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[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 06:26:59 EST from rss

Subject: Four Ways to Open the Terminal in Debian

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This article explains some simple ways that you can use through your keyboard, mouse control. or both, in order to open the Debian Terminal application. We have run the commands and procedures mentioned in this article on a Debian 10 Buster system.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 07:32:04 EST from rss

Subject: How to Mount ISO File on Linux

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In this tutorial, we will explain how to mount ISO files on Linux.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 08:53:24 EST from rss

Subject: An Introduction to /dev/null A.K.A. The Bit Bucket

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This introduction examines what /dev/null is, it's nicknames and how to use it for things like suppressing output, inputting EOF, and clearing files.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 12:41:25 EST from rss

Subject: 8 great podcasts for open source enthusiasts

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Where I live, almost everything is a 20- or 30-minute drive from my home, and I'm always looking for ways to use my car time productively. One way is by listening to podcasts on topics that interest me, so as an open source enthusiast, I subscribe to a variety of open source-related podcasts.Here are eight Linux and open source podcasts that I Iook forward to every more

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 13:45:47 EST from rss

Subject: Here's KDE Plasma Mobile Running on the PinePhone Open Source Linux Smartphone

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The PinePhone is almost here and it looks like it already supports KDE's Plasma Mobile-based operating system for phones.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 15:06:06 EST from rss

Subject: How To Hide Mounted Drives From The Dock On Ubuntu 19.10 (And Newer)

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With Ubuntu 19.10, the dock shows mounted volume and device icons by default. This article explains how to disable these mounted devices from showing on the Ubuntu Dock, on Ubuntu 19.10 and newer.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 16:26:17 EST from rss

Subject: Leasing routable IP addresses with Podman containers

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Container networking doesn't have to be overly complicated. Learn how to let your container lease an IP from DHCP here.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 17:30:03 EST from rss

Subject: How To Fully Update And Upgrade Offline Debian-based Systems

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Using apt-offline, we can fully update/upgrade the Debian-based system without having to connect it to the Internet.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 18:51:23 EST from "rss" <lutter apps>

Subject: 5 open source plugins for Flutter apps

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Flutter is the newest addition to Google's programming cadre. Following the success of Android, Kotlin, and Golang, Flutter was created as a cross-platform application development language. It is primarily based on the Dart programming construct and is considered to be the next big programming paradigm because its code can run as a mobile app, a web app, and even a desktop app without any major more

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 19:56:27 EST from "rss" <rom Flathub>

Subject: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors Now Available To Install On Linux From Flathub

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ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, a free and open source office suite that offers text, spreadsheet and presentation editors for the Linux, Windows and macOS desktops, is now available on Flathub for easy installation on Linux distributions that support Flatpak.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 21:17:48 EST from rss

Subject: `Wireshark For The Terminal` Termshark 2.0 Adds Stream Reassembly, Piped Input And Dark Mode

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Termshark, a Wireshark-like terminal interface for TShark written in Go, was updated to version 2.0.0. This release includes support for dark mode, piped input, and stream reassembly, as well as performance optimizations that make the tool faster and more responsive.

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 22:39:07 EST from rss

Subject: Open-spec, dual-port router offers a choice of Allwinner H3 or H5

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FriendlyElec’s Linux-driven, $20 “NanoPi R1S-H3” router uses a modified version of the Allwinner H3-based NanoPi R1, upgrading the second LAN port to GbE while removing a USB port. There’s also a similar, $23 “NanoPi R1S-H5” with a quad -A53 H5. Back in February, FriendlyElec launched the community-backed NanoPi R1 router SBC, which still sells for […]

[#] Tue Nov 12 2019 23:44:12 EST from rss

Subject: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (Bionic Beaver) Slated for Release on February 6th, 2020

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Canonical has recently updated the release schedule for its latest long-term supported Ubuntu release, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, with the release dates for the next two point releases.

[#] Wed Nov 13 2019 01:03:34 EST from rss

Subject: Getting started with PostgreSQL

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Everyone has things that would be useful to collect in a database. Even if you're obsessive about keeping paperwork or electronic files, they can become cumbersome. Paper documents can be lost or completely disorganized, and information you need to access in electronic files may be buried in depths of paragraphs and pages of more

[#] Wed Nov 13 2019 02:08:36 EST from rss

Subject: How to Install LAMP Stack Apache MySQL/MariaDB PHP on CentOS 8

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How to Install LAMP Stack Apache MySQL/MariaDB PHP on CentOS 8. In this guide you are going to learn how to install and setup Apache, PHP, MySQL on CentOS 8.

[#] Wed Nov 13 2019 03:29:57 EST from rss

Subject: Fedora 31 and Control Group v2

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Fedora 31 contains a new version of control groups, which allow for allocating resources among user-defined processes on a system. Understand how these changes impact containers.

[#] Wed Nov 13 2019 04:35:00 EST from rss

Subject: Fooling Voice Assistants with Lasers

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Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are vulnerable to attacks that use lasers to inject inaudible­ -- and sometimes invisible­ -- commands into the devices and surreptitiously cause them to unlock doors, visit websites, and locate, unlock, and start vehicles, researchers report in a research paper published on Monday. Dubbed Light Commands, the attack works against Facebook Portal and a variety of phones.

[#] Wed Nov 13 2019 05:55:20 EST from rss

Subject: KDE Plasma 5.17.3 Desktop Environment Released with More Than 40 Bug Fixes

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The KDE Project released today the third maintenance update to its latest KDE Plasma 5.17 desktop environment series to address more issues and update translations.

[#] Wed Nov 13 2019 07:16:41 EST from rss

Subject: Kubernetes: 3 ways to get started

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How can you get started with Kubernetes? Maybe you’re ready to try an experiment – or move from sandbox to production? Use these three stepping stones for individuals and teams

[#] Wed Nov 13 2019 08:22:05 EST from rss

Subject: Red Hat Responds to ZombieLoad v2 Security Vulnerabilities Affecting Intel CPUs

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Red Hat informed Softpedia today on a series of three new security vulnerabilities affecting the Intel CPU microarchitecture, but which have been already patched in the Linux kernel.

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