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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 15:58:15 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install LEMP Stack on Debian 11 Bullseye

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In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install LEMP (Nginx, MariaDB, PHP) on Debian 11 Bullseye.

[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 17:14:27 EST from rss <>

Subject: The 6 Best Spotify Alternatives for Linux You Should Try

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Spotify is not the only music streaming app for Linux users. Here are some free-to-use Spotify alternatives you can install on your system.

[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 19:31:42 EST from rss <>

Subject: Linux Kernel 5.16 Officially Released, This Is What’s New

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Linus Torvalds announced today the release and general availability of the Linux 5.16 kernel series as the next major kernel branch bringing new features and improved hardware support.

[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 23:50:56 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to manage Bash history

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BASH (Bourne Again SHell) is the default shell in practically all Linux-based operating systems. All the commands we write in the terminal are interpreted by the shell, and become part of its history. In this tutorial we see where the shell history is saved, and how to manage it using the “history” built-in command and some environment variables.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 01:08:13 EST from rss <>

Subject: UPS HAT For Raspberry Pi offers real-time monitoring

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SB Components has won KS funding for a $31 and up “UPS HAT For Raspberry Pi” with slots for dual 18650 Li-Ion batteries plus dual 5V micro-USB inputs, 8.4V 2A charging, a 0.91 OLED display, and real-time monitoring.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 02:09:57 EST from rss <>

Subject: Date command usage in Linux

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At first, the date command may seem like a simple utility to you, but once you try to execute the date command with different utilities, you will realize the real power.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 07:30:58 EST from rss <>

Subject: GNU Linux-Libre 5.16 Kernel Released for Those Seeking 100% Freedom for Their PCs

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Alexandre Oliva announced today the release and general availability of the GNU Linux-libre 5.16 kernel for those who seek 100% freedom for their GNU/Linux computers.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 08:48:14 EST from rss <>

Subject: Extension Manager: Search And Install GNOME Shell Extensions Without Using A Web Browser

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Extension Manager is a new, unofficial application to browse and install GNOME Shell extensions from your desktop, without having to use a web browser.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 10:05:30 EST from rss <>

Subject: Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Autodesk Flame

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Autodesk Flame is 3D visual effects (VFX), finishing, and color grading software.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 11:06:31 EST from rss <>

Subject: 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: January 9th, 2022

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The sixty-seven installment of the 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup is here for the week ending on January 9th, 2022, keeping you guys up to date with the most important things happening in the Linux world.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 12:23:08 EST from rss <>

Subject: Mozilla partners with The Markup to launch Rally study into Facebook's tracking and data collection practices

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Browser maker Mozilla today announced a partnership with The Markup, the non-profit newsroom that investigates how technology is reshaping society, on a research project to provide insights into and data about a space that’s opaque to policymakers, researchers and users themselves.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 13:36:05 EST from rss <>

Subject: BeOS rebuild / Haiku has a new feature / that runs Windows apps

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The Haiku operating system has an experimental new feature, WINE. Originally a Linux subsystem, WINE can run unmodified Windows programs on other operating systems.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 14:53:09 EST from rss <>

Subject: Why we built an open source testing framework

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If you[he]#039[/he]ve ever wanted to join an open source community and contribute or start an open source project of your own, then read on to find out about our fun and awesome open source project we created from scratch at Red Hat. I[he]#039[/he]m a Software Quality Engineering Manager in the OpenStack Networking group, and together with a team of engineers both from my team and from R[he]amp[/he]D, we collaborated to create the Tobiko open source testing framework.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 16:01:00 EST from rss <>

Subject: HandBrake 1.5 Open-Source Video Transcoder Released with Better Flatpak Support

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HandBrake 1.5 open-source and cross-platform video transcoder program is now available for download with various improvements and better Flatpak support.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 17:15:49 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install vsftpd FTP Server and secure it with TLS on Debian 11

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File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a very old and one of the most well-known network protocols. It is not secure compared to SFTP or SCP these days but is still the first choice of many users for transferring files between a server and a client.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 18:36:43 EST from rss <>

Subject: Linux Kernel 5.16 Released, Speeds up Wine Games

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Linus Torvalds has announced the release of Linux kernel 5.16. The release offers plenty of new hardware support and features to get excited about.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 19:53:57 EST from rss <>

Subject: Linux 5.16 Graphics Performance In Great Shape For AMD Ryzen APUs

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Back on Christmas Eve I noted how the Linux 5.16 performance was looking real good for AMD APUs as a performance improvement not widely noted to that point with significant uplift over Linux 5.15 stable. The good news is Linux 5.16 is set to debut as stable today and the benchmark results with AMD APU graphics is looking very promising after carrying out tests on additional available systems.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 20:54:58 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Spigot Minecraft Server on Ubuntu 20.04

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Spigot is a modified Minecraft server software based on CraftBukkit. It provides additional performance optimizations, configuration options and features while maintaining compatibility with all existing plugins and mods.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 22:14:42 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Linux Kernel 5.16 on Ubuntu or Linux Mint

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Linux kernel 5.16 is now available so here’s a tutorial on how to install it on your Ubuntu or Linux Mint distributions, or a similar derivative.

[#] Mon Jan 10 2022 23:32:53 EST from rss <>

Subject: Fork, exec, wait and exit system call explained in Linux

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In this article, we are going to discuss the Linux syscalls fork(), exec(), wait() and exit() in detail with examples and the use cases.

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