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[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 11:45:01 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Create Virtual Machines in oVirt 4.0 Environment

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To Create Virtual Machines from oVirt Engine Web Administrator portal first we have to make sure following things are set.

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 12:46:01 EDT from rss

Subject: Web animation using CSS and JavaScript

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At DrupalCon Dublin 2016, Nikhil Sukul and Vidit Anjaria will discuss animation with Drupal.Basics of animationHistoryThe first hints of 'animation' come from a pottery bowl in Iran, around 5000 years ago. Skip ahead to the 1500s, Leonardo Da Vinci had a few drawings depicting animations. And today, you might think of Walt Disney as the modern animation more

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 13:47:05 EDT from rss

Subject: Canonical Patches OpenSSL Regression in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS and 12.04 LTS

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After announcing a few days ago that a new, important OpenSSL update is available for all supported Ubuntu OSes, Canonical's Marc Deslauriers now informs the community about another patch to address a regression.

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 14:32:49 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Set Legacy Bios in HP ProLiant GEN9 Server

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n HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers by default boot mode is UEFI, but there are some scenarios where to you want switch from UEFI Bios to Legacy Bios in HP ProLiant Gen9 servers.

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 15:33:46 EDT from rss

Subject: NAS-targeted Skylake Mini-ITX loads up on SATA, GbE, PCIe

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Aaeon’s Linux-friendly “EMB-Q170C” Mini-ITX board targets NAS applications with 6th Gen Intel Core CPUs, 6x SATA III, 4x USB 3.0, and PCIe x8 and M.2 slots. Aaeon’s EMB-Q170C Mini-ITX board is the most storage-rich member of its EMB-Q170 line of Mini-ITX boards, following the EMB-Q170A, EMB-Q170B, and EMB-H110B boards announced in March. Like these boards […]

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 16:25:37 EDT from rss

Subject: Help Fix Copyright: Send a Rebellious Selfie to European Parliament (Really!)

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The EU’s proposed copyright reform keeps in place retrograde laws that make many normal online creative acts illegal. The same restrictive laws will stifle innovation and hurt technology businesses. Let’s fix it. Sign Mozilla’s petition, watch and share videos, and...

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 17:26:37 EDT from rss

Subject: nginx

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Engineers love to think that they make decisions based on purelogic and merit. But of course, everyone has biases in terms ofprogramming languages, editors and other technologies—biases thatprobably can be defended in technical terms, but that often come down to anemotional argument as much as a technical one.

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 18:27:37 EDT from rss

Subject: Steam now has above 2,500 Linux & SteamOS games available

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I've seen some posts on reddit and across the wider net about Steam hitting around 2,000 games for Linux. The truth is the number is actually quite a lot higher.

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 19:28:37 EDT from rss

Subject: Contributing to an Open Source Project

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There are many ways to contribute to an open source project. There are also many reasons for doing so. But before jumping in, you might want to know how things generally work within these projects.

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 20:14:22 EDT from rss

Subject: Fedora 24 -- The Best Distro for DevOps?

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“Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” Winston Churchill.If you have been to any DevOps-focused conferences -- whether it’s OpenStack Summit or DockerCon -- you will see a sea of MacBooks. Thanks to its UNIX base, availability of Terminal app and Homebrew, Apple hardware is extremely popular among DevOps professionals.

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 21:15:22 EDT from rss

Subject: goes Cortex-M4 with IoT Edition and Carbon SBC

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Linaro,, and SeeedStudio have launched the first 96Boards IoT Edition SBC: the $28 BLE-ready “BLE Carbon” that runs Zephyr on an ST Cortex-M4. Linaro Ltd and its open hardware standardization group announced the first non-Linux and MCU based 96Boards single board computer.

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 22:16:23 EDT from rss

Subject: Fusion 3, the next generation game engine and editor from Clickteam will support Linux

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Clickteam are the company behind some really cool tools like Fusion, previously called Multimedia Fusion. They did an AMA today where a developer noted their Fusion 3 editor is running on Linux and other platforms.

[#] Tue Sep 27 2016 23:17:23 EDT from rss

Subject: An Introduction to GNOME Boxes (virtualization) on Linux

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GNOME Boxes is a system virtualization application that is a core part of the GNOME desktop environment. Based on the QEMU machine emulator, it offers a simplified and user-friendly approach to the whole OS virtualization idea. This post is just an introduction to its capabilities and a statement that it finally works in other distributions besides Fedora.

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 00:03:07 EDT from rss

Subject: Latest Firefox Expands Multi-Process Support and Delivers New Features for Desktop and Android

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With the change of the season, we’ve worked hard to release a new version of Firefox that delivers the best possible experience across desktop and Android.

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 01:04:07 EDT from rss

Subject: GNOME 3.22 Supports Flatpak Cross-Linux Distribution Framework

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GNOME 3.22, the second major update this year to the GNOME desktop environment, debuted Sept. 21—and since then, has made its way into the repositories of Linux distributions

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 02:05:07 EDT from rss

Subject: Free Today: September Issue of Linux Journal

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For a limited time, the September issue of Linux Journal is free of charge, no strings attached, just click thru to start your download.

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 03:06:14 EDT from rss

Subject: Ubuntu’s OpenStack on IBM’s Big Iron

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The use of Ubuntu's cloud platform is likely to escalate now that IBM and Ubuntu's parent company, Canonical, have formed a partnership that brings Ubuntu OpenStack to Big Blue's metal. According to an announcement released September 19 by Ubuntu, its implementation of the open source cloud platform is now available to run on the entire line of IBM servers.

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 03:52:00 EDT from rss

Subject: KDE's Kirigami UI Framework for Mobile and Convergent Apps Hits 1.1 Milestone

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The KDE developers proudly announced the availability of the first point release for their recently introduced Kirigami UI framework to create mobile and convergent applications.

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 04:52:59 EDT from rss

Subject: EFF calls on HP to disable printer ink self-destruct sequence

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"The software update that prevented the use of third-party ink was reportedly distributed in March, but this anti-feature itself wasn't activated until September," EFF Special Advisor Cory Doctorow wrote in a letter to HP Inc. CEO Dion Weisler. "That means that HP knew, for at least six months, that some of its customers were buying your products because they believed they were compatible with any manufacturer's ink, while you had already planted a countdown timer in their property that would take this feature away.

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 05:53:59 EDT from rss

Subject: The Linux Setup - Daniel Foré, elementary OS

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An interview with the project lead of elementary OS about his favorite software.é-elementary-os#_=_

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