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[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 03:07:25 EST from rss

Subject: What If Mesos Metrics Collection Was a Snap?

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Roger Ignazio, tech lead at Mesosphere, introduces the Snap plugin for Apache Mesos at MesosCon Asia 2016. Snap is an open telemetry framework that simplifies the collection, processing, and publishing of system data through a single API. It collects hundreds of metrics from Mesos masters and agents and helps you can make sense of this mass of data so that you can monitor your cluster operations.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 04:23:37 EST from rss

Subject: Dell doubles down on high-end Ubuntu Linux laptops

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Developers know Dell has a great Ubuntu Linux powered programmer[he]#039[/he]s laptop, the XPS 13. Few people know that Dell also offers Ubuntu on its high-end Precision mobile workstation line.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 05:39:52 EST from rss

Subject: Firefox 52.0 Released as ESR Branch, Will Receive Security Updates Until 2018

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Back in January, we told you that the development of the Firefox 52.0 kicked off with the first Beta release and promised to let users send and open tabs from one device to another, among numerous other improvements.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 06:56:07 EST from rss

Subject: Munich might still stick to Linux agreement

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The poster child for the use of Linux by government authorities, the City of Munich, might stick to its commitment to the operating system after all...

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 08:12:22 EST from rss

Subject: Build a smart garden with these 3 DIY Arduino projects

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With warmer weather around the corner here in the US, it's time for gardeners to start making plans for spring and summer. For the more technically minded among us, it's also a good time to start working on DIY projects that can keep things running smoothly. As it turns out, projects based around the Arduino open hardware development board are an excellent place to start. In this article, I've rounded up three cool Arduino-based projects that take your garden to the next more

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 09:28:37 EST from rss

Subject: A warning (?) about the Litebook?

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...there are way too many red flags with Litebook here that I just cannot ignore it and encourage you to buy it....

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 10:29:37 EST from rss

Subject: How to Install Go (Go Programming Language) in Linux

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Go is expressive, simple, reliable, concise, clean, and efficient programming language which make programmers to write/develop application easily.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 11:45:52 EST from rss to aspberry Pi

Subject: How to set up a personal web server with a Raspberry Pi

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A personal web server is "the cloud," except you own and control it as opposed to a large corporation.Owning a little cloud has a lot of benefits, including customization, free storage, free Internet services, a path into open source software, high-quality security, full control over your content, the ability to make quick changes, a place to experiment with code, and much more. Most of these benefits are immeasurable, but financially these benefits can save you over $100 per more

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 12:46:52 EST from rss

Subject: The emerging Linux distribution, Manjaro 17.0 is released

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Not long ago Manjaro released the previous version named 'Fringilla' which was a great success. With growing number of users day by day, developer team released latest version named Manjaro 17.0 'Gellivara' few hours ago. Manjaro 17.0 is released in both official flavors i.e. KDE and Xfce.We are excited to check it out and all features,Check our coverage and more[.......]

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 14:03:07 EST from rss

Subject: 6 Basic Network Commands in Linux

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This Linux tutorial covers some basic network commands which can be useful when troubleshooting networking problems with other servers both within the network and across the Internet, obtaining more information about other servers.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 15:06:09 EST from rss

Subject: How to make release notes count

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Congratulations! You're ready to ship the latest release of your software package. Now you need to make sure your release notes are in order. Sure, you could just slap "bug fixes and performance improvements" on the box and call it a day, but that doesn't really tell your users more

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 16:23:25 EST from rss

Subject: How to Install Manjaro 17.0

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Empty message

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 17:27:35 EST from rss

Subject: Lots new in Firefox, including support for WebAssembly

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Today’s release of Firefox introduces great new features, making the browser more powerful, convenient, and secure across all your devices. WebAssembly enables near-native performance for games and apps Firefox has a rich history of giving the web new and amazing...

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 18:29:29 EST from rss

Subject: Linux Mint Debian Edition A Spinoff To The Main Edition

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Empty message

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 19:47:46 EST from rss

Subject: HackerOne offers bug bounty service for free to open-source projects

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HackerOne, the company behind one of the most popular vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platforms, has decided to make its professional service available to open-source projects for free.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 20:50:48 EST from rss

Subject: Pico-ITX SBC runs Linux on quad -A53 Snapdragon

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F[he]S unveiled a Linux-ready “armStone A53SD” Pico-ITX SBC with a Snapdragon 410E, up to 8GB LPDDR3 and 32GB eMMC, plus Ethernet, WiFi, BT, and 4x USB ports. F&S Elektronik Systeme is expanding its line of armStone-branded Pico-ITX boards, including its i.MX6-based ArmStone A9-v2, with an armStone A53SD SBC that employs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410E.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 21:53:50 EST from rss

Subject: Put down the coffee, stop slacking your app chaps or whatever - and patch Wordpress

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Internet scribblers who use WordPress must update their installation of the publishing tool following the disclosure and patching of six security holes.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2017 22:56:52 EST from rss

Subject: Industry, and Apple, opposing

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Ahead of a 2010 decision by federal regulators to legalize mobile phone jailbreaking, Apple had cautioned US Copyright Office officials that doing so would have "potentially catastrophic" (PDF) consequences because hackers wielding jailbroken iPhones might take down the nation's mobile phone networks.Clearly, Apple's scare tactics were designed to protect its own business model—as jailbroken phones can bypass Apple' App Store and get apps elsewhere.

[#] Wed Mar 08 2017 00:16:10 EST from ndroid, TVs

Subject: WikiLeaks' CIA document dump shows agency can compromise Android, TVs

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WikiLeaks has released more than 8,700 documents it says come from the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence, with some of the leaks saying the agency had 24 "weaponized" and previously undisclosed exploits for the Android operating system as of 2016.

[#] Wed Mar 08 2017 01:18:11 EST from rss

Subject: Getting Started with LibreOffice 5.2 Official Guide Now Available for Download

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The Document Foundation’s Documentation Team was pleased to announce today the general and immediate availability of an updated Getting Started with LibreOffice.

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