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[#] Tue May 03 2022 08:53:34 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How I use the Bacula GUI for backup and recovery

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Today, when best practices for backup and recovery are more important than ever before, it's good to know that high-end fully open source enterprise backup solutions exist for even the largest organizations. Perhaps the most powerful open source solution in its class is Bacula, a highly scalable software for backup, recovery, and data verification. It is a mature yet still significantly developing project used by MSPs, defense organizations, ISVs, and e-commerce companies worldwide and runs on many different Linux flavors.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 10:13:52 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Automate and manage multiple devices with Remote Home Assistant

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Automation is a hot topic right now. In my day job as an SRE part of my remit is to automate as many repeating tasks as possible. But how many of us do that in our daily, not-work, lives? This year, I am focused on automating away the toil so that we can focus on the things that are important.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 14:23:58 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Tails 5.0 Anonymous OS Officially Released, Based on Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye”

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The Tails developers proudly announced today the release and general availability of Tails 5.0 as a major version of this Debian-based distribution for anonymous surfing of the Internet.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 15:41:14 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Create Your Very Own Operating System With Linux From Scratch Linux

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Not everyone knows this, but you can create your own Linux-based operating system from scratch. Here's how to get started.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 16:44:17 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How To Select And Filter Data From A MySQL Database Using PHP In XAMPP

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In this guide, We will discuss how to select the records from a MySQL database based on specific conditions with the WHERE clause and the SELECT command using PHP in XAMPP stack.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 18:03:34 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Mozilla browser Firefox hits the big 100

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The Mozilla Foundation has released version 100 of its flagship web browser Firefox. There's no link in the above paragraph because, strangely, at the time of writing, the new browser is not officially mentioned anywhere on Mozilla's website. However, you can download it from Mozilla: it's already on the foundation's FTP site. You can choose between versions for macOS, and both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 19:20:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Celebrating Firefox: How we got to 100

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Whether it’s celebrating the first 100 days of school or turning 100 years old, reaching a 100th milestone is a big deal worthy of confetti, streamers and cake, and of course, reflection. Today, Firefox is releasing its 100th version to our users and we wanted to take a moment to pause and look back on how we got to where we are today together as well as what features we are releasing in our 100th version.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 20:24:55 EDT from rss <>

Subject: KDE Plasma 5.24.5 LTS Released with Even More Plasma Wayland Improvements, Bug Fixes

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The KDE Project announced today KDE Plasma 5.24.5 as the fifth maintenance update to the latest and greatest KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS desktop environment series, bringing even more improvements and fixing annoying bugs.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 21:44:12 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to configure key-based authentication for SSH

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Remote connections to a server via Secure Shell (SSH) can be authenticated in two ways. The traditional and default method is to use password authentication. The second approach is key-based authentication, which is based on a private-public key pair.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 23:01:26 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Firefox 100 is now Available for Download. This is What's New

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Release highlights of Firefox 100 which brings GTK Overlay effect, default dark mode for websites and more.

[#] Wed May 04 2022 00:18:43 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Firefox’s Picture-in-Picture rolls out subtitles – a Mozilla Connect community requested feature

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There are so many different ways that Firefox users count on Picture-in-Picture for their best browsing and content viewing experiences..

[#] Wed May 04 2022 01:36:59 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Android Studio on Ubuntu

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The Android OS runs on over 2.5 billion devices around the globe. The need for Android software engineers to develop new apps and maintain the existing ones is huge. Here's how you can get started with Android app development by installing Android Studio on Ubuntu, which comprises Android SDK, Java Development Kit (JDK), and other software needed to start developing native Android apps. Let's begin!

[#] Wed May 04 2022 02:38:00 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Nitrux 2.1.1 Adds New ISO for NVIDIA Users, Eases the Management of Debian Packages

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Uri Herrera announced today the release and general availability of Nitrux 2.1.1 as the first minor point release to the latest Nitrux 2.1 series of this systemd-free Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution.

[#] Wed May 04 2022 03:55:52 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Why and How to Edit Your Sudoers File in Linux

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There's a "sudoers" file in your Linux system that permits and denies users from gaining super-user access. Learn how it works and how you can extend it.

[#] Wed May 04 2022 05:13:10 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Fix Bluetooth rtl8761b Problem on Linux (Ubuntu 22.04)

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Are you having a problem with this weird rtl8761b Bluetooth firmware for your Bluetooth 5.0 adapter on Linux? We might have a possible fix.

[#] Wed May 04 2022 06:30:25 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Slackware Linux 15: A Full Step-by-Step Guide

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Slackware is the oldest actively maintained Linux distro. This comprehensive step-by-step guide will show you how to install Slackware Linux to get started quickly on becoming a Slackware expert.

[#] Wed May 04 2022 07:33:28 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Pstore, The Linux Kernel Persistent Storage File System

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With Linux, the primary method for obtaining debugging information of a serious error or fault is via the kdump mechanism. Kdump captures a wealth of kernel and machine state and writes it to a file for post-mortem debugging. But if kdump writes to a file that is on a remote server, and networking is down, then kdump can not work. (In this context, networking includes the guest’s network driver and stack, or the host’s network driver(s) and stack or the network hardware both on the host and in the surrounding data center.)

[#] Wed May 04 2022 12:28:18 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to set up OAuth2 in the Mutt email client

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Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth2) is a protocol that lets an application or website use a resource that someone else controls. It enables secure delegated access to web resources by using access tokens to allow access rights.

[#] Wed May 04 2022 13:31:19 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How To Select And Filter Data From A MySQL Database With MySQL LIKE Operator using PHP In XAMPP

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This guide explains how to select data from a table using MySQL LIKE operator and WHERE clause in a particular database using PHP in XAMPP.

[#] Wed May 04 2022 14:51:37 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Corel MindManager

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Corel Corporation is a Canadian software company specializing in graphics processing. They are best known for developing CorelDRAW, a vector graphics editor. They are also notable for purchasing and developing AfterShot Pro, PaintShop Pro, Painter, Video Studio, MindManager, and WordPerfect. Corel MindManager is mind mapping software. MindManager can be used to manage projects, organize information, and for brainstorming. It’s not available for Linux.

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