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[#] Tue Mar 06 2018 17:26:35 EST from rss

Subject: Hacking operation uses malicious Word documents to target aid organisations

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A newly uncovered 'nation-state level' cyber espionage operation has targeted humanitarian aid organisations around the globe via the use of backdoors hidden within malicious Word documents.

[#] Tue Mar 06 2018 18:43:51 EST from rss

Subject: Commell launches its first ARM-based Pico-ITX

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Commell’s Pico-ITX “LP-150” SBC runs Android or Linux on a quad -A7 Rockchip RK3128 SoC, and provides 8GB eMMC, GbE, WiFi, LVDS, HDMI, and dual USB ports. Commell announced the LP-150, a Rockchip RK3128 based Pico-ITX SBC that appears to be its first ARM-based embedded board of any kind.

[#] Tue Mar 06 2018 20:00:06 EST from rss

Subject: Open source community crams itself into big tent

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Can't we just get along? At a sunny California inn with hors d'oeuvres, most definitelyAt the Open Source Leadership Summit in Sonoma, California, on Tuesday, members of the open source community gathered under a big tent.…

[#] Tue Mar 06 2018 21:17:23 EST from rss

Subject: How to install ERPNext on Debian 9

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ERPNext is a free and open source ERP software written in Python on top of the Frappe framework and includes Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing, CRM, Sales, Purchase, Project Management, HRMS and more. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install ERPNext on Debian 9 server.

[#] Tue Mar 06 2018 22:33:39 EST from rss

Subject: Best Laptop for Running Linux

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A survey to find out reader's favourite laptop for running Linux.

[#] Tue Mar 06 2018 23:35:38 EST from rss

Subject: Most Useful Linux Commands You Can Run in Windows 10

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This article is meant for greenhorn developers who use Windows 10 machines but want to learn about Linux as it’s the dominant platform in the cloud, whether it be Azure, AWS, or private cloud. In a nutshell, it’s intended for Windows 10 users who are new to Linux.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 00:56:04 EST from rss

Subject: How to install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors 4.8.7 as a Snap Package

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ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors are free open-source document editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations working offline, distributed under the GNU AGPL v.3. This tutorial shows how to install ONLYOFFICE with a single command as a Snap package.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 02:16:24 EST from rss

Subject: diff -u: Linus Posting Habits

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A look into how, when and why Linus posts to the kernel mailing list. Linus Torvalds sometimes is criticized for bombastically cursing out kernel developers. He does do this, but it's not his default behavior, and I think the real nature of when and how he posts to the mailing list is interesting.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 03:19:57 EST from rss

Subject: What

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IT automation ....Now, there’s just one question: What’s next? We asked a range of experts to share a peek into the not-so-distant future of automation. Here are six trends they advise IT leaders to monitor closely.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 04:37:23 EST from rss

Subject: World's biggest DDoS attack record broken after just five days

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Last week, the code repository GitHub was taken off air in a 1.3Tbps denial of service attack. We predicted then that there would be more such attacks and it seems we were right.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 05:54:40 EST from rss

Subject: You Can Now Run Linux on Sony's PlayStation 4 Gaming Console, Here's How

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If you ever dreamed of running a Linux-based operating system on your Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console, it looks like it's now finally possible thanks to the hard work of a few skilled developers.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 07:13:57 EST from rss

Subject: Kubernetes Graduates CNCF Incubator, Debuts New Sandbox

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Kubernetes becomes the first project to graduate through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's incubation process.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 08:15:58 EST from rss

Subject: Install KDE Plasma on Arch Linux

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KDE Plasma Desktop Environment is one of the cleanest, fastest, and polished desktop environments on Linux. KDE 5 desktop needs less memory to run. It is lightweight. It is also very responsive. KDE 5 is my favorite desktop environment. In this article, I will show you how to install KDE 5 Plasma desktop environment on Arch Linux. Let’s get started.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 09:32:15 EST from rss

Subject: Install Flathub apps on Fedora

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Flathub is a third party repository of applications that are packaged in the Flatpak format. Many Flathub apps are also in the main Fedora repositories, but in some cases it ships newer and in-development versions of these apps. Additionally, Flathub... Continue Reading →

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 10:49:29 EST from rss

Subject: How To Check All Running Services In Linux

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2DayGeek: How to check all running services through SysVinit & systemd system.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 12:05:44 EST from rss

Subject: GitHub makes open-source project licensing easier with an open-source program

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VIDEO: How do you address handling open-source licensing for your program? By using an open-source program!

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 13:21:59 EST from rss to aspberry Pi

Subject: Host your own email with projectx/os and a Raspberry Pi

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There are plenty of reasons not to want to hand off the tasks of storing your data and running your services to third-party companies; privacy, ownership, and avoiding abusive "monetization" are some of the top ones. But for most people, the task of running a server is just too time-consuming and requires too much-specialized knowledge. Instead, we compromise. We put aside our worries and just use cloud-hosted corporate services, with all the advertising, data mining and selling, and everything else that comes with more

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 16:09:44 EST from rss

Subject: What Is sosreport? And How It Helps To Troubleshoot Issue In Linux

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2DayGeek: sosreport allows admin to diagnose system issue.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 17:10:44 EST from rss

Subject: SOGo v4.0 now available

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SOGo v4 has been released with major enhancements such as full S/MIME support, new calendar view, better handling of repetitive events and SQL-based authentication sources. Moreover, SOGo v4 brings major improvements and fixes over previous versions regarding Enterprise ActiveSync support and regarding its web interface.

[#] Wed Mar 07 2018 18:11:44 EST from rss

Subject: You got your VM in my container

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Containers and Kubernetes have been widely promoted as "disruptive" technologies that will replace everything that preceded them, most notably virtual machine (VM) management platforms such as vSphere and OpenStack. Instead, as with most platform innovations, Kubernetes is more often used to add a layer to (or complement) more

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