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[#] Mon Apr 30 2018 18:23:28 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux Mint 19 "Tara" Won't Collect or Send Any of Your Personal or System Data

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Linux Mint founder and lead developer Clement Lefebvre published another Monthly News newsletter today, this time for the month of April 2018, to keep the community up-to-date with the development of the upcoming Linux Mint 19 "Tara" operating system.

[#] Mon Apr 30 2018 19:28:42 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Clear Bash History on Linux

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Sometimes you might want to hide the history of commands you typed in the shell on Linux. This is e.g. useful when you are building a server image to roll out multiple virtual machines. The command shown below will work on all Linux Distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc).

[#] Mon Apr 30 2018 20:34:17 EDT from rss

Subject: How To Check System Hardware Manufacturer, Model And Serial Number In Linux

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Getting system hardware information is not a problem for Linux GUI and Windows users but CLI users face trouble to get these details. Even most of us don’t know what is the best command to get this. There are many utilities available in Linux to get system hardware information. This tutorial allows you to check System Hardware Manufacturer, Model And Serial Number in Linux.

[#] Mon Apr 30 2018 21:56:04 EDT from rss

Subject: Fluent Bit: Flexible Logging in Kubernetes

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Logging by nature is complex and in containerized environments there are new challenges that need to be addressed. In this article we will describe the current status of the Fluentd Ecosystem and how Fluent Bit (a Fluentd sub-project) is filling the gaps in cloud native environments.

[#] Mon Apr 30 2018 23:01:18 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux still rules IoT, says survey, with Raspbian leading the way

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The Eclipse IoT Developer Survey shows Linux (led by Raspbian) is the leading IoT platforms at 71.8 percent, with FreeRTOS pressing Windows for second place. AWS is the leading IoT cloud platform. The Eclipse Foundation’s Eclipse IoT Working Group has released the results of its IoT Developer Survey 2018, which surveyed 502 Eclipse developers between […]

[#] Tue May 01 2018 00:06:23 EDT from rss

Subject: System76 Releases Pop!_OS Linux 18.04, Based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

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System76 value-added computer reseller released the Pop!_OS Linux 18.04 operating system for their computer lineup as well as anyone else who wants to install their Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distribution.

[#] Tue May 01 2018 01:11:27 EDT from rss

Subject: How To Install Unity In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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This is a guide on how to install Unity Desktop in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, by using a meta-package that installs all the required packages to run Unity, just like it was in Ubuntu 16.04, including the Lightdm login screen, the complete Unity interface with global menu, default indicators, and so on.You'll also find instructions on how to completely remove Unity if you want to go back to using Gnome (Shell) on your Ubuntu 18.04 LTS computer.

[#] Tue May 01 2018 02:16:31 EDT from rss

Subject: Working around Intel Hardware Flaws

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Efforts to work around serious hardware flaws in Intel chips areongoing.

[#] Tue May 01 2018 03:37:49 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux which and whoami Command Tutorial for Beginners (with Examples)

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There are certain Linux utilities that are aimed at performing a single task and hence offer very few or no command line options. Two such tools are which and whoami. In this tutorial, we will discuss these commands using some easy to understand examples.

[#] Tue May 01 2018 04:42:53 EDT from rss

Subject: Changes to Files in GNOME 3.28

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Files is an essential application in the GNOME desktop. Many users interact with it daily to navigate, find and open files. Here are some changes in GNOME 3.28 users will see in the Fedora 28 release. Upcoming features in Files Each release cycle, GNOME community members improve and enhance the user experience with design and […]

[#] Tue May 01 2018 05:47:57 EDT from rss

Subject: How to check Linux kernel & OS related information

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Sometimes we might require the information about the Linux system we are running, information like Linux/Distro version, its kernel , release name etc. In this tutorial, we will discuss many commands with which we...

[#] Tue May 01 2018 06:53:01 EDT from rss

Subject: Extremely high demand for Ethereum skills - Interview with Team Leader at Ethereum

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Blockchain is all the rage! And, Dr. Christian Reitwiessner is in the midst of the storm. As one of the creators of Solidity, we were thrilled that he was willing to take the time to answer questions from the LinuxCareer crew. He provided great depth on his thoughts on not only Solidity, but Ethereum overall. Hopefully, you will find his insight as compelling as we did.

[#] Tue May 01 2018 08:14:25 EDT from rss

Subject: Create a Linux desktop application with Ruby

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Recently, while experimenting with GTK and its Ruby bindings, I decided to write a tutorial introducing this functionality. In this post, we will create a simple ToDo application (something like what we created with Ruby on Rails) using the gtk3 gem (a.k.a. the GTK+ Ruby bindings).You can find the tutorial's code on more

[#] Tue May 01 2018 09:22:34 EDT from rss

Subject: How Open Source Is Powering the Modern Mainframe

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What is often a surprise to people is how massive open source is on mainframe. Ninety percent of mainframe customers leverage Linux on their mainframe, with broad support across all the top Linux distributions along with a growing number of community distributions. Key open source applications such as MongoDB, Hyperledger, Docker, and PostgreSQL thrive on the architecture and are actively used in production.

[#] Tue May 01 2018 10:29:58 EDT from rss

Subject: Miner One Is Launching Its Bitcoin-Mining High-Altitude Ballon Today, New Stable Version of GIMP and More

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[#] Tue May 01 2018 11:33:00 EDT from rss

Subject: CPU utilization, top Blender video tutorials, Python, Linux, Stratis, Pidgin, and more

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] contributor Brendan Gregg gave an UPSCALE talk at SCaLE 16x in March and we posted the video, CPU utilization is wrong, which was a big hit with readers last week. Read on for more of our most popular posts from the week of April 23-29.

[#] Tue May 01 2018 12:36:19 EDT from rss

Subject: Firefox to feature sponsored content as of next week

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Mozilla thinks you won’t mind analytical action on the client. The Mozilla Foundation has revealed that links to sponsored content have started to appear in its Firefox browser and pledged it delivers them without invading users’ privacy.…

[#] Tue May 01 2018 13:57:40 EDT from rss @

Subject: Linux Mistakes Newbies Make

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Some of the most common mistakes that newbies make when using Linux desktops for the first time.

[#] Tue May 01 2018 15:07:46 EDT from rss

Subject: CorvOS: A custom, Linux-based solution for the classroom

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While many schools invest in Chromebooks and iPads, a growing flock of Linux-forward institutions is mapping an alternate route. I recently caught up with one innovative educator and IT leader from my home state. Aaron Prisk is the network administrator at West Branch Area School District, a small rural school an hour north of State College, more

[#] Tue May 01 2018 16:11:38 EDT from rss

Subject: Making data-intensive processing efficient and portable with Apache Beam

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The appearance of Hadoop and its related ecosystem was like a Cambrian explosion of open source tools and frameworks to process big amounts of data. But companies who invested early in big data found some challenges. For example, they needed engineers with expert knowledge not only on distributed systems and data processing but also on Java and the related JVM-based languages and tools.

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