat Certified Professional (RHCP) exam

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Thinking of taking a certification exam? Here are some tips to help you prepare.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 02:10:25 EST from rss

Subject: Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft 'upcycles' Windows 7... as open source

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'Its life doesn't have to end!'. More than 10 years on from its campaign to persuade users to dump Windows 7 for a non-proprietary alternative, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has kicked off a petition to urge Microsoft to open-source the recently snuffed software.…

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 03:59:04 EST from rss

Subject: Psyonix are ending support for Rocket League on Linux

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Sad news today Linux gamers, Psyonix emailed us directly to make sure we saw the news that they're officially ending support of Rocket League on Linux and macOS.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 05:52:56 EST from rss

Subject: Install Anaconda Python Distribution On Linux

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This step-by-step tutorial explains how to install Anaconda Python distribution on Linux operating system.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 07:46:48 EST from rss

Subject: Meet the KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS Default Wallpaper

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The KDE Community announced today the winner of the wallpaper contest of the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS desktop environment.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 09:38:37 EST from rss

Subject: 4 Tools To Record Your Linux Desktop (Screencast) In 2020

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This article presents 4 tools for recording your Linux desktop. All work under X11, and there are also a couple of solutions for recording your Linux screen under Wayland.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 11:28:26 EST from rss

Subject: Building a Virtual NVMe Drive

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Often, older or slower hardware remains in place while the rest of the environment or world updates to the latest and greatest technologies; so, what to do? Create a hybrid NVMe SSD and export it across an NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeoF) network to one or more hosts that use the drive as if it were a locally attached NVMe device.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 13:05:00 EST from rss

Subject: How to use Vokoscreen to Record Videos on Debian 10

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Vokoscreen is a screen recording tool that can be used to record educational videos, do live recordings of the browser, installation, and video conferences. You can capture a video with (via ALSA or PulseAudio) or without sound.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 14:57:51 EST from rss

Subject: 3 handy command-line internet speed tests

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Being able to validate your network connection speed puts you in control of your computer. Three open source tools that enable you to check your internet and network speeds at the command line are Speedtest, Fast, and iPerf.SpeedtestSpeedtest is an old favorite. It's implemented in Python, packaged in Apt, and also available with pip. You can use it as a command-line tool or within a Python script.Install it with:read more

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 17:06:58 EST from rss

Subject: Comparison Between RHEL 8 vs RHEL 7 vs RHEL 6

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This tutorial shows the difference between RHEL8 vs RHEL7 vs RHEL6.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 19:17:06 EST from rss

Subject: buntu 18.04

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OpenVAS is an open-source Vulnerability Assessment System that can be used to run the test against servers for known vulnerabilities. Checkout the post on how to install and configure openVAS on Ubuntu.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 21:41:28 EST from rss

Subject: 7 Commands to Check Memory Usage and Swap Space in Debian 10

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In this article, I am going to show you seven commands that can be used to check memory usage and swap space in Debian 10.

[#] Sat Jan 25 2020 23:48:33 EST from rss

Subject: Timeout Command in Linux

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timeout is a command-line utility that runs a specified command and terminates it if it is still running after a given period of time.

[#] Sun Jan 26 2020 01:56:39 EST from rss

Subject: Run multiple consoles at once with this open source window environment

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Last year, I brought you 19 days of new (to you) productivity tools for 2019. This year, I'm taking a different approach: building an environment that will allow you to be more productive in the new year, using tools you may or may not already be more

[#] Sun Jan 26 2020 04:05:05 EST from rss

Subject: 5 Reasons Why Would You Want to Use Manjaro Linux

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In today’s article, we’ll give you 5 possible reasons for why you may consider using Manjaro as your daily driver OS.

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