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[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 00:48:51 EST from rss <>

Subject: Expanding Mozilla's boards in 2023

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As Mozilla reaches its 25th anniversary this year, we’re working hard to set up our “next chapter” — thinking bigger and being bolder about how we can shape the coming era of the internet. We’re working to expand our product offerings, creating multiple options for consumers, audiences and business models. We’re growing our philanthropic and […]

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 01:52:54 EST from rss <>

Subject: Machine Learning in Linux: Whisper – automatic speech recognition system

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Whisper is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask supervised data collected from the web. Powered by deep learning and neural networks, Whisper is a natural language processing system that’s built on PyTorch.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 03:12:17 EST from rss <>

Subject: Nitrux 2.7 Provides Users with a Choice between Plasma and Maui

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Nitrux 2.7 arrives in two separate editions, Plasma and Maui, giving users the latest Linux kernel 6.1, Plasma 5.27.2, and Maui Apps 2.2.2.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 04:32:36 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Wallabag on Ubuntu 22.04

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Wallabag is a read-it-later kind of service. It allows you to save webpages to read later at your leisure pace. This tutorial will cover installing and setting up Wallabag on a server running Ubuntu 22.04.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 05:37:40 EST from rss <>

Subject: Challenger RP2040 board enabled with NFC

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ILABS has introduced a low-power embedded device based on the RP2040 microcontroller equipped with an on-board NFC controller. The Challenger RP2040 NFC provides flexible I/Os and support for LiPo batteries for portable applications.  This new NFC embedded device appears to be part of the Challenger Series built around the RP2040 microcontrollers. RP2040 — 32-bit Dual-core Arm […]

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 06:57:59 EST from rss <>

Subject: LibreELEC 11 Launches with Kodi 20, Support for NVIDIA GPUs

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LibreELEC 11 Linux-based JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) for the Kodi media player and embedded devices is now available for download with various new features and improvements.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 12:37:06 EST from rss <>

Subject: Audacious 4.3 Audio Player Adds PipeWire Plugin, Native Opus Decoder, and More

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Audacious 4.3 open-source, cross-platform, and free audio player has been released as a major update that brings support for some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies, as well as various improvements.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 13:57:25 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install and Configure Nagios on Rocky Linux 9

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Nagios is a popular and one of the most powerful open-source monitoring systems. It monitors your IT infrastructure and keeps your networks, servers, applications and processes running smoothly.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 15:02:29 EST from rss <>

Subject: Linux Kernel 6.3 Rc1 Released with Intel VPU Driver, Rust Updates

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Linus Torvalds releases Linux Kernel 6.3 RC1 for everyone to test, which brings regular updates, more Rust code and more.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 16:22:48 EST from rss <>

Subject: Garuda Linux "Raptor" 230305 Release Drops Latte Dock, Brings Key Changes

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Garuda Linux "Raptor" 230305 released with exciting updates and features. Learn more about the latest release of this Arch-based Linux distro.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 17:44:12 EST from rss <>

Subject: Flathub in 2023: New Web Experience, Direct App Uploads, and More

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Endless OS Foundation CEO and GNOME Board President, Robert McQueen, shares with details about the plans Flathub has for 2023, giving us an early look at the most exciting features coming to Flatpak apps on the Linux desktop.

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 18:49:16 EST from rss <>

Subject: Garuda Linux “Raptor” Replace mkinitcpio in Favor of Dracut

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The Garuda Linux “Raptor” release is one of the most unique and refreshing breaths in the Linux world. So, what are you waiting for? Ride the dragon and fly high!

[#] Tue Mar 07 2023 20:58:23 EST from rss <>

Subject: The value of open source software is more than cost savings

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Key findings of the survey conducted by Dr. Chesbrough conducted via a survey of CIOs and IT managers, including many from Fortune 500 companies, the study found that OSS provides significant cost savings, increased innovation, and improved quality.

[#] Wed Mar 08 2023 10:08:04 EST from rss <>

Subject: SparkyLinux 2023.03 Rolling Brings Linux Kernel 6.1 and KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS

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SparkyLinux 2023.03 has been released today as the March 2023 snapshot of SparkyLinux Rolling, a variant of SparkyLinux based on the software repositories of Debian Testing.

[#] Wed Mar 08 2023 11:44:39 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to use Hald CLUT files on Android (almost the Linux way)

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Hald CLUT files offer a quick and easy way to apply effects to photos, and there are plenty of desktop applications that can handle the task. But if you want to use your favorite Hald CLUT files on an Android device, you'll quickly discover that there are not that many apps (if any at all) that allow you to do that. No problem: instead of relying on a third-party proprietary app, you can roll out your own solution using Termux.

[#] Wed Mar 08 2023 13:19:12 EST from rss <>

Subject: 12 Reasons to Attend This Year’s Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 20x)

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Here’s a dozen reasons, in the form of a dozen items that are on this year’s schedule, to go to this year’s SCALE, which starts Thursday in Pasadena, California.

[#] Wed Mar 08 2023 14:52:07 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install ProcessWire CMS on Debian 11

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ProcessWire is a PHP-based Open-Source CMS used to deploy content on the web. This tutorial will show you how to install ProcessWire CMS on Debian 11.

[#] Wed Mar 08 2023 16:39:32 EST from rss <>

Subject: EndeavourOS Cassini Nova Launches with Linux Kernel 6.2, Bug Fixes

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EndeavourOS developer Bryan Poerwo announced today the general availability of the EndeavourOS Cassini Nova, a new ISO release for this popular rolling-release distribution based on Arch Linux that brings updated components and bug fixes.

[#] Wed Mar 08 2023 18:18:22 EST from rss <>

Subject: Ubuntu Now Officially Supports Microchip’s PolarFire SoC FPGA Icicle Kit RISC-V Board

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Canonical announced today the general availability of official Ubuntu images optimized for Microchip’s PolarFire SoC FPGA Icicle Kit RISC-V development board.

[#] Wed Mar 08 2023 19:51:11 EST from rss <>

Subject: Top 5 Best EPUB Readers for Linux Compared

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This article provides a comprehensive guide to the top EPUB readers available on Linux, including Calibre, Foliate, Bookworm and others.

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