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[#] Thu Nov 02 2017 21:41:32 EDT from rss

Subject: A Tale of Two Arches: ArchLabs and ArchMerge

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he rapidly growing Archlabs Linux distribution has split into two as the developers clash. As a result, we now have a new Linux distribution called ArchMerge.

[#] Thu Nov 02 2017 23:13:02 EDT from rss

Subject: F1 2017 released for Linux as Feral Interactive

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[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 00:44:31 EDT from rss

Subject: buntu 16.04

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Discourse is a free and open source software for creating Internet forum community and mailing list. Discourse forum software has been used by many organizations, including Codeacademy, Udacity, Twitter Developers, and Docker Community Forum. In this tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how to install and configure Discourse Forum with Nginx web server on Ubuntu 16.04.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 02:00:47 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Install LineageOS on Raspberry Pi

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LineageOS is a popular Android ROM. Recently, it was ported to the Raspberry Pi. Follow this process to install LineageOS on your Raspberry Pi.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 03:38:05 EDT from rss

Subject: Intel debuts “Arduino Create” software on a new UP Squared Grove kit

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Intel unveiled an “Arduino Create” toolkit for Intel-based systems running Linux. It debuts on a new Ubuntu-based “UP Squared IoT Grove Development Kit.” Intel may have killed its Curie-enabled Arduino 101 SBC when it discontinued the Curie, but now it’s working to improve Arduino connectivity on Intel based systems running Linux with its cloud-based Arduino […]

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 04:54:20 EDT from rss

Subject: RaspArch OS That Lets You Run Arch Linux on Your Raspberry Pi 3 Gets an Update

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GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton updated today his RaspArch project that lets users run the famous Arch Linux operating system on their Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 2 SBCs.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 06:26:59 EDT from rss

Subject: Using OPNFV to Comprehensively Test Your NFV Cloud

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In this article series, we have been discussing the Understanding OPNFV book (see links to previous articles below). Here, we will look at OPNFV continuous testing and writing and onboarding VNFs.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 07:46:21 EDT from rss

Subject: Analyzing Song Lyrics

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I was reading about the history of The Beatles a few days ago and bumped into aninteresting fact. According to the author, The Beatles used the word"love" in their songs more than 160 times. At first I thought,"cool", but the more I thought about it, the more I became skeptical about the figure. Infact, I suspect that the word "love" shows up considerably more than 160times.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 09:17:51 EDT from rss

Subject: Making transparency work for Harvard's Dataverse Project

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A culture of transparency permeates the Dataverse project, contributing to its adoption in dozens of research institutions around the world. Headquartered at Harvard University, the Dataverse development team has more than a decade of experience operating as an open source project within an organization that values transparency: the Institute of Quantitative Social Science (IQSS). Working transparently helps the Dataverse team communicate changes to current development efforts, provides opportunities for the community to support each other, and facilitates contribution to the more

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 10:34:06 EDT from rss

Subject: 4 cool new projects to try in COPR for November

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COPR is a collection of personal repositories for software that isn’t carried in Fedora. Some software doesn’t conform to standards that allow easy packaging. Or it may not meet other Fedora standards, despite being free and open source. COPR can offer these... Continue Reading →

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 12:05:35 EDT from rss

Subject: Top Ways To Learn Linux Online

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Diving into the world of Linux can sometimes appear to be overwhelming to the newcomer. While anything browser-based is essentially the same as it is in Windows, there are some stark differences once you take the plunge and install Linux for the first time.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 13:38:06 EDT from rss

Subject: Ubuntu 17.10 quick screenshot tour

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Ubuntu 17.10 is the newest version of this world famous Linux distribution, and this one is especially interesting because Canonical decided to dump its controversial Unity baby and use GNOME desktop environment instead.It means that there are no longer separate Ubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME distributions. They are now the same. Linux notes from DarkDuck has reviewed the Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 not that long ago.Let's now have a quick whistle stop tour on Ubuntu 17.10 with GNOME desktop environment.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 14:55:23 EDT from rss

Subject: Testing IPv6 Networking in KVM: Part 1

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Nothing beats hands-on playing with IPv6 addresses to get the hang of how they work, and setting up a little test lab in KVM is as easy as falling over — and more fun. In this two-part series, we will learn about IPv6 private addressing and configuring test networks in KVM.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 16:42:08 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Install Nagios 4.3.x Monitoring Tool on Debian 9

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This tutorial will show you how to install and configure the latest version of Nagios Core, currently 4.3.4, from sources in Debian 9.1, codename Stretch. Nagios, also known as Nagios Core, is a free Open Source network monitoring tool actively maintained by its developers, designed to monitor an entire network infrastructure.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 18:14:29 EDT from rss

Subject: The 10 best ways to secure your Android phone

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Malware makers, phishers, they really are all out to get you. Here[he]#039[/he]s how to stop them in their tracks. The most secure smartphones are Android smartphones. Don't buy that? Apple's latest version of iOS 11 was cracked a day -- a day! -- after it was released. So Android is perfect? Heck no!

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 19:45:59 EDT from rss

Subject: Galit Shmueli et al.'s Data Mining for Business Analytics (Wiley)

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The updated 5th edition of the book Data Mining for Business Analytics from Galit Shmueli and collaborators and published by Wiley is a standard guide to data mining and analytics that adds two new co-authors and a trove of new material vis-[he]aacute[/he]-vis its predecessor.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 21:02:14 EDT from rss

Subject: Skylake-based touch panels offer up to IP69 protection

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Wincomm’s Linux-ready “WTP-9E66” resistive touch-panel PCs come in IP66 protected 15-, 19-, and 22-inch models, with optional PCAP, IP67, and IP69. Some Wincomm products are listed only with Windows support, but the new WTP-9E66 touch-panel series has no OS listed, and Wincomm informs us that all of its x86-based embedded touch-panel, signage, and industrial computers can also work with Linux.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 22:33:43 EDT from "rss" <inal Answer>

Subject: Laptops Vs. Desktops

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Laptops V/S Desktops. This has been a long-running debate with loyal supporters for each side. However, one cannot blindly choose a side just by seeing the glitter and gold. Choosing one over the other will define your entire computing experience. So it is of utmost importance to know the pros and cons of each before cashing in on anyone.

[#] Sat Nov 04 2017 00:21:29 EDT from rss

Subject: The November 2017 Issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine

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The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the November 2017 issue.

[#] Sat Nov 04 2017 02:23:29 EDT from rss

Subject: Zorin OS: From the Hobby Project of Two Teenagers to a Growing Startup

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Two teenagers created a Linux distribution 8 years back. Today it has become a prominent name in the Linux world. Artyom Zorin tells the inside story of Zorin OS and its future goals.

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