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[#] Tue Jan 02 2018 13:27:37 EST from rss

Subject: Best open source tutorials in 2017

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A well-written tutorial is a great supplement to any software's official documentation. It can also be an effective alternative if that official documentation is poorly written, incomplete, or non-existent.In 2017, published a number of excellent tutorials on a variety of topics. Those tutorials weren't just for experts. We aimed them at users of all levels of skill and experience.Let's take a look at the best of those more

[#] Tue Jan 02 2018 14:28:37 EST from rss

Subject: Best Linux Music Players To Stream Online Music

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?For all the music lovers, what better way to enjoy music and relax than to stream your music online. Below are some of the best Linux music players out there you can use to stream music online and how you can get them running on your machine. It will be worth your while.

[#] Tue Jan 02 2018 15:47:55 EST from rss

Subject: Hyperledger 3 years later: That's the sound of the devs... working on the chain ga-a-ang

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But is anyone actually using it?The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project was announced in December 2015. When Apache Web server daddy Brian Behlendorf took the helm five months later, the Foundation’s blockchain baby was still embryonic. He called it “day zero.”…

[#] Tue Jan 02 2018 16:49:23 EST from rss

Subject: Eelo: A Google-less Android alternative emerges

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Dislike Apple's iPhone proprietary software with its battery malware? Tired of having Google look over your shoulder on Android? You're not alone. Gaël Duval, creator of the popular early Linux distribution, Mandrake Linux, is sick and tired of both, so he's building his own Android-based mobile operating system: eelo, an easy-to-use, Google-free, pro-privacy Android clone for your smartphone.

[#] Tue Jan 02 2018 17:50:23 EST from rss

Subject: Linux resolutions for 2018

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It’s always a good idea to start a new year with renewed intentions to be even better users and administrators of our Linux systems. For auld lang syne (for the sake of old times), let's touch on some of the ways we might improve our system practices in 2018.

[#] Tue Jan 02 2018 19:06:38 EST from rss

Subject: Google Releases January 2018's Android Security Patch for Pixel and Nexus Devices

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Google is kicking off 2018 strong with the release of January's Android Security Patch for supported Pixel and Nexus devices, addressing a total of 38 security vulnerabilities.

[#] Wed Dec 31 1969 19:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: 10 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

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It is often seen that people get confused over choosing Windows or Linux as host operating system in both server and desktop spaces. People will focus on aspects of cost, the functionality provided, hardware compatibility, support, reliability, security, pre-built software, cloud-readiness etc. before they finalize. In this regard, this article covers ten reasons of using Linux over Windows.

[#] Tue Jan 02 2018 21:23:53 EST from rss

Subject: Driving Open Standards in a Fragmented Networking Landscape

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Once upon a time, standards were our friends. They provided industry-accepted blueprints for building homogeneous infrastructures that were reliably interoperable. Company A could confidently build an application and - because of standards - know that it would perform as expected on infrastructure run by Company B.

[#] Tue Jan 02 2018 22:24:53 EST from rss

Subject: Critical Flaw Reported In phpMyAdmin Lets Attackers Damage Databases

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A critical security vulnerability has been reported in phpMyAdmin-one of the most popular applications for managing the MySQL database-which could allow remote attackers to perform dangerous database operations just by tricking administrators into clicking a link.

[#] Tue Jan 02 2018 23:42:09 EST from rss

Subject: Linux uptime Command Explained for Beginners with Examples

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If you are a Linux newbie, and have interest in system administration, or you want to become a power user, then you need to have a solid knowledge of the command line. In this article, we will discuss the basics of the uptime command using some easy to understand examples.

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 00:43:09 EST from rss

Subject: Wine 2.0.4 Brings Civilization VI, Mafia 3, WinRAR, and Mixcraft 8 Improvements

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While the Linux world is waiting impatiently for the major Wine 3.0 release, which was promised to use by the end of 2017, the Wine team announced today the availability of Wine 2.0.4.

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 02:00:25 EST from rss

Subject: Simple guide for CPanel installation on CentOS & RHEL

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In this tutorial, we will be discussing Cpanel installation on Centos Machines. Cpanel is the best & most widely used Webhosting panel. Its so popular that almost all hosting companies, i have came across, uses it for hosting wordpress, joomla or other content management based websites.

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 03:07:31 EST from rss

Subject: Teaching open source graphic design is a learning experience

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"Would you like to teach a class to high school sophomores?" the staff email asked. Well, sure I would! Now I had an opportunity to teach whatever I wanted. Of course, I chose my two favorite subjects: graphic design and open source. I submitted a proposal to teach a class called Graphic Design Using Open Source Tools for the St. Lawrence University Scholars Enrichment Program (SLUSEP) over eight Saturday mornings. My proposal was accepted.

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 04:08:31 EST from rss

Subject: cURL vs. wget: Their Differences, Usage and Which One You Should Use

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There are two main options for downloading content from the Linux command line. Learn the differences between wget and cURL.

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 05:25:46 EST from rss

Subject: Eelo: A Google-less Android alternative emerges

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Linux pioneer Gaël Duval is working on an easy-to-use, Google-free, pro-privacy Android clone for your smartphone.

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 06:26:50 EST from rss

Subject: Open-source civil war: Olive branch offered in trademark spat... with live grenade attached

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Software Freedom Law Center claims Software Freedom Conservancy committed fraudA few days before the Christmas holiday, the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) made a peace offering of sorts in an ostensible effort to resolve its trademark dispute with the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC).…

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 07:44:02 EST from rss

Subject: How I teach open source to true newcomers

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Those who are new to the idea of open organizations (and open source in general) may have a difficult time envisioning how the open organization principles are incorporated as part of an existing culture. Many of these folks may not be participating in—or even have had extensive exposure to—an open organization, and therefore may not have ready access to a live community from which to observe and from which to more

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 13:58:59 EST from rss

Subject: Best Open Source Web Browsers

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?The browser market has always been hot with some really great offerings. Even though the Google-owned ‘Chrome’ holds the biggest share in the browser market, some of us might find it a little unsafe since it is not open-source. Nevertheless, here we compiled a list of the best open source web browsers for you.

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 15:00:59 EST from rss

Subject: Step By Step Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) LAMP Server Setup

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Step By Step Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) LAMP Server Setup

[#] Wed Jan 03 2018 16:17:14 EST from rss

Subject: How to speed up Apache with Varnish HTTP cache on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to install and configure the Varnish HTTP accelerator as a reverse proxy for an Apache web server. Varnish is a proxy server focused on HTTP caching. It's designed as an HTTP accelerator and can act as a reverse proxy for your web server.

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