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[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 02:20:21 EST from rss

Subject: Keylogger found on thousands of WordPress-based sites

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A new report from researchers at Sucuri reveals that websites are once again being found infected by cryptomining code - stealing the resources of visiting computers to mine for the Monero cryptocurrency.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 03:37:22 EST from rss

Subject: Linux 4.15 Kernel, GCC, LinxBoot Project and More Cryptojacking

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[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 04:54:44 EST from rss

Subject: Ubuntu reverting to Xorg in Bionic Beaver

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Wayland doesn't share nicely, and its crashes are catastrophicTen years' worth of effort to replace the Xorg graphics framework has been given a “must try harder” mark by Ubuntu, which says its next release will not use Wayland by default.…

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 06:11:28 EST from rss to aspberry Pi

Subject: How to Install and Configure RecalBox on Raspberry Pi

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RecalBox is an operating system that includes a wide variety of video game consoles, arcade systems and PCs. This guide will go through the steps to install and configure RecalBox on a Raspberry Pi.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 07:14:29 EST from rss

Subject: Linux Monitoring Tool Detects Meltdown Attacks

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The security company SentinelOne has released a free-to-use monitoring tool that will alert when attackers attempt to exploit the Meltdown vulnerability.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 08:31:12 EST from rss

Subject: Installing Awstat for analyzing Apache logs

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AWSTAT is free an very powerful log analyser tool for apache log files. After analyzing logs from apache, it present them in easy to understand graphical format. Awstat is short for Advanced Web statistics &...

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 13:06:39 EST from rss

Subject: 12 Practical Examples Of wget Command In Linux

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Wget is a useful GNU command line utility used to download files from internet. This utility can download the files from servers using popular protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. It runs in the background (non-interactive) and hence can be used in scripts and cron jobs. GNU Wget was written by Hrvoje Nikši? and currently, it is under Tim Rühsen, Darshit Shah, and Giuseppe Scrivano.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 13:21:54 EST from rss

Subject: A Korean Android OEM is Bullied by Patent Trolls Which Microsoft Gave Patents to and Paid

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Even though LG already pays Microsoft ‘protection’ money for alleged patent infringements in Linux (since 2007) the trolls that are connected to Microsoft carry on chasing it with lawsuits in East Texas, so Microsoft’s ‘protection’ is illusionary at best and Microsoft is a back-stabbing ‘ally’

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 14:08:10 EST from rss

Subject: Truly open education will require sweeping changes

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It is no secret that American schools have struggled to prepare students for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Critics have blamed schools' shortcomings on a variety of factors: change-resistant bureaucracy, low standards, straying too far from the Three R's, inadequate teacher training, and more. One potential root cause of this fundamental issue is that the education system isn't built to be responsive to a rapidly changing more

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 15:09:10 EST from rss

Subject: Ansible: Making Things Happen

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Finally, an automation framework that thinks like a sysadmin. Ansible,you're hired.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 16:10:34 EST from rss

Subject: tmux

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2DayGeek: tmux stands for terminal multiplexer, it allows users to create/enable multiple terminals (vertical & horizontal) in a single window.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 16:56:19 EST from rss

Subject: Monitoring network bandwidth with iftop command

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System Admins are required to monitor IT infrastructure to make sure that everything is up & running. We have to monitor performance of hardware i.e memory, hdds & CPUs etc & so does we...

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 17:57:47 EST from rss

Subject: Graphics and music tools for game development

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In early October, our club, Geeks and Gadgets from Marshall University, participated in the inaugural Open Jam, a game jam that celebrated the best of open source tools. Game jams are events where participants work as teams to develop computer games for fun. Jams tend to be very short—only three days long—and very more

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 18:58:47 EST from deployment

Subject: TripleO QuickStart (Master) overcloud containerized HA deployment

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This is an immediate follow up for Syntax of deploy-config.yaml template was changed to handle three node PCS Controllers cluster deployment. Containerized Deployment finishes up with 1.2 GB in Swap area. So it's just a POC done on 32 GB VIRTHOST. At the time of writing you needUNDERCLOUD 12 GB and 6 VCPUS at least,e.g. 48(64) GB RAM on VIRTHOST. Each overcloud node should have 8 GB RAM and 2 VCPUS.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 20:00:11 EST from rss

Subject: Linux ln Command Tutorial for Beginners (5 Examples)

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Sometimes, while working on the command line, you need to create links between files. This can be achieved using a dedicated command, dubbed ln. In this tutorial, we will discuss the basics of this tool using some easy to understand examples.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 20:45:56 EST from rss

Subject: PICLUSTER 2.3 IS OUT!

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Let’s take a look at what is new in this release.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 21:46:58 EST from rss

Subject: Use of du & df commands (with examples)

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du command (short for disk usage) is useful command which is used to find disk usage for files & directories. du command when used with various options provides results in many formats.

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 22:48:05 EST from rss

Subject: Refreshing old computers with Linux

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It's nearly impossible to enter a school these days without seeing an abundance of technology. Despite this influx of computers into education, funding inequity forces school systems to make difficult choices. Some educators see things as they are and wonder, "Why?" while others see problems as opportunities and think, "Why not?"Andrew Dobbie is one of those visionaries who saw his love of Linux and computer reimaging as a unique learning opportunity for his more

[#] Tue Jan 30 2018 23:50:31 EST from rss

Subject: Linux Kernel 4.15:

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Linus Torvalds released version 4.15 of the Linux Kernel on Sunday, again, and for a second version in a row, a week later than scheduled. The culprits for the late release were the Meltdown and Spectre bugs, as these two vulnerabilities forced developers to submit major patches well into what should have been the last cycle. Torvalds was not comfortable rushing the release, so he gave it another week.

[#] Wed Jan 31 2018 00:51:31 EST from rss

Subject: How to Install ionCube Loader on Debian 9

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In this tutorial, we will explain how to install ionCube Loader on Debian 9 server. IonCube is a PHP extension that can be used for decoding secured encrypted PHP files at runtime.

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