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[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 08:32:55 EDT from rss

Subject: Epic's Tim Sweeney thinks Wine "is the one hope for breaking the cycle", Easy Anti-Cheat continuing Linux support

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It seems Epic's CEO quite likes Wine and think it might help break the cycle of the majority playing games on Windows, also Easy Anti-Cheat support for Linux is still on and Wine support to come.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 09:38:03 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Install LiteCart on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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LiteCart is a free and open source e-commerce platform written in PHP, jQuery, and HTML5. It is simple, lightweight and easy to use software platform that helps you to host your own shopping cart.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 10:58:20 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Download a File on Ubuntu Linux using the Command Line

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Today I will show you how you can download a file using the command line in Linux. There are normally two known ways to do this, that is using wget and curl utility.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 12:03:22 EDT from rss to aspberry Pi

Subject: 4 of the Best Lightweight Operating Systems for Raspberry Pi

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While the Raspberry Pi has significant hardware limitations, the following lightweight operating systems for Raspberry Pi can turn it into a desktop PC.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 13:08:27 EDT from rss

Subject: Canonical to Continue Building Selected 32-Bit i386 Packages for Ubuntu 19.10, Azul Systems Announces Zulu Mission Control v7.0, Elisa v. 0.4.1 Now Available, Firefox Adds Fission to the Nightly Build

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After much feedback from the community, Canonical yesterday announced it will continue to build selected 32-bit i386 packages for Ubuntu 19.10 and 20.04 LTS. The statement notes that Canonical "will also work with the WINE, Ubuntu Studio and gaming communities to use container technology to address the ultimate end of life of 32-bit libraries; it should stay possible to run old applications on newer versions of Ubuntu. Snaps and LXD enable us both to have complete 32-bit environments, and bundled libraries, to solve these issues in the long term."

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 14:12:29 EDT from rss

Subject: Don't make a FOSS: Apache Software Foundation Board bids farewell to co-founder and two big hitters

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To lose one board member may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness, but to lose three? The nature of the Board of Directors of open source foundations means churn is a normal part of life, indeed many open source board members can be swapped out at the whim of a community vote, as they should. However, the Apache Software Foundation saw three members of its board hand in their resignations last month: chairman Phil Steitz, executive vice president Ross Gardler and, perhaps most significantly, co-founder of the whole show Jim Jagielski.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 15:17:36 EDT from rss

Subject: How To Use SSH to Connect a Remote Linux System from Linux Terminal?

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You can easily access a remote Linux system from Windows machine through Putty application. In general most of us using this way. I did the same for 3-4 years when i don’t have a Linux laptop.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 16:38:51 EDT from rss

Subject: The Linux Foundation's Staff Uses Windows and Microsoft. Now the Foundation Outsources the Coding and Hosting, Too (to Microsoft of Course).

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The disturbing turns of the self-described "Linux" Foundation, which seems to be promoting proprietary software and even Microsoft rather than Linux and Free/Open Source software while the role or capacity of Torvalds is being gradually diminished

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 17:58:31 EDT from rss

Subject: 5 tiny Linux distros to try before you die

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There are plenty of Linux distributions out there to choose from when you[he]#039[/he]re deciding what to run on a daily basis, yet some are so small that they get little notice. But tiny Linux distributions are powerful innovations: having an entire operating system drive a computer with less than 1GB of storage and half as much RAM is the ultimate software hack.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 19:02:36 EDT from rss

Subject: Make Xfce Look Like Classic Windows!

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As a computer user, sometimes I miss for the times when I was using a tube screen computer. The first time I got to know a computer was when playing at a friend's house. At that time I was in elementary school. My friend introduced an old computer device with a black and white screen. We both often play Prehistorik 2 and car racing games on weekends.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 20:23:32 EDT from rss

Subject: Canonical Assures Users 32-bit Apps Will Run on Ubuntu 19.10 and Future Releases

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Due to recent escalations, Canonical updated their view on the removal of support for the i386 (32-bit) architecture for Ubuntu 19.10 and future releases to assure users 32-bit apps will still run on the Linux-based operating system.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 21:44:17 EDT from rss

Subject: Explore the past, present, and future of Python on Command-Line Heroes

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The podcast discusses Python's past and future in the wake of BDFL Guido Van Rossum stepping down.

[#] Tue Jun 25 2019 22:48:21 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Install Winamp on Ubuntu using PlayOnLinux

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In this article, we will explain how you can install PlayOnLinux both through the command line and the graphical user interface. Then, we will explain how you can install Winamp through this application.

[#] Wed Jun 26 2019 00:07:53 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux Tr Command with Examples

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Tr is a command line utility in Linux and Unix systems that translates, deletes and squeezes characters from the standard input and writes the result to the standard output. The tr command is usually used in combination with other commands through piping and can perform operations like removing repeated characters, converting uppercase to lowercase, and basic character replacing and removing. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the tr command through practical examples and detailed explanations of the most common options.

[#] Wed Jun 26 2019 01:12:18 EDT from rss

Subject: Deprecating a.out Binaries

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Remember a.out binaries? They were the file format of the Linux kernel till around 1995 when ELF took over. ELF is better. It allows you to load shared libraries anywhere in memory, while a.out binaries need you to register shared library locations. That's fine at small scales, but it gets to be more and more of a headache as you have more and more shared libraries to deal with. But a.out is still supported in the Linux source tree, 25 years after ELF became the standard default format.

[#] Wed Jun 26 2019 02:32:22 EDT from rss

Subject: How To Install Discourse Forum on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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Discourse is a free and open source discussion forum application that can be used as a mailing list and chat room. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install and configure Discourse forum on Ubuntu 18.04 server.

[#] Wed Jun 26 2019 03:52:35 EDT from rss

Subject: SUSE Linux bridges the gap between the server and the cloud

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The new SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 1 is positioned as the operating system for servers, datacenters, and the cloud.

[#] Wed Jun 26 2019 04:55:39 EDT from rss

Subject: Playstation 3 Emulator for Linux

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There are many emulators for game consoles for use on Linux. I have recently looked into a Playstation 3 emulator called RPCS3. I

[#] Wed Jun 26 2019 06:17:01 EDT from rss

Subject: Rugged, Arm-based 7-inch touch-panel supports PoE and CAN

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Advantech’s IP66-protected “TPC-71W” industrial panel PC runs Linux or Android on an i.MX6. There’s a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, GbE with optional PoE, CAN 2.0, mini-PCIe, and -20 to 60°C support. Advantech announced what appears to be its first Arm-based touch-panel computer. The rugged, industrial TPC-71W system runs on an NXP i.MX6 and is aimed at […]

[#] Wed Jun 26 2019 07:38:20 EDT from rss

Subject: SiFive CEO Says RISC-V Servers are 'Five Years Away'

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Last year he thought smartphones and servers were five and 10 years away, respectively, but he's had to "pull in his targets."

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