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[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 04:54:53 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Flarum Forum on Debian 11

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Flarum is free and open-source forum software written in PHP, JavaScript, and TypeScript. This tutorial will teach you how to install Flarum on the Debian 11 Bullseye. This tutorial also covers some basic configurations of LAMP Stack and the installation of PHP Composer for the Flarum web application.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 06:13:09 EDT from rss <>

Subject: 10 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 22.04 With Bonus Tip

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Try these simple ten tips after installing Ubuntu 22.04 LTS "Jammy Jellyfish" (GNOME Edition)

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 07:30:25 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How Linux rescues slow computers (and the planet)

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Mint and Kasen, two of my grandkids, asked me to help them build gaming computers. I am ecstatic that they asked. This gives me a great opportunity to help them learn about technology while being a part of their lives. Both of those things make me happy. There are many ways to approach the ecological impact of computers. Wait! That's quite a non-sequitur—right? Not really, and this article is all about that.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 08:46:41 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install/Configure Unattended Upgrades on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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The following tutorial will demonstrate how to install or enable and configure Unattended Upgrades on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish Desktop or Server using the command line terminal with an example only steps that you can customize to suit your purpose.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 09:50:43 EDT from rss <>

Subject: TUXEDO Stellaris 15 Is the First Linux Laptop to Come Pre-Installed with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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German-based Linux hardware vendor TUXEDO Computers announced today the 4th generation of the TUXEDO Stellaris 15 Linux-powered laptop with updated internal and other tweaks and optimizations.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 11:08:00 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to configure Host-Based routing on AWS application load balancer

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In AWS, ELB or Elastic Load Balancing is a concept where the servers can be added or released as per the demand of our application. The incoming traffic from an application is distributed among multiple targets.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 12:27:18 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Linux KDE receives first-ever eco-certification for Okular

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The open source community KDE recently received the German Blue Angel (Blauer Engel) ecolabel for energy efficiency. The software, Okular, is a universal document viewer designed to work on multiple platforms with a wide variety of file formats.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 13:43:32 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install TeamViewer on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 15:01:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: 5 open source tips to reduce waste in web design

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I started my career in product design, when "product" meant a real thing that you could hold in your hand. When I moved into digital design 15 years ago, I was excited to design digital products that added value to people's lives without any environmental impact. They didn't waste energy, didn't have any wasteful packaging and didn't end up as waste in landfill sites at the end of their lives.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 16:18:05 EDT from rss <>

Subject: KDE Gear 22.04 Is Here with Kalendar, Many Improvements for Your Favorite KDE Apps

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The KDE Project announced today the general availability of the KDE Gear 22.04 open-source software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment with numerous new features and improvements for your favorite KDE apps.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 17:19:05 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Proton 7.0-2 Makes More Games Playable on Linux, Fixes Numerous Bugs

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Valve released today Proton 7.0-2 as the second maintenance update in the Proton 7.0 series with support for more games playable on Linux, as well as numerous bug fixes for games that were already supported.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 18:39:24 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Open Mainframe Project Launches Call for Proposals for the 3rd Annual Open Mainframe Summit on September 21-22 in Philadelphia, PA

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 21, 2022 – The Open Mainframe Project, an open source initiative that enables collaboration across the mainframe community to develop shared tool sets and resources, today announced the launch of the Call for Proposals (CFPs) for the 3rd annual Open Mainframe Summit. The premier mainframe event of 2022, the Summit will take […]

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 19:59:43 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Draw math formulas in ASCII via command line

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Diagon is an interactive interpreter. It transforms the expression of markdown style into an ascii art representation. It was written in C++ and uses WebAssembly, HTML and CSS to make a Web application, in addition to being able to use it via the command line.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 21:19:00 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS Released with Flatpak and Flathub Support, New Default Apps

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Ubuntu Unity maintainer Rudra Saraswat announced today the release and general availability of the Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS distribution as part of today’s release of Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 22:22:03 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Ubuntu 22.04: The Linux desktop for work

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Ubuntu has long been a serious desktop for the business, and this new long-term support version is better than ever for people who want a work Linux desktop.

[#] Fri Apr 22 2022 23:42:22 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Canonical Releases Important Ubuntu Kernel Update to Fix Eight Vulnerabilities

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Canonical released today a new important kernel security update for all supported Ubuntu releases to address up to eight security vulnerabilities.

[#] Sat Apr 23 2022 01:01:41 EDT from rss <>

Subject: VMware, Lightbits Labs and NVMe over TCP

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Somewhat recently, a very committed contributor to one of my open source projects noticed an issue when trying to import NVMe exported Targets from a Linux machine into a VMware ESXi host. It didn’t work. He was using version 7.0U3 which supposedly supports importing NVMe Targets over TCP.

[#] Sat Apr 23 2022 02:06:44 EDT from rss <>

Subject: What to Expect at Austin’s Open Source Summit 2022

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The Linux Foundation’s premiere North American event is scheduled to be staged June 21-24 in Austin, Texas. The event will also be live streamed for viewing at home.

[#] Sat Apr 23 2022 03:26:21 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install CyberPanel on Alma Linux 8

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CyberPanel is a free and open-source web hosting control panel that allows you to create, configure and manage your own hosting server. In this post, we will show you how to install CyberPanel on Alma Linux 8.

[#] Sat Apr 23 2022 04:46:37 EDT from rss <>

Subject: What is Ansible Playbook | How to work with Ansible Playbooks

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This guide explains what is Ansible Playbook and how to write Ansible playbooks and the different parameters and options supported in playbooks.

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