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[#] Sun Oct 02 2016 09:05:06 EDT from rss

Subject: Install MyBB on Ubuntu 16.04

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In today’s article we will install MyBB on a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS.MyBB is a very popular open source, intuitive and extensible forum software developed using PHP and MySQL.

[#] Sun Oct 02 2016 09:35:53 EDT from alban

Subject: SSL_accept failure sometimes, with Outlook on imap 993 SSL

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I have installed citadel on a debian 8 server. Imap is SSL 993, and SSL certificates are configured using let's encrypt.

Using Mozilla Thunderbird, syncing on my IMAP account works flawlessly everytime.

However, using Microsoft Outlook, sometimes (1/3 times) I get an error 0x800CCC0E when attempting to sync.

On the server side, in /var/log/daemon.log, I get

imap SSL_accept failed: retval=-1, errval=1, err=error:00000001:lib(0):func(0):reason(1)

Now, error 1 is SSL_ERROR_SSL, but I can't seem to be able to get more information.


Retrying usually works. Many of my users will be using Outlook to connect.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help!

[#] Sun Oct 02 2016 13:54:51 EDT from rss

Subject: Raspberry Pi: How To Build A Digital Dashboard For An Older Car

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One of the interesting projects where the Raspberry Pi can be applied is in cars not equipped with onboard diagnostics version 2 (or OBD-II).

[#] Sun Oct 02 2016 16:12:06 EDT from rss

Subject: Meet Linux.Mirai Trojan, a DDoS nightmare

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Dubbed Linux.Mirai by researchers; the trojan works with the SPARC, ARM, MIPS, SH-4, M68K architectures and Intel x86 computers.

[#] Sun Oct 02 2016 18:29:21 EDT from rss

Subject: NetworkManager 1.4.2 Released for GNU/Linux Distros with Various Improvements

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Beniamino Galvani announced a new stable release of the NetworkManager network configuration tool suite for GNU/Linux operating system, the second for the latest 1.4 series.

[#] Sun Oct 02 2016 20:46:36 EDT from rss

Subject: Another Crippling Bug From Systemd

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Yet another straw on the overloaded camel's back that is systemd.

[#] Sun Oct 02 2016 23:19:06 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux Kernel 4.8 Officially Released, Merge Window for Kernel 4.9 Now Open

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Today, October 2, 2016, Linus Torvalds announced the release of the Linux 4.8 kernel branch, which is now the latest stable and most advanced one.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 02:06:51 EDT from rss

Subject: Tux Paint Needs Mac Devs, Firefox OS Ends & More…

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Also included: Debian developer Kristoffer H. Rose passes, two new distro releases, Apricity OS adds 32-bit, Canonical gets Kubernetes, Snapcraft gets a new release and getting ready for All Things Open.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 04:54:39 EDT from rss

Subject: Arch Linux 2016.10.01 Now Available for Download, Ships with Linux Kernel 4.7.5

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Another month, another installation medium of the popular and acclaimed Arch Linux operating system has been released. Arch Linux 2016.10.01 arrives on the first day of October with many goodies.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 06:41:27 EDT from rss

Subject: Which Raspberry Pi should you choose for your project?

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There are a number of different models and versions of the Raspberry Pi computer. But which one is best for your project?Here's a summary of the main models available:read more

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 07:42:24 EDT from rss

Subject: Apricity OS, a beautiful way to to enter Arch era

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Back in July 2015, Apricity OS had their first beta released. Today Apricity OS is as stable as it can be and it now receives rolling updates just like arch. Apricity OS is beautiful without a doubt. It uses gnome and cinnamon as their default desktop environment.Apricity offers lot of customization in both of their editions. There are icons, themes, applets and many more. You can even access online collection for themes, icons, applets and else.[.....]

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 08:28:09 EDT from rss

Subject: Mesos and Kubernetes on a hybrid (IBM Power and x86) architecture scenario

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In an actual production environment, our customers often have a complicated application running environment that includes a hybrid architecture, a hybrid distributed system, and so on. Also, our customers prefer a unified container cloud platform and always use Kubernetes as a framework of Mesos. This article can help you to set up Kubernetes on a Mesos cluster on a hybrid architecture.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 09:29:09 EDT from rss

Subject: Install Nextcloud (fork of ownCloud) – Next generation Enterprise file sharing Server on Debian/Ubuntu

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Nextcloud is developed in a transparent way with help of the open source community & keeps your files safe, secure and private.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 10:30:09 EDT from rss

Subject: Indian language localization community meets in New Delhi

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Localization is one of the less glamorous aspects of computing. Despite the fact that less than 6% of the world speaks English, a majority of projects don't feel inclined to accommodate the rest of the population. One of the primary reasons for sticking to English is the steep learning curve and the lack of standardization in various aspects of the localization process. The FUEL Project organized the GILT conference in New Delhi, India September 24-25 to highlight and address these issues.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 11:31:09 EDT from rss

Subject: Have Your Git Rebase and Patch Versioning, Too, With git-series

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The Git distributed revision control system is splendid in a multitude of ways but one -- keeping a good history of patches and commits. Pish tosh, you say, for Git remembers everything! Yes, it does, until you rebase. To solve this problem, Josh Triplett, built a new tool called git-series, which he described in his talk at ContainerCon North America.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 12:16:55 EDT from rss

Subject: 'Cossacks 3' officially due on Linux in the second half of October

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The developers of Cossacks 3 have now put up an official forum post on Steam about the Linux version. They say it will be officially available in the second half of October.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 13:17:54 EDT from rss

Subject: Android malware that can infiltrate corporate networks is spreading

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DressCode, a family of Android malware that has the capability of stealing sensitive files from corporate networks, has been found circulating in at least 3,000 Trojanized apps, security firm Trend Micro said on Friday.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 14:18:54 EDT from rss

Subject: NetBeans IDE 8.2 Download is available now

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NetBeans is now available in 8.2 version with better improvements and better support.According to the release details page,the new NetBeans 8.2 comes with code analysers and editors to work with latest JAVA 8 technologies.Others aren't left behind,Other languages have also new improvements and enhancements with new and some old but improved tool-sets.[.....]

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 15:19:54 EDT from rss

Subject: The Peculiar Case of Email in the Cloud

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Most of the time when I start a project, or spin up a virtual server,it's done in my own basement "server farm". Not too many years ago, ifI wanted those services to be public, I'd simply port-forward from mystatic IP into my personal machines. Or, perhaps I'd set up a name-basedvirtual host as a reverse proxy if I needed to expose a Web app.

[#] Mon Oct 03 2016 16:05:39 EDT from rss

Subject: ROS: An Open Source Robotics Platform on Linux

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Although ROS stands for Robot Operating System, it is really a framework that sits on top of an existing operating system such as GNU/Linux. Packages are provided for Ubuntu Linux to help get your robot up and rolling.

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